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Baby due 30th Sept - any due date buddies?

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DJBebe · 26/07/2020 00:13

Hiya. Are there any to be mommys due in 30th Sept? How are you getting on? πŸ₯°

OP posts:
MrsSkr · 26/07/2020 00:16

Hello πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ I'm due 1st oct xx

DJBebe · 26/07/2020 13:19

That's great @MrsSkr. How are you feeling? Is this your 1st baby? 😍

OP posts:
MrsSkr · 26/07/2020 13:26

No its my 2nd, I have a wee girl who's 3 and half, this is a wee boy. Im doing OK, this has been much better than my last pregnancy. How are you? x

DJBebe · 27/07/2020 18:15

Aww. It's lovely you have a daughter as well. This baby will be my 1st child. I feel so tired all i want to do is sleep. πŸ™ˆ Today i was even saying to my husband that i really admire the other mommies who have a little one and are pregnant, don't know how i would've managed if I had a little one, i feel so knackered. πŸ˜‚
The heartburn is also killing me, no matter what I eat i always get it. I bought some Gaviscon but I'm trying to avoid taking any medicines.
How is this pregnancy compared with your first one? Have you found out the baby's gender? πŸ₯° x

OP posts:
lockdownpregnancy · 27/07/2020 18:35

Hopping on the thread and due 27th September. FTM pregnant with our baby boy! πŸ‘‹

DJBebe · 27/07/2020 18:49

How are u feeling @lockdownpregnancy?

OP posts:
LoveRainbow02 · 27/07/2020 19:33

I'm due 29th sept with dc2 😁!

lockdownpregnancy · 27/07/2020 20:00

@DJBebe I feel really well tbf! I've been very lucky with my pregnancy to date. The odd mishap here and there but overall I've done very well!
The suffering has been minimal!
Though I'm starting to get really fed up as my mobility is dying a death and I get tired really easily!
What about you! How have you got on to date?

DJBebe · 28/07/2020 07:24

@LoveRainbow02 how are you feeling? How is this pregnancy compared with your 1st one? How old is your 1st? 😊
@lockdownpregnancy i cannot complain much about the pregnancy symptoms, it's been ok so far compared with other ladies. The constant feeling of being tired it's been a bit of a killer, the visits to the loo and the heartburn but this is nothing πŸ˜‚
I am lucky as i can work from home which is very comfortable and relaxing compared with being in an office.
Do you ladies work? When are you planning on starting your mat leave? x

OP posts:
lockdownpregnancy · 28/07/2020 08:00

@DJBebe I work in an office and work from home 3 days of the week and in the office, the other 2, which is a nice balance for me.
I'm finishing work end of August, early September to give myself a few weeks to just totally rest before baby arrives! Though I have a sneaky suspicion he may be arriving earlier than expected! No scientific evidence to back it up! Just a hunch! πŸ€ͺ

DJBebe · 28/07/2020 08:15

@lockdownpregnancy I'm planning on starting mat leave mid Sept and this will give me a couple of weeks before the baby arrives. What makes you think the baby will be early? 😍 i have no clue what to expect? πŸ™ˆ x

OP posts:
LoveRainbow02 · 28/07/2020 09:24

@DjBebe - This pregnancy has been the same as my last really, no sickness but killed with heartburn and hip pain at night πŸ˜”. My ds will be 2.5 when the baby comes so I'll have my work cut out for me lol. I'm still working full time from home and stop for mat leave 10 days before my due date. Really wish I wish finishing earlier though as I'm starting to feel really tired and have baby brain 🀣.

lockdownpregnancy · 28/07/2020 13:11

@DJBebe baby turned the other day which was unbelievably painful and now he's just sitting really low and causing me all sorts of grief! 😫 so I just think he might make an early appearance!
I'm guessing straight after I break up from work! πŸ˜‚ but we shall see!

LoveRainbow02 · 28/07/2020 15:18

So I just had my 31 week check up with the midwife and baby is breech as I suspected πŸ˜”. I know plenty time to turn but makes me a little anxious. Also measuring 2 weeks behind but thankfully my growth scan which has been planned in for 10 weeks is in 19 days now. Got a little protein in my wee too, heres me thinking my pregnancy has been wonderful and smooth and now things might be getting a little hectic πŸ˜”

lockdownpregnancy · 28/07/2020 18:04

@LoveRainbow02 try not to worry too much! I'm 31 weeks and I'm not seeing my midwife until next Monday as she's on holiday so I'm curious to see how baby is lying as he turned the other day and my god it was a shock! I was nearly sick with the pain! He's been head down for a long time so I'd like to know if he turned around as he was facing towards my stomach or turned upside down so now he would be breach. I can't tell which limb is which when he kicks, I just know he's buried himself underneath my diaphragm so he's causing me grief! 😫
Fingers crossed everything is ok for you 🀞

LoveRainbow02 · 28/07/2020 18:19

@lockdownpregnancy - Yes I find it difficult too to distinguish what body part is what lol. I had a feeling he turned to breech as most of my kicks are very low down now in my pelvis and I'm so uncomfortable with his head wedged up top now. Still plenty time for him to turn but I'm really keen to avoid a csection where I can. More concerned about bubs growth right now so hopefully he has caught up by the time my growth scan comes. My first ds was small when born too so I guess I should have expected it.

