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17 weeks HATE being pregnant

27 replies

babyunicornvomit · 21/02/2017 22:27

Firstly, I love my growing bump. I love sitting in bed and rubbing my tummy and my OH is so excited and all that is magical.

Everything else, I hate. Constant gas, bloating and constipation have become the norm. Random bouts of morning sickness, heavy colds (spent the last two days in bed only getting out to be violently sick), bad skin, hot and cold spells, feeling fat and unattractive (I've always had body issues), nausea and general fatigue.

Anyone else feeling like this?! I'm so so happy to be pregnant but am hating the actual process and not even half way through! Up to 8 weeks I loved it, but the last 9 it's been terrible.

OP posts:
MrsDc7 · 21/02/2017 22:29

Yep same. I've had mine now but the thought of going through another pregnancy has put me off having any more... 2 is enough. I hated nearly all of it- it goes in a flash really though

MrsDc7 · 21/02/2017 22:30

The heartburn was the worst for me. I got no sleep because of it. Nothing worked!

Jenniferb21 · 21/02/2017 22:30


Just want to say I felt like this. Don't worry it all passes. I was sick up to 20 times a day and had pelvis gurdle pain. Everyone has different symptoms they're all horrific. I felt like my body was failing me. But actually it was carrying the most wonderful little boy.

Every single morning I said to myself 'there will be good times' I'm not joking I did say that to myself as I brushed my teeth.

It's all so so worth it.

MrsDc7 · 21/02/2017 22:31

Omg no the restless legs was the worst...

MrsDc7 · 21/02/2017 22:31

Jennifer is right... it's totally worth it (most of the time)

Semaphorically · 21/02/2017 22:33

I hated being pregnant both times. Loathed it. It's perfectly ok (and arguably very sensible) to dislike it - your body has been taken over by a very needy parasite and it's a completely disruptive and physically taxing process.

LHReturns · 21/02/2017 22:41

I am 26 weeks with my second DS, and I hate every minute even more than I hated the first time.

It is perfectly ok to hate it...for me it is an endurance task and I tell anyone who asks without shame or disappointment. It is simply a means to a beautiful end.

MyMrKnightley · 21/02/2017 22:47

Pregnancy is horrible really really horrible but the good thing is that it'll only last a max of 42 weeks.

Funnily enough I kinda miss pregnancy feeling the baby kick, then I remember the continuous vomiting (even vomited through my nose a few times) the pelvic gurdle pain and the sheer exhaustion of trying to get food down each day and I'm greatful that I'm no longer pregnant. Well for the moment, considering baby no. 2 as the horrible pregnancy is worth it for that little bundle of joy.

All the best and hopefully it'll get better soon.

KnitFastDieWarm · 22/02/2017 07:42

i had hyperemesis til 25 weeks and loathed every second but after that it was MUCH better and actually fun - and it's totally worth it! it's bloody hard though and i think it's worse because everyone expects you to be happy and glowing and actually, if i'd felt that ill for any other reason i'd have thought i was close to the end Grin it's perfectly ok to hate it - be kind to yourself, you're growing a human! have you felt any movements yet? that really helped me feel like it was 'real' and made it much more fun.

Bobowhite · 22/02/2017 07:49

I'm having my second tough pregnancy. This one is much worse than my first, and my first was awful! I've been so ill that we've decided this baby will be our last as it's had such a huge impact on my health, my business and our DD1. So yep, safe to say I really dislike being pregnant! The end result is totally worth it mind you, and it really does go so fast and the mind has a way of making you forget the bad bits!
Some women do blossom and glow and have a wonderful time but Im certainly not one of them!

babyunicornvomit · 22/02/2017 12:19

Glad to see others feel the same! Good luck to you all and I'm sure the end result will be so worth it, just a while longer of struggling! x

OP posts:
chelle85 · 24/02/2017 09:21

I feel like over the past 5 years my life has flown by but the past 15 weeks of pregnancy feel like 5 years already! I keep thinking only 6 mths to go and then remember how looonngg the last 3 mths have been! Wish I could just go to sleep and wake up once the pregnancy bit is over and done with

octonuddle · 24/02/2017 09:44

I'm with you. On my second and last....I feel awful to say it as I so badly wanted to have babies, but pregnancy is brutal. Agree with pp though....the result is worth it, else I wouldn't have tried for DC2....that being said....this IS the last one!

JessieMillz25 · 24/02/2017 12:36

I think I'm going to be one and out! I didn't find out I was pregnant till nearly 11 weeks, I don't know how people cope knowing from day one, I've only known 20 weeks and it feels never ending. I can't even remember what it's like not to be pregnant now 🙈

Missblue1234 · 28/02/2017 21:44

Hi everyone I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and I'm over the moon,just can't stand the nausea and vomiting 24/7 since 4 weeks.have turned in to a recluse who lives in my bed it's really starting to get me down,any words of encouragement ladies would be much appreciated

feelingblue123 · 17/05/2017 13:46

18 weeks pg here and been feeling awful every singke day since finding out at week 4 Sad feels never ending.

Lemondrop99 · 17/05/2017 13:48

Yep. Pregnancy sucks. I've got HG, horrendous constipation, raging non stop heart burn, tired all day but awake all night. I'm not enjoying this at all and I'm literally counting down to my due date!

confusedat23 · 17/05/2017 13:54

Restless Legs will be the Death of me I am sure (currently also 17 weeks)

BentleyBelly · 17/05/2017 14:38

I'm with you. This is my second and last. Hated it first tme too. Just feel so uncomfortable, tired and grumpy all the time.

feelingblue123 · 17/05/2017 15:24

This is my first, ive had a cold that seems never ending, serious depression, chronic heartburn, 24/7 nausea and dry heaving, extreme knackeredness....I feel like I've been ill all year #sob

Frizziee · 17/05/2017 15:28

There was a sweet spot between 20-34weeks where I felt great, now I'm counting down the seconds minutes and hours. Please please please don't let me go over due!

AnUtterIdiot · 17/05/2017 16:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cagliostro · 17/05/2017 16:53

Yep hating it here too. I've had 2 DCs (now 9/7) and while I felt sick etc with them, this one is much much worse.

I am a nervous wreck, all the time. I am close to panic attack every time I have scans etc as I'm convinced something will be wrong. This was a surprise pregnancy, we didn't think we would have another, but now it's happened and we are so happy and I feel like I can't possibly be lucky enough for this to work out.

The nausea is absolutely constant now and at 14 weeks it's no better at all, I have also had a chesty cough and the combination is now making me randomly gag all the time, so I am having to cancel tuition work because I feel so awful.

I am so tired it's ridiculous, literally the most tired I have ever been - and I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for 6 years FFS!

chelle85 · 17/05/2017 17:53

I was 15wks when this thread 27 weeks and still hate it! How are there still 13 weeks to go!?

mummabubs · 17/05/2017 20:41

I could literally have written the original post!! Currently 19.5 weeks and this pregnancy malarkey definitely isn't what I thought it would be. Fingers crossed it maybe gets better? (Before the inevitable labour bit where I'm sure it gets worse). !!

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