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Any 2nd time pregnancies?

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Laura3151 · 03/05/2020 22:24

Hi All, I'm a Mummy to a beautiful girl who will be three September. We've just found out I'm pregnant again (very early/ 5-6 weeks maybe?!) I was intrigued to find out how your second time pregnancy differed from your first? Xx

OP posts:
Sb131216 · 03/05/2020 22:53


I'm only just ahead of you so can't say much but so far I'm just much more exhausted and the severe sickness started a couple of weeks earlier too.
Everything else so far is the same

Looking forward to how it progresses and what will be the same or different

I was so sick and had issues with dd so had a lousy pregnancy following 2 losses that I have 2 photos of bump so this time I'm trying my best to make more of an effort with photos and trying to not worth too much

BeMorePacific · 03/05/2020 23:29

I’m almost 14 weeks. I have a 3.5year old. Pregnancies have been similar in that I’ve had nausea but no sickness.
But the differences are, I’m a lot more tired, I have really bad skin this time, my boobs are extra sore.

Sunshine1606 · 03/05/2020 23:41

Congrats! Im fifteen weeks with baby number 2 and have a nearly 3 year old.

I think this time around I'm more tired (maybe because of having to run around after toddler) and I'm experiencing terrible lower back pain. Other than that both pregnancies are quite similar.

Oh I'm having mood swings and eager outbursts every other week! Xx

CoolNoMore · 04/05/2020 00:41

Pregnant with my second boy and the due date is the same as last time, albeit three years later Grin

I'm knackered. That's the difference. First time around I was mostly working from home, running my own schedule and sleeping, swimming and doing yoga whenever I felt like it. This time around I'm up at 6 every morning with a toddler who wants to build a railway across the kitchen floor while I'm cooking, eat everything he sees me eat, have me read ALL THE BOOKS RIGHT NOW and refuses to contemplate potty training. So it's, er, different. I am so tired. So very tired.

The good news is that my symptoms are fewer and less difficult to deal with, and I'm much more confident about labour. I'm not sure why, the first one was terrible... I guess it can't be much worse! How are you feeling about it, OP?

user1464279374 · 04/05/2020 00:56

Just had my second! Other than it all happening mid-pandemic (!) I was way more nauseous and for longer. I had obstetric cholestasis first pregnancy and didn't this time which was good. Also completely went off meat this time!

Otherwise pretty similar. Best thing I did was take care of my SPD from the get go, whereas last time I just let it get pretty bad and didn't rest enough. Tough with a toddler mind!

MrsCl19 · 04/05/2020 06:55

I'm 15 weeks with my second dd is 2.5. My first pregnancy the first trimester was hell very nauseous to the point of just retching all the time/ tired and just I'll feeling. This one has been so much better a bit of nausea but nothing a bit of food didn't stop. My only difference is my boobs are absolute agony this time

I'm quite convinced that I'm carrying a boy this time we will find out in a few weeks

cookiesaurus · 04/05/2020 07:17


I'm 22 weeks and have an 18 'onto old toddler. Both of my pregnancies have been exactly the same except this time I have been a bit more tired and more prone to back ache. I've put this down to having a crazy toddler plus I am moving house this week.

Good luck with the pregnancy.

Colouringinbook · 04/05/2020 07:34

10 weeks with baby number 2. I'm exhausted! Sickness hasn't been any where near as bad this time but there's not much chance for downtime. Lockdown is making it easier to keep it a secret but hard work when it comes to keeping DS entertained every day!

milknapplayrepeat · 04/05/2020 07:46

20 weeks here and already have a nearly 3 year old DD running around wreaking havoc 😂

Main differences I’ve felt are the exhaustion first trimester. That was unreal. I also had some bleeding around 6 weeks that I never experienced first time and scared the daylights out of me. Second trimester I started to show and felt flutters way earlier - around 16/17 weeks. Last time I didn’t have any kind of bump or feel a thing until at least 21 weeks.

It honestly has blown my mind how different it’s been this time. Although it might just be that I’m more aware of things because of lockdown and the changes to antenatal care.

TobysMum16 · 04/05/2020 08:36

20 weeks with second baby. I found the first trimester a lot harder. Although I wasn’t sick I was a lot more nauseous and it lasted until 14 weeks. I’m still really tired now although I have an annoying habit of waking at around 4/5am.
My bump appeared much earlier (I was in mat jeans by 8/10 weeks) but I also felt movement earlier too by about 14 weeks.
I’ve felt much less anxious this pregnancy despite the strange times. I wasn’t as worried about miscarriage in the first trimester and only had slight jitters before the 20 week scan whereas I was terrified last time! I’m also less worried about the labour. I had it quite easy with my DS so hoping for same again.

HarrietM87 · 04/05/2020 09:14

I’m 13 weeks with my second and son has just turned 2. Pregnancy has been completely different so far - I had no symptoms with my son and felt normal in the first trimester but have had awful morning sickness, sore boobs, exhaustion, acne, bad cramps and a scary bleed this time! (Have had 2 scans and all fine). We had the harmony test and it’s a girl this time so for me all the old wives tales about female pregnancies making you sicker etc came true. I’m not showing yet but convinced I can feel movement already.