lockdownpregnancy · 28/07/2020 19:07

@LoveRainbow02 well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm sure baby will be fine πŸ’
I'm one of those people that is hoping for a C-Section as I posted a thread not so long ago having a melt down about not wanting to give birth! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I know that's crazy but the thought of child birth puts the fear of god into me! I'd rather just have surgery! πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ yes I'm crazy but at this point I don't care! I'm fed up and just want him out now! Lol! πŸ€ͺ

LoveRainbow02 · 28/07/2020 20:01

@lockdownpregnancy - I felt the same as you when pregnant with my first lol. I was terrified at the thought of labour when I reality it wasnt actually that bad at all and that was with me having a semi traumatic birth 🀣. Looking back now I'm really glad I didnt need the emergency c section as the recovery time really puts me off. Keen to avoid it this time as I will have a 2.5 year old by the time bubs arrives. Is it the pain your scared of or just birth in general lol?

lockdownpregnancy · 28/07/2020 20:39

@LoveRainbow02 I'm fine with the pain it's the being ripped in half and my poor lady bits never being the same again that I'm not really keen to experience! I'd rather just be cut open and my lady bits remain in tact! πŸ˜‚
However, I'm not pushing for a C-Section as I've been given so much grief off so many people! The comments, opinions the judgmental look etc, which is why I'm secretly hoping they tell me I have to have one then all the people that have passed judgment on me can just fuck off! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm not to be messed with at the minute! My hormones have just gone through the roof! One minute I'm crying the next I want to (metaphorically speaking) stab someone!
To top it off my DH now wants to move house!! So I'm now entertaining that idea and potentially have to go through the stress of moving house when I'm about to pop! 😫😫😫😫

DJBebe · 31/07/2020 07:18

@LoveRainbow02 hope all goes well for you but try not to stress about it, there is still plenty of time for the baby to turn and it's good they'll do a growth scan soon to monitor.
I'm feeling so tired every day after i finish work i need to have a nap on the sofa otherwise i cannot function.
Same as you both I am scared of giving birth and all that pain, but i am worried about my lady bits not being the same after birth. πŸ™ˆ
Yesterday I've discovered i have hemorrhoids so not feeling very glamorous at the moment and i am quite worried about how it will affect the birth. They are not painful or bleeding but don't know how they will progress. On the NHS website it says to drink 2L of water/day to avoid them well I've been drinking in excess of 4 L as i am very thirsty all the time (and of course more than 1/2 of my day is spent on the loo as a result).

OP posts:
MrsB16 · 31/07/2020 08:03

I’m due 21 September so currently 32 + 4.

@lockdownpregnancy feel lucky that your house move is just a pipe dream right now. We sold our property (that had been on the market for 2 years) the same weekend we found out I was pregnant in January. Due to a pushy buyer who was desperate to move in and to avoid us losing the sale we moved out on 24 hours notice the weekend before lockdown. We have been living in a family flat since then which has also now sold and we have to move out next Friday when I will be 33+4 and to top it all of the sellers of our new house (which we were due to move into next Friday) have just let us down and aren’t ready to move next week so we have to move somewhere temporary for a few weeks before we move into our new home when I am around 36/37 weeks. During this pregnancy we would have moved 3 times, once during the impending lockdown of a worldwide pandemic (we were still unloading cars as Boris was making his announcement!) and twice during my third trimester!

I should also add this is a precious rainbow pregnancy after a miscarriage last year and I spent all of Monday in hospital having emergency growth scans and a pre-eclampsia assessment due to sky high blood pressure. When I explain my living situation the midwives soon understand my blood pressure! I would put your husband off the idea now by using my horror story!

lockdownpregnancy · 31/07/2020 12:55

Dear god @MrsB16 you poor poor thing!!! The stress you're under! No wonder you ended up in hospital! I hope everything is ok with you and baby?
We are having our house valued next week so I'm trying to drag the process out until after baby turns up if he is still keen on moving. But then I don't want to drag a move out and do it towards Christmas so I'm a bit torn! 😬
I work in conveyancing anyway so I'll be able to handle a lot of it through work but at the same time, who wants to move when you're about to, or just popped! 😫

DJBebe · 02/08/2020 07:12

@MrsB16 hope things go well for you.
How are you all ladies? What are your plans this weekend? x

OP posts:
lockdownpregnancy · 02/08/2020 09:26

Morning @DJBebe
We have been viewing houses this weekend and also sorting out the nursery (FINALLY)
But now it's all sorted, all the crap we've got to get rid of, or donate to charity is just all stacked up in baby's room so it still looks a mess! I need another room so it can be a rubbish store! πŸ˜‚
You been feeling ok?

DJBebe · 02/08/2020 23:21

@lockdownpregnancy it sounds like you've been very busy, make sure you get some rest. We probably need another house to store everything we'll have by the time the baby is born. πŸ˜‚
I've been feeling ok but the heartburn is killing me, no matter what I eat it's always there. I try to avoid taking too much gaviscon although apparently it doesn't affect the baby.
Been for a walk by the beach today which was very nice although I'm a bit apprehensive of the crowds.
I've been reading a post here about some trusts offering a 36 week growth scan as standard. Is this offered where you are? I'm pretty sure my trust only offers 12 and 20 week scan. Apart from that it's only midwife app every 3 weeks (after 28 weeks). x

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