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11 weeks pregnant and think I’m miscarriaging

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Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 14:36

Hi all, I’m not sure why I’m posting, probably for some hope I guess but I’m pretty certain I’m having a miscarriage.
I started getting what felt like light period pains on Sunday evening. On Tuesday I was spotting brown/ pink blood and then when I wiped it was bright red with a clot. The bleeding then stopped but the cramping continued and felt worse, particularly in my back. I had no bleeding yesterday but today I have wiped again and there was red blood with a small clot. I feel sick and my back really hurts. I called my doctor on Tuesday who contacted the early pregnancy assessment unit but due to them being busy they couldn’t offer me an appointment until tomorrow morning. I just feel like I need to be put out of my misery. The waiting is like absolute torture. I know they have to prioritise those that may be more poorly but I feel like they neglect your mental well-being because of that. Just trying to manage the pain at the moment and also manage a toddler. Feel like I’m letting him down.

OP posts:
MinesALatte · 04/06/2020 15:02

Hi OP, I’m so sorry to read this. I have no experience as lost my first very early on but I just want you to know you’re not letting anyone down.
I really hope tomorrow goes ok Flowers

TheFoz · 04/06/2020 15:09

Mummy looking after herself is not going to negatively impact your toddler, please do not feel guilty. You need to look after yourself physically as well as emotionally and mentally.
I know tomorrow feels forever away but it won’t be long passing. Cuddle up on the couch with your little one and a hot water bottle.
Bleeding can happen for all sorts of reasons, fingers crossed this isn’t a miscarriage.

Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 15:13

Thank you for your kindness xxx

OP posts:
Leadust92 · 04/06/2020 16:20

Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. Flowers xXx

welshsoph · 04/06/2020 16:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 16:33

@Leadust92 thank you x

OP posts:
Persiaclementine · 04/06/2020 16:34

Hi I hope your not in too much pain, take some paracetamol if you havent already and keep hydrated. Put a film on for your LO and curl up together. I had a miscarage last year at 12 weeks, keep an eye on the bleeding, if it gets heavier phone 111 and ask for advice, I found the midwife useless in this situation.

Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 16:35

@welshsoph thank you for your words- very kind of you. I think the having to wait for confirmation either way is a bit like torture isn’t it. These last couple of days have felt like 2 months! X

OP posts:
welshsoph · 04/06/2020 16:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 17:30

@Persiaclementine really sorry to hear that that must have been horrible for you. Must be even more upsetting when you don’t feel supported by those who are meant to be taking care of you. The bleeding hasn’t really been much to be honest I get the odd bit and a clot when I wipe and then it just goes. I’m expecting it to come at some point though Sad

OP posts:
LunchBoxPolice · 04/06/2020 17:50

I’m so sorry that you are going through this Sara, I’ve been there myself and the not knowing is horrific. I hope you get good news tomorrow.

ShirleyPhallus · 04/06/2020 17:59

So sorry you’re going through this. Echo a PP, lots of women have bleeding during pregnancy and it doesn’t always mean the worst.

Really grey day here, hopefully it is there so you can chuck a film on and have a cuddle on the sofa with your toddler. Good luck tomorrow

Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 18:07

Thanks everyone for your lovely words I take great comfort in knowing that strangers can be so kind xx

OP posts:
Rainbowm · 04/06/2020 18:29

Hi @Sara22345. I am so sorry your going through this, I have been through an identical situation at 11 weeks pregnant, having to wait in hospital for over 24 hours due to it happening over the Christmas period. Unfortunately mine ended being a MMC however i know so many woman who have had heavy bleeding who went on to have healthy pregnancies so please don’t lose hope. I’m praying for a positive outcome for you tomorrow. There’s loads of mummies on here who have been through it and are ready to support you so never feel alone Xxx

Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 18:57

@Rainbowm hello, I’m so sorry for your loss. How are you feeling now? Thank you for commenting it’s really nice of you.
It sounds really pathetic but I feel such a fool for telling people I am pregnant, I haven’t told everyone but enough to have to go through the ordeal of having to explain bad news if that’s what it ends up being. I feel foolish for thinking my pregnancy would be ok just because the one with my son was.
It sounds horrible and cruel but it is comforting to know others have been in a similar position as you don’t feel so alone x

OP posts:
user1498572889 · 04/06/2020 18:58

Good luck tomorrow 🤞

RyanBergarasTeeth · 04/06/2020 19:05

Good luck tomorrow op and sorry you are going through this. I had a mc in november at a couple days off my 12 week scan. The waiting is the worst part. Make sure you keep your fluid intake up and try rest as much as you can. Hot water and paracetamol helps. I dont want to placate you with hope in case it turns out to be the worst case scenario and i know false hope killed me the most when it happened to me. Dont feel bad for telling people you were expecting i did to and that wouldnt have stopped this happening or make people think differently. Take care of yourself. Flowers

Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 19:13

@user1498572889 thank you x

OP posts:
Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 19:15

@RyanBergarasTeeth thank you for your honesty - i‘m sorry you had a sad outcome. I hope you’re ok. x

OP posts:
Rainbowm · 04/06/2020 19:17

@Sara22345 please don’t ever feel like a fool there your emotions and feelings and I totally get it. You tell people when your ready and if you want to . For me you never get over a MC/MMC but I now have a lovely healthy 16 month old and being a mummy to her has made me so much stronger and grateful for her. Whatever the outcome tomorrow you just keep thinking of your beautiful toddler. Unfortunately the horrible facts are that MC/MMC are so so common and until you really go through one or think you are you don’t realise how many woman are going through them . I just count myself lucky that I’ve only had 1 and have been able to have a healthy baby just try and keep those thoughts in you head too. Sometimes speaking to strangers is so much easier, always here if you need a chat lovely :-) xxx

rainbowstardrops · 04/06/2020 19:17

I have my fingers firmly crossed for good news 🤞🏻

WillowAndSprinkle · 04/06/2020 19:21

I’m so sorry you’re going through this.
Bleeding can happen for many reasons, keeping my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow Flowers

bettertimesarecomingnow · 04/06/2020 19:23

I bled loads with dd around 9 weeks, turned to be a bleed from the wall of the uturus which sorted itself and I went on to have her as normal

I was convinced I'd lost her.
Have hope OP I'll be thinking of you.

Elouera · 04/06/2020 19:35

Sorry you are going through this op. I know that its the not knowing what is going feeling that is the worst part. I was 10 weeks and started bleeding 3 weeks ago. I called 2 different EPU's and neither would see or scan me as I wasn't deemed an emergency. Unfortunately, I MC'd at home 2 days later. Even then, they didn't scan me. I had to physically go to their unit on different days, and even then- no scan!

There are many ladies that do have some bleeding from say a haematoma and go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

How is the bleeding and pain now? Sorry if TMI, but if you do pass anything other than clots, keep it in a sterile jar in the fridge and take with you tomorrow. (clots are like liver, whereas pregnancy products look more fleshy/grey/pinky). Unless you've had multiple MC's, they wont do genetic testing, but they should send it off for histology. This would show whether there was a foetus there and if its a molar pregnancy. It also provides a small peace of mind.

Hoping all is well tomorrow and keep us posted Flowers

Sara22345 · 04/06/2020 19:43

@rainbowstardrops @WillowAndSprinkle thank you guys x

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