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Don't want a C Section :(

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blue122 · 02/07/2020 17:37

I am 36+1 and baby is breech. I have been told today the possibility of him turning now is very slim as I am a first time mum and he is measuring very big. My midwife has basically told me that because I don't think I want to try an ECV I am going to need a c section.

I know nothing can be done and the most important thing is that baby gets here safely and healthily but I guess I'm just really upset about it.

Any positive c section stories to cheer me up?☹️

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 02/07/2020 17:42

I've had two emcs, first was a real emergency crash scenario so not very calm but I recovered very quickly.

Second was also an emergency but much, much calmer. I smiled, laughed, chatted etc and it was very positive. Never took painkillers, feeling back in my legs before I reached the ward, breastfed without issue and went home the next day. I was back doing a school run on foot 4 days later.

Elective caesarens are not as scary as you're imagining. They are weird but not scary.

MojoJojo71 · 02/07/2020 17:47

You don’t have to have a section if you don’t want one, many women do choose this option but it’s not the only one available. Ask your midwife to make you an appointment to discuss the risks and benefits of vaginal breech compared to caesarean and decide once you feel you’ve got all the information you need to make an informed choice.

GiraffeHat · 02/07/2020 17:51

I had a section two weeks ago under general anaesthetic (emergency, ended up in intensive care, but not due to the section), so can't comment on the procedure itself, however recovery-wise I've been pleasantly surprised in terms of wound healing, the neatness of the scar, and how quickly I've been able to mobilise, really wasn't as bad as I expected!

helpmum2003 · 02/07/2020 17:58

I had a normal delivery first baby and section for 2nd. I didn't have a choice (medical reasons) and was very disappointed to need one. I recovered quickly and it wasn't as bad as i thought. Driving after 4 weeks. Breastfed fine.

You do have a choice but personally with a large breech baby in a first pregnancy I would go for the section. I'm a health care professional.

Good luck.

Dinosauratemydaffodils · 02/07/2020 18:02

My 2nd was amazing. They dropped the sheet so we could watch her come out, all grumpy face and stuck up hair. I was in love before she was fully out. Delayed cord clamping and then skin to skin. All measurements done in recovery. Walked out of the hospital 30 hours later and was out for lunch the day after that.

Davodia · 02/07/2020 18:02

I’m so glad I had a c section. My friend gave birth vaginally and she wets herself on a regular basis. My SIL shat herself for over a year after giving birth because of a fourth degree tear that damaged her bowel. Whereas my bits are in their original condition and function perfectly. Statistically most obstetricians opt for a c section because they work on the delivery ward and they see the damage that women suffer, and want to avoid it themselves.

Sipperskipper · 02/07/2020 18:04

I had an emergency section after a really difficult (back to back, big baby) 30hr labour. The section itself was difficult as DD was partially in the birth canal. Despite that, the section was the best bit of the whole thing.

Recovery was relatively straightforward, and within a month I felt totally normal. No problems with breastfeeding, and no lasting issues.

Everyone I know who had a vaginal birth had some level of longer term issues post birth. I feel very lucky.

I'm due DD2 in August and having an elective section. Am actually looking forward to it!

snowycat · 02/07/2020 18:06

I had a c section with my 2nd after medical complications with my first delivery. All went very well and recovery went smoothly and was much quicker than recovery from my first birth!

It's also easier to plan as you get given a date.

Treacletoots · 02/07/2020 18:07

Why on earth don't you want an elective section? You've won the birth lottery. It has the lowest chance of complications and none of the unpredictable risk of tears, forceps, episiotomy etc

I had one for exactly the same reasons, and I was so relieved. It went off without a hitch, the pain really wasnt that bad, I was in the shower the same evening and recovery was fine.

Compare that to the howls of pain I heard from the women on the labour ward and stories of friends who will always be a little bit incontinent.

Doesn't seem so bad now does it?

