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How did you find out you were pregnant?

47 replies

Miaou · 28/09/2004 14:55

I don't mean when you got a BFP, obviously. I mean what prompted you to do a test/see your GP?

OP posts:
MTS · 28/09/2004 14:56

having a very odd light period that lasted a few days, coupled with larger breasts, and slight nausea

Papillon · 28/09/2004 14:58

I just knew I was pregnant - it was so obvious to me. Did not take a test. Had made an appointment to see the Gynocologist the year before for something else and so when I was about 6 weeks I went along - she was expecting to do a smear and I announced that I was pregnant. She did the test and I was

Blu · 28/09/2004 14:59

'Just Knew'. Straight away - before could test.But there was plnty of cause to suspect .

motherinferior · 28/09/2004 15:00

By the time my period was a week late I knew it was either a pregnancy or a serious illness!

Miaou · 28/09/2004 15:01

That's how it was my first two, Blu - everyone thought I was mad! But I knew within 12 hours of conception.

OP posts:
MeanBean · 28/09/2004 15:02

I was waxing my legs and it was so unbelievably painful that I knew I had to be pregnant.

bundle · 28/09/2004 15:03

periods a bit irregular, so i think it was because i felt weird, boobs a bit sore and we'd obviously been trying. with dd2, i remember it was at fil's house, full of guests for family do, and couldn't wait - so dragged dh upstairs after i'd weed on the stick...

sweetheart · 28/09/2004 15:04

I had flu - first time ever in my life (or so I thought) My flat mate nagged on and on at me to do a test. I only did it to shut her up. I came out the toilet, put the test on the kitchen side (Gross I know) and left it there.

She came running in a few mins later to tell me it was positive!!!!

KateandtheGirls · 28/09/2004 15:08

First time. Well we were trying, so that was the first big clue, and my period was almost 2 weeks late (I still can't believe I didn't do a test - I guess I didn't want to jinx it and didn't believe I would get pregnant the first month).

I had a big craving for vegetarian indian food, so I made a big feast one Sunday evening, and it was delicious. Two days later I took some leftovers to work for lunch. It got closer to lunchtime and the food was sitting in the fridge and I just knew that there was no way I could eat it and never would be able to. The very idea made me nauseous, and even to this day, nearly 6 years later I feel a little queasy when I think about curried cauliflour, potatoes and spinach. I knew something was up then, and as I said to my husband, "I'm either pregnant or ill."

Second time. Again first month trying. I did a test the day my period was due, it came back negative. Period hadn't arrived 3 days later (which isn't unusual). I didn't "feel" pregnant, but did another test just to be sure, and it was positive!

MTS · 28/09/2004 15:10

i thought I was getting the usual PMT and so didn't a clue at first!

hoxtonchick · 28/09/2004 15:11

We were trying, second month, I had what I thought was my period but it just stopped after a day. So I agonised for ages about testing, dp kept encouraging me, & it was positive. Only time in my life I've been lost for words.

artyjoe · 28/09/2004 15:13

Had spent day in hospital organising a final round of fertility treatment after being told 9 years ago that I couldn't have a child and had confirmed my surrogate the day before. They gave me Metformin and said I could only start taking them on the day of my in my experience if I take a test then 10 minutes later I have a period, that was the only reason I took a test!

Hulababy · 28/09/2004 15:16

I was at a Robbie Williams concert at Milton Keynes Bowl. I had been expecting to have to deal with AF in the horrid toilet block things and was dreading that aspect of going. Was only half way through when it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't had too.

Thomcat · 28/09/2004 15:18

Someone who was a good friend at the time told me!
She thought my boobs were bigger than normal and came round with a test, flowers and folic acid!

Socci · 28/09/2004 15:19

Message withdrawn

Thomcat · 28/09/2004 15:22

artyjoe, that's amazing

Pidge · 28/09/2004 15:32

Second time - distinctive strange taste in my mouth 2 days before period was due - so tested and it was negative. Felt a fool. Three days later, strange taste still there and test showed positive. Now 18 weeks!

First time - period was a day or so late and I was going out on a work do involving lots of boozing - so tested just to make sure I could legitimitely get sozzled! Got a positive and had to tell my work colleagues I had a throat infection so couldn't drink to avoid suspicion.

pixiefish · 28/09/2004 15:35

artyjoe- that's lovely and amazing

suedonim · 28/09/2004 16:22

I had an odd experience with ds2. My periods have always been a bit random so going 6 or 7 wks between wasn't anything unusual but then I suddenly threw up one morning, for no apparent reason, I didn't even feel sick. I went to the dr and found I was 9/10 wks pg. When we told my SIL she said she'd been wondering when we were going to tell them the good news. I said we'd only just found out ourselves and she said "Oh but I realised you were pg several weeks ago when we came for tea!" Really, I do think she might have told me!

With dd2 we weren't planning a pg. On holiday I kept needing the loo at night, which I put down to drinking wine/beer most evenings and also had daytime queasiness but blamed it on travel sickness from the bendy roads in Cornwall, which also induced a mega-migraine. Next time we went to the supermarket I just threw a pg test into the trolley without even thinking about it. I used the test to rule out a pg and....oops!

PicadillyCircus · 28/09/2004 16:27

I had a feeling I was going to concieve as the day I'm sure I did, I was feeling very turned on by all the men in my office and so made sure that even though DH had a headache, he was pounced on as soon as he came home

So when my period was a couple of days late, decided to test and there were the two pink lines

sweetkitty · 28/09/2004 16:28

After 9 months of trying just had a thought straight after BD (we had decided to have a rest from trying).

Kind of knew after that AF never arrived but I waited 4 days to do the test (I had a dream where I saw the positive test and dreamt of a baby girl too). Just knew the test was going to be positive, did it at lunchtime at work spent the rest of the day in a daze then did another one when I got home and handed it to DP. I must have done about 7 test in all just to be sure as it never seemed real.

moniker · 28/09/2004 16:51

With DS1 I had just had a miscarriage and dreamt that I had just given birth and the midwife handed me a boy so tested and was pregant! and he was a boy! Then had two more miscarriages and a similar dream, again having a boy, so tested again and was pregnant! The EPU then told me I wasn't pregnant but I still thought I was and tested again a week later and was and then had DS2! I have always thought I must have known at some level and my subconscious was passing onthe message. I never had a dream about having a baby the other 4 times in total I was pregnant and miscarried.

RexandBen · 28/09/2004 16:54

falling asleep in the MIDDLE of the day!! sore boobs and an unexplainable 'pregnant' feeling

fio2 · 28/09/2004 17:01

I threw up at the smell of washing up liquid!

emmatmg · 28/09/2004 17:16

DS1, half way between an accident and planned. Did a test to find out.

DS2, first month of trying. Did a test but BFN and was amazed as I was convinced I was. No AF after a few days so tested again. BFP that time.

DS3, DH agreed to start trying on boxing day 2002(after 15 months of me begging him!) 4 days later I just knew I was PG. A BFP on 13th jan 2003 confirmed it

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