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Holiday in late pregnancy advice please

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DinosaurFanGirl · 22/03/2017 20:18

3 weeks before due date we are off to rural Devon for 5 days and whilst there may be no flight or cultural barriers I am still nervous about this trip. Can I please get some advice on the following:

  • how to cope with a 7 hour drive there? I'll most likely have to do some driving as my partner is so inexperienced. Public transport isn't an option with how rural the location is and as I have a company car it's cheaper to drive.
  • nearest maternity unit is over an hour away (plus we obviously don't know the roads), just in case I do go into early labour etc, when should we make the journey there and will they be okay in seeing me?
  • is there anything I should take beyond usual labour bag and car seat?

Would also like some general reassurance or someone telling me not to go (other than my mum). We would lose out on the money but maybe home comforts would be better anyway? Would like to think I would be fine though as I really love Devon.

Thanks x
OP posts:
Algebraic · 23/03/2017 14:15

I'm pregnant with my first so can't speak from experience, but a trip this far away that late in would make me very anxious. Also I could not sit in the car that long!

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 · 23/03/2017 14:16

I drove back from Spain at 37 weeks!!
Gave birth 3 weeks later as expected.

Tricycletops · 23/03/2017 14:56

I have been quite gung-ho about travel in both my pregnancies, but have declined a wedding invitation in rural Devon for 37 weeks. It's not just the distance - and we're far less than 7 hours away - but just how rural it is and how crap the roads to the nearest maternity unit would be.

NameChange30 · 23/03/2017 17:10

Good point about the 7 hour drive home with a newborn! Hadn't thought of that but it would be a nightmare. You're not supposed to leave small babies in car seats for more than 2 hours (and some research suggests it should be even less than that) so you'd have to have at least 3 breaks.

minipie · 23/03/2017 17:15

You'd have to have more breaks than that because newborn would probably want to feed ALL THE TIME

NameChange30 · 23/03/2017 17:19

Yeah that too!

MiniMaxi · 23/03/2017 17:24

We went away for the weekend (3 hours away) at 33 weeks thinking it was a great chance for a last break just the two of us before the baby arrived. Had a lovely meal out and woke at 6am with the start of a placental abruption.

Ended up in hospital (30 mins away) for the whole weekend, luckily got discharged and made it home before things progressed, ended up back in our booked in hospital, and DS arrived safely - albeit 6 weeks early - a week later.

I don't want to scare you as that was just our experience and abruptions are quite rare. More than likely, you'll be absolutely fine.

That said, bear in mind 37 weeks is considered term! If you do go, take your hospital notes for sure. And the number of the nearest hospital in both your phones.

BellyBean · 23/03/2017 17:25

We have a place we often holiday at 5 hours away. This year I've booked somewhere else 2.5 hours away for when I'm 7 months. I'm already getting uncomfortable in the car though, at only 4.5 months.

minipie · 23/03/2017 18:08

Can I just repeat myself

1 in 9 babies arrive before 37 weeks in the UK

Plus another hefty % who arrive between 37 and 38 weeks.

minipie · 23/03/2017 18:09

(I had two premature babies, you can probably tell Grin)

Timeforbedithink · 23/03/2017 20:15

Personally I wouldn't. My first DC arrived at 37w. With my second by that stage of the pregnancy I needed to wee every 20 mins or so, there's no way I would have attempted a 7 hour car journey. It was all I could do to roll off the sofa to be honest. But everyone's different and I don't do pregnancy particularly well!

DinosaurFanGirl · 23/03/2017 20:39

So wish we hadn't booked this trip, booked it well over a year ago and had no clue about where we would be now. Feels like a massive waste of money not going andwe've been looking forward to it for so long. But yeah I need to face reality and that I probably won't be able to make that car journey easily. I've no reason to think baby will come early or there will be complications but then no one knows what the future holds πŸ˜•

Thanks for all the advice! Xx

OP posts:
confusednorthner · 23/03/2017 20:47

I'd go personally, I drove a coach until 37 weeks and yes there was a few worried faces! Dd arrived 2 weeks late so was no problem. Ds was 3 weeks early so yes could have been caught out but I had lots of problems with him so knew it was likely he wouldn't last till term.
Break the drive lots and have a very lazy week while you canSmile

HelenDenver · 23/03/2017 20:51

I wouldn't go, because of the chance of having to come back with baby!