Topseyt · 02/07/2020 18:08

The midwife is advising you to have a section because the risk to you and your baby is significant here if you don't. Ask to be taken through the reasons why they are recommending the surgery, and have the risks fully explained.

You do have the choice not to, but a large breech baby is quite a concern. I have to say that in the situation you describe I would very definitely opt for the caesarean.

Having a caesarean is not a mark of failure in any way, nor of having opted to take the so-called "easy way out" as some people seem to put it. I had two vaginal births and one emergency caesarean. I far and away preferred the caesarean.

Floralnomad · 02/07/2020 18:08

I had an elective section with my second after an awful first vaginal delivery and it was brilliant . If I could go back in time I would have both by section . I spent far less time in hospital as well with the section .

Bettyboop82 · 02/07/2020 18:10

My elective section (twins) was a lovely, calm and positive experience. I was up and about Round the house after about 4 days and breastfed morning problems.

PippinStar · 02/07/2020 18:16

Elective section here, it was a really lovely calm experience - completely stress-free. The baby will be out in a few minutes and you'll be so busy looking at him/her that you won't even notice the time go by as they stitch you up.

Recovery was a breeze really, I had a few friends who had tough vaginal births and their recoveries took much longer.

BumbleNova · 02/07/2020 18:24

Have you read the positive birth book OP? There is a great section about C-sections. You do still have choices and options. There are more women - centric options you can discuss and options for seeding baby's microbiome etc.

Whatnameto · 02/07/2020 18:24

I had a section as my baby was breech and I'm so glad I did. I found that my planned section was really relaxed, and I had far fewer complications in my recovery than some of my friends who had vaginal births. I also really liked knowing ahead of time what day my DD would be born as it helped me to plan.

lifesnotaspectatorsport · 02/07/2020 18:24

I've had two elective sections, first for breech and second for twins. I am glad. As others have said, I know several women who have had bad complications from a vaginal birth, not to mention the stories you read on here. As for me, I have a tiny white scar within my bikini line, and everything else works exactly as it should.

blue122 · 02/07/2020 18:26

Thank you so much everyone for your replies! All your positive stories are really making me feel better! This is exactly what I needed 💐

OP posts:
MrsH497 · 02/07/2020 18:44

My 7 week old DD (first baby) was breech (only discovered at 38+4) I had the ECV but it didn't work so opted for a c section the next day.

Hand on heart it was the best experience. The staff were amazing, they talked me through every aspect before and during the operation. I've never had an operation before prior to this! The anaesthetist gave me anti sickness medication as I had hypermesis during my pregnancy. They asked if there was any music I'd like to listen to, coincidentally our first dance song ended up playing as she was put on my chest and it was totally not requested. The midwife and theatre team took their time sorting me out in recovery. Staying in hospital was absolutely fine.

Post op yes I had an infection it was very minor. I'm back driving and I would say 95% back to normal.

If we are lucky enough to have another baby I will opt for a c section again without hesitation. It was calm, relaxed and given it had been a stressful lead up I was pleasantly surprised.

Turns out I couldn't have had a vaginal birth baby had her arm behind her back and cord round her neck it would've put both of us at a lot of risk. So I'm eternally grateful to the consultant who said they wouldn't attempt any more turning and strongly recommended a c section.

Any questions OP just ask

blue122 · 02/07/2020 19:01

@MrsH497 that sounds like such a lovely experience. Thank you for sharing it with me!

How has everyone found caring for their DC whilst recovering? I feel worried that I won't be able to do as much for him as I could after a natural birth? Has everyone still been able to do everything they've wanted for babies?

OP posts:
N0tfinished · 02/07/2020 19:09


I’m so glad I had a c section. My friend gave birth vaginally and she wets herself on a regular basis. My SIL shat herself for over a year after giving birth because of a fourth degree tear that damaged her bowel. Whereas my bits are in their original condition and function perfectly. Statistically most obstetricians opt for a c section because they work on the delivery ward and they see the damage that women suffer, and want to avoid it themselves.