Dingdongthewitchisbread · 04/05/2020 09:27

35 weeks with baby number 2 and have an almost 2.5 year old. I’d say my pregnancy is largely the same this time, very similar sickness although marginally better. Very similar iron deficiency, although levels slightly worse, same piles and the same cravings.

Only real differences are that I’m sure I’m more tired and I don’t have the constant pain in one of my bum cheeks this time.

Laura3151 · 04/05/2020 10:36

Oh thanks for everyone's responses... Loved reading them all. My sickness hasn't kicked in yet, my first time pregnancy I was around 6-7 weeks when sickness well nausea kicked in and had it bad up until 17 weeks of pregnancy. Not looking forward to that bit as it really can knock u off your feet along with the tiredness but in a wierd way it does make u feel like something is happening, if that makes sense. I'm looking forward to noticing any differences from our first. Please keep me posted if you have any other differences.. I always love listening to people's cravings too 😊. I never experienced any cravings with my Daughter I just went off alot of things, so it'll be interesting to see if I get any this time around.. xx

OP posts:
Colouringinbook · 04/05/2020 11:31

I really fancied sausage rolls with DS, I've gone veggie now so really hoping I don't get any weird meat based cravings this time.

Laura3151 · 04/05/2020 11:58

Aw. Have you thought about what you'd do if you do crave meat again? There are some amazing meat free substitutes, maybe they'd be option xx

OP posts:
Dingdongthewitchisbread · 04/05/2020 12:26

I always thought I wanted a craving and thought I’d had them but nothing prepared me for when my craving actually kicked in with my first... bubbles!

And it’s the same with my second.

It’s genuinely all consuming, can think of nothing else a lot of the time!

Spark27 · 04/05/2020 13:05

Congratulations. I've got a DD who is also 3 in Sept and 19w with my second who is due in Sep (2 days before DD birthday).
First trimester was a lot different. First time round I didn't really have much sickness, and dont remember being as tired. This time round I had lots of nausea (approx 8w til 12w) and had to be signed off work for 2 weeks. This time I've been knackered, but that's probably due to looking after DD fulltime. Also had a LOT of headaches this time. Feel like I'm mainlining paracetamol. And started experiencing braxton hicks from about 18w. I feel like my body/hormones are reacting a lot stronger this time round.

Cherryrainbow · 04/05/2020 14:58

19 weeks with my 2nd. I have a son who is currently 6 and a half.

1st pregnancy - No morning sickness, glowing, cravings were mcmuffins and later on rice pudding.

This one - loads of morning sickness, skin problems, no cravings just whatever I can eat lol.

Foodie28 · 05/05/2020 19:57

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have a 4 year old son.

Just wondering if anyone who already has a child has explained to the ones that are old enough to understand that you're having another child?

I want to tell my son just not sure how to, he's my world and more and don't want him to feel pushed out or anything!

Njay2571 · 05/05/2020 20:11

2nd timer here. Find out tomorrow what we're having. Gutted I have to go to the scan on my own. Little boy is 2 in July and this was unplanned and due in September.

C section with son as he was 10lb and wouldn't fit. After 15 hours of labour. 🤣🤦‍♀️
So will probably be having same this time.

No cravings. Very little sickness. I was sick twice this time compared to constant last time. More migraines this time though. Thankfully those have subsided now.

Like others mentioned my only other difference is I started to show earlier. Guess your body just knows what to do second time round. I was in maternity jeans at around 10 weeks.

NoNameIdeas · 05/05/2020 21:38

Currently 9.5 weeks with dc2, dc1 is 3.5. This time I just feel horrid! Ha. Last time I didn't really suffer with sickness, had a phase of being sick once early evening for a week or 2 but this time it is everyday...and relentless. Boo! Finding it tricky to manage everything with home working and keeping dc1 entertained but getting there slowly. I also think I'm a lot bigger already, but that's probably down to all the cake!

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 05/05/2020 21:51

DD1 is 6 and I’m 20 weeks with DD2. Had awful nausea for pretty much the whole first trimester with DD1 but almost nothing this time. My exhaustion has gone on longer this time and my sleep pattern is a bit all over the place. I’m showing a lot earlier as well and have had sore boobs pretty much from the beginning.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Laura3151 · 08/05/2020 07:25

Thanks all, lovely reading everyone's stories. The sickness has kicked in, oh the joys!

OP posts:
NatalieH2220 · 08/05/2020 07:40

Im 11 weeks with my second. Nausea has been very similar so far to my first pregnancy lasting from 7-11 weeks (hoping it doesn't come back!).

I've been craving more sweets this time rather than savoury and feeling much more tired but I expect this is due to working and having to entertain a 3yo at the same time more than anything else.


Laura3151 · 08/05/2020 18:15

@NatalieH2220 hi, aww maybe you're having the opposite sex to your first born. Do you have a little boy or girl now? They say sweet cravings are girls I think 🤔 xx

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