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The waiting game

41 replies

jules351980 · 02/01/2017 15:58

Hi ladies..
Anyone else at the end of this loooong pregnancy journey and getting fed up..39+1 and desperately needing this baby out now ..comfort is non existent an don't get me started on the heartburn :/
Be good to share with other frustrated mummies to be :)

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boodles101 · 02/01/2017 16:14

Yes me. I'm 39 weeks today so just a day behind you and feeling the same. I go between wishing this baby out asap and telling myself it will come when ready at least 1000 times a day. Agree with you on the heartburn!

TerriB84 · 02/01/2017 16:44

Me too, I'm 39 +3 today and absolutely no sign of baby making an appearance anytime soon. It doesn't help that half the couples from my NCT group have already had their babies even though only one of them had their due date before me!

jules351980 · 02/01/2017 18:02

So far today iv eaten an entire pineapple 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea an bounced on my ball an all it done was give me an achy pelvis ..I'm having a sweep on Thursday morning so hopefully it will start something u ladies have one planned?xx

OP posts:
Mumchatting · 02/01/2017 18:13

I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and not feeling panicky yet but my first was born 40+6 as EMCS and I would like to avoid another cesarian this time so I hope the baby will appear soon as a vback. No signs of labour at all at the moment. Waiting game.

sj257 · 02/01/2017 18:38

I'm so fed up too. I'm 37+5, baby is big, would be great if he came in the next week or so. It won't happen though had to be induced overdue with the other two.

boodles101 · 02/01/2017 18:44

I've started on the pineapple and had 3 cups of RLT aswell, poor dog has never had so many walks he knackered but I don't have even the slightest sign of anything. My area don't offer a sweep til 41 weeks Confused

Princesspinkgirl · 02/01/2017 19:09

Im 41+1 past being fed up with it

Tinyhumanjan17 · 02/01/2017 20:05

Yep I'm 39+2 today, having a second sweep tomorrow, had the first last Wednesday and it doesn't seem to have done anything except random pains. I'm so done with being pregnant I think iv cried with frustration and how uncomfortable I am everyday this week. Baby just sticks his bum and legs out all the time and pushes his head down but still nothing. The Raspberry leaf stuff didn't agree with me but been walking loads and bouncing and me and oh have been dtd but nothing seems to bring him along!

jules351980 · 03/01/2017 00:39

Ahh at least we can suffer together an complain together oh has been great but they don't understand do they an I'm starting to sound like a broken record!!
Little lady is a chunk she was 8lbs at 37 weeks that's why they doing my sweep before 40 weeks...dreading pushing that out I'm thinking epidural all the way haha!!
Hope u ladies are able to get some sleep xx

OP posts:
jules351980 · 03/01/2017 08:59

Morning ladies how is everyone feeling? Any signs yet?
Had an awful nights sleep managed to get about 3 hours an woke up with awful pelvic pain like an intense stitch all across the underneath of my bump..can't wait to be able to sleep comfortably again :)

OP posts:
NoraDora · 03/01/2017 09:14

38+2 here and wanting it out!

Sleep is non existent. I cannot get comfortable anywhere and I'm eating every hour (little and often!).

Hoping for a sweep next week if no sign. Got the Raspberry leaf tea going, not sure what else to do!

Tinyhumanjan17 · 03/01/2017 09:22

Nope nothing happening here!!

Whatsername17 · 03/01/2017 09:40

Can I join? 37+4 here. Probably a week too early to be moaning but my anxiety is off the charts. I just watched my baby here now!

sj257 · 03/01/2017 10:55

My anxiety is bad now too ๐Ÿ˜” think I'm getting a sweep next Friday at 39+2. Baby was around 7lb 10 at 36 weeks.

TerriB84 · 03/01/2017 11:01

I've got a midwife appointment tomorrow when they'll offer a sweep but I'm going to decline it. I did some reading and they only seem to be effective if baby is ready to come anyway. I said all along I'll wait until I get to due date (Friday) but then I'll start stuffing my face with pineapple and spicy curry (if the heartburn can stand it). Not sure I can face DTD I'm just so massive!

buckyou · 03/01/2017 11:07

I'm 35 weeks today so a bit behind you guys. I'm still fed up though!

DTD worked for me last time. I went 11 days over and hadn't DTD for a while but then did it on the evening and went into labour at 5am. It's worth a go if you can force yourself!

lilydaisyrose · 03/01/2017 11:14

Hang in there ladies - I had my DD2 at 12 days overdue 13 days ago and I really sympathise - she's so worth it though!

Every day over (or from 38-39 weeks for me, when I went on call for my home birth and people started to ask what would happen if I was overdue "when will they let you go until?" - grrrrr), felt like a week!

boodles101 · 03/01/2017 11:58

Congrats lilydaisyrose. I didn't sleep too well either just so uncomfortable. Went for a walk and now have pelvic pain a bit like yours jules but wondering if ive just overdone it a bit rather than anything else.

jules351980 · 03/01/2017 14:34

Congratulations lillydaisyrose :)
Boodles I get that pain when iv been laying on my side too long an I shift too quickly it's agony sometimes..I ordered a support belt but obviously it's more when I'm in bed so doesn't help!
Hoping my sweep works on Thursday the midwife is coming at half 8 in the morning an OH will be at work so panicking that it will al start when I'm alone :/
Is anyone else getting anxious at the thought of giving birth..I'm torn between wanting her out now an not wanting her out cos I'm scared of how much it's going to hurt