Billions of women (myself included) have had vaginal deliveries without becoming Incontinent. Think you're using in unnecessary scare tactics there.

OP, sorry you're disappointed, but I'm sure you'll be fine. My own sister had a VBAC, lots of women do. You might still get to experience vaginal delivery if that's something you've always wanted.
fedupandlookingforchange · 02/07/2020 19:13

I had an emcs after a week of labour. I could drive after 2 weeks. Straight away I could pick ds up and change nappies on the floor. I did get stuck in bed and in a couple of chairs but everything else was fine. Take the painkillers on time for the first couple of weeks and get some granny pants.
Its a shame I had to do all that pointless labour first.
I'm going to have a second c section in August and whilst I'm not looking forward to the actual operation ( I wouldn't be looking forward to labour either) its definitely the better option with the lowest risk for both of us.

BadAlice · 02/07/2020 19:13

You also don’t have to have a section. Vaginal breech birth is an option. It carries some risks and needs to be facilitated by knowledgable practitioners but is certainly something you can research and decide for yourself.

mamansnet · 02/07/2020 19:14

This is a picture of my now 3 year old DS, 3 weeks before his due date and presenting as breech. The midwife said something to me that day that really stuck with me: forceps don't work on bums!

I tried an ECV at 37 weeks, it didn't work and hurt like hell. I had to go in for monitoring several times in the days afterwards (including Christmas Eve and Day), then on the last session he dropped his heart rate - probably just lying on his cord or moving away from the probe, nothing to worry about - but they kept me in for 4 nights (including NYE) with the threat of an immediate EMCS if he did it again.

It was such as stressful time that I agreed immediately to the ELCS, as soon as they were happy to do it (39+0). And in retrospect, it really was nothing to worry about. Yes, the recovery time takes a few days longer but as pp have said, it's not that bad. I also found that my bits are intact and I have much stronger bladder control than many of my friends who've had vaginal births. It's not what it was pre-pregnancy, but I can stop myself peeing when I sneeze.

It's entirely your choice of course - I'm not trying to influence you in anyway, it's just to show you that plenty of us go through it and there's nothing to worry about. It's not cheating - it's just another, often safer, way to give birth.

I've just broken my ankle and I'm 8 months gone with my second. She's also currently breech and I might have to have another CS, which I can't face right now, since I only just had surgery on my foot 2 weeks ago. But if it's the safer option for delivering the baby then I'll do it.

That said, when I was expecting DS, a good friend said something that has remained with me ever since: there is NO easy way of getting that baby out of you, it's going to hurt whatever you do, and it's better to get used to the idea sooner rather than later. Good luck - whatever decision you make will be the right one for you!!

Don't want a C Section :(
Oliversmumsarmy · 02/07/2020 19:22

I had an emcs after 55 hours in labour.

Recovered very quickly, back driving (automatic) in 3 weeks.

2nd I had an elective CS and was back driving (very carefully) after 9 days

Would definitely say don’t get too hung up in not having one.

Having seen what natural birth can result in i am glad I had CSs

waterjungle · 02/07/2020 19:22

I had ELC after a failed ECV. Lovely calm experience that I look back on now as almost magical (may have been the drugs). Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit and The Bangles Eternal Flame we're playing on the radio as he emerged.
There was a lovely Dr stroking my head and whispering in my ear what was happening and what I would feel which I thought was weird at first but actually ended up being lovely.
I breast feed had skin to skin and recovered well (part from a week in hospital with preeclampsia).
Second one was also ELC as I had preeclampsia and Gest Diabetes. Great experience as well. I will always remember his face as they lowered the sheet, grumpy bottom lip poking out! Again recovered well.
The first wasn't the birth I had prepared for and the second happened that way as I didn't want to risk a VBAC and end up with an EMCS. I wouldn't change anything and I will look forward to hearing how special your ELC was if you would like to come back and tell us! Xxxx

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