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Holiday in late pregnancy advice please

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DinosaurFanGirl · 22/03/2017 20:18

3 weeks before due date we are off to rural Devon for 5 days and whilst there may be no flight or cultural barriers I am still nervous about this trip. Can I please get some advice on the following:

  • how to cope with a 7 hour drive there? I'll most likely have to do some driving as my partner is so inexperienced. Public transport isn't an option with how rural the location is and as I have a company car it's cheaper to drive.
  • nearest maternity unit is over an hour away (plus we obviously don't know the roads), just in case I do go into early labour etc, when should we make the journey there and will they be okay in seeing me?
  • is there anything I should take beyond usual labour bag and car seat?

Would also like some general reassurance or someone telling me not to go (other than my mum). We would lose out on the money but maybe home comforts would be better anyway? Would like to think I would be fine though as I really love Devon.

Thanks x
OP posts:
NoArmaniNoPunani · 24/03/2017 07:48

As other people are going maybe you could drop out and find someone else to take your place?

tasmaniandevilchaser · 24/03/2017 08:07

I wouldn't go. Get someone to take your place.

Both my DC arrived at 42 weeks but I was so tired and uncomfortable with SPD a long car journey would have been awful. I just wanted relax at home and 'nest'.

I also wouldn't enjoy the stress of being an hours drive on unfamiliar roads from an unfamiliar MLU/hospital. Then the possibility of driving all that way back with a new born.

Your baby could pop out easily or it could be very difficult and being so far from home /your mum and family at a stressful time might not be too much fun.

DinosaurFanGirl · 24/03/2017 08:35

Well we wouldn't be far from half my family as the other 5 people going are my family (Dad and step mum included) but my mum is my planned 2nd birth partner.

I am going to pull out. We will lose the money and a good holiday but I suppose we will be saving as we won't be spending the amount of money we would be if we went plus they might find others to take our place (although doubt it as it is a lot of money and is with family rather than friends).

Tbh the thought of trekking along a sandy beach isn't appealing when I'll be that far gone plus I can't imagine a deck chair being that easy to keep getting out of every time I need to go for a wee! Haha. Plus I'd be jealous of everyone else surfing!

OP posts:
iseenodust · 24/03/2017 08:46

I would go. There are lots of what ifs but also baby may not appear for another month. You will be in the UK, surrounded by friends and family. The hospital is a bit away but that's the same for lots of people anyway & it's not the depths of winter. Enjoy some gentle walks, lots of cosy tea shops and lose yourself in a book while others surf.

DinosaurFanGirl · 24/03/2017 08:59

I just can't imagine the beach being great though now the more I think about it. I posted on here looking for advice and support in going but it's made me think about what it will actually be like when there.

I suffer with horrendous sickness still at 22 wks and have been told I've got high blood pressure so I am not exactly having an easy pregnancy.

Waddling along the sand just to sit in a deck chair under the shade (as I'm ginger) doesn't appeal to me when I'd be having to waddle back to the house to pee or be sick every hour 😕 Didn't really think about this scenario before as I guess I was thinking how fun it's been previously and ignoring that my body is very different now.

Ah well I guess next summer we will have a fun family holiday with our 1 year old to look forward to! X

OP posts:
NameChange30 · 24/03/2017 09:14

"Ah well I guess next summer we will have a fun family holiday with our 1 year old to look forward to!"

Exactly Smile

NameChange30 · 24/03/2017 09:21

Would you family chip in to reimburse your contribution? I think you said there are 5 other adults going, so if you originally split the cost 7 ways, you could recalculate to split it 5 ways - so the others would only be paying a bit extra.

If I was in their shoes I'd be happy to pay a slightly bigger share so you're not out of pocket. Seems unfair to insist on you paying for something you can't actually do.

DinosaurFanGirl · 24/03/2017 09:23

Nah I couldn't expect that from my family. My sister and her fiance have just had a baby so they need money and my other sister isn't in the best paying job. Parents already give us enough money and support. I'm more upset about missing out on the fun than actually the money. We will be saving money anyway by not spending as much money as we would if we went (would have been eating out daily etc)

OP posts:
DinosaurFanGirl · 24/03/2017 09:24

If anyone else does go then I'd ask for them to pay us our shares though.

OP posts:
YellowPrimula · 24/03/2017 10:29

TBH if you already have high blood pressure It is probably unlikely that you will be going anywhere other than the labour ward at 37 weeks . They will want to monitor you very closely . Better safe than sorry . As you have said look forward to next year with your lovely baby .

Oysterbabe · 24/03/2017 11:12

I wouldn't go. DD arrived at 35+5 though. I'm taking it easy in my 3rd tri next time!

lauraaaaaa · 24/03/2017 11:45

I grew up in Devon and have to say that the nhs is really very good there. My sister had her son in Exeter hospital and they were fantastic. Ambulances and waiting for care is less than in bigger cities and the staff were very compassionate. Both my parents were looked after there and I could not fault the care one bit. I understand it's not your usual hospital but if anything were to happen you would be in good hands in Exeter however if the holiday is going to cause you more worry than good I'd probably not give yourself the stress xx

Timeforbedithink · 24/03/2017 15:04

What Primula said about the BP. If it's high already it will likely be watched closely, I had to be induced for hypertension with my second DC, from about 32w I was up and down to the midwife and then Day Assessment at the hospital every other day the final few weeks.

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