HiMyNameIsUnknown · 23/03/2017 20:57

I wouldn't go. Around 37 weeks i visited the cinema for a film I was really keen to see. Sitting that long on an uncomfortable seat was horrendous. I also had a baby that sat/jumped & danced on my bladder so I felt like I spent my life in the toilet.

For me the journey alone would be reason not to go. However if you were to go into labour there your journey home would be challenging. Latest guidance is no more than 30 mins in a car seat (unless you buy a flat one) & driving with a newborn in the car is scary the first few times!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

DuggeeHugs · 23/03/2017 21:21

Given that you'll be full term, it's a rural location a long way from the nearest maternity unit let alone your home, and your OH isn't a confident driver, I'd probably cancel. If you're braver than me though, some careful planning around journey times/routes (breastfeeding or bottle feeding could make a difference depending on service facilities along the route), packing for a newborn and contingencies (including whether you have family or friends that could get to you) it could be doable.

Would your OH be amenable to a weekend away much closer to home?

ruthieruthuk · 23/03/2017 21:32

As a mum of three i would be worried as baby can come anytime from 37wks, is there any way u can change the dates on your holiday and maybe go when baby is here? The fact the nearest hospital is over an hours drive away is an eye opener, you've got to ask yourself are you really prepared to take that risk, not trying to scare u but u just never know.. U may be fine but its a risk snd if theres any complications ur a long way from help...

NameChange30 · 23/03/2017 22:34

I guess if your baby was premature and born before the holiday, you wouldn't go. But if the baby hasn't arrived by then there is a 11% it will be born during your 37th week (that's according to Expecting Better). I definitely wouldn't risk it!

NameChange30 · 23/03/2017 23:16

Have you already paid for the holiday or have you just paid a deposit? Could you try explaining the circumstances and see if you could get at least some of the money back? The sooner you cancel the more chance there is that they will be able to get another booking, so they should hopefully be more willing to refund something.

DinosaurFanGirl · 24/03/2017 06:26

Paid for whole thing and there's another 5 adults + a baby going away too so can't change dates as other people are involved plus the house we are staying is fully booked either side, it's why we booked so far in advance πŸ˜• I could get one of the others to drive us to the hospital but no one else can drive us down there as we have to come back earlier than everyone else due to work commitments x

OP posts:
Cousinit · 24/03/2017 06:50

Hmmm, I wouldn't go if I were you. My first two arrived bang on 37 weeks and my third at 38 weeks. Quite aside from that, I don't think I could have stood a 7 hour car journey at that stage. I did go on holiday fairly late in all my pregnancies and all was well but 37 weeks is really pushing your luck IMO. Sorry 😐

Frazzled2207 · 24/03/2017 07:14

If there are another 5 adults going might they have another friends or family member that can take your place and refund you, albeit at a discount?

WellieWanger · 24/03/2017 07:25

I'm due go away at 37weeks but only around 2.5hrs from home. Second pregnancy, never gone into or experienced labour. I'm just going to take it easy but make sure I am packed just in case. However, 7hours is a long journey. Can you switch and go closer to home?

DinosaurFanGirl · 24/03/2017 07:29

Can't get a refund as other people are going and I can't dictate where they holiday πŸ˜• besides point of this holiday was to go to Devon as we all love it there

OP posts:
DalaHorse · 24/03/2017 07:29

I did exactly the same with my 2nd baby and looking back wouldn't do it again as I was just so knackered from general going out and about in holiday I totally exhausted myself. And was napping all the time.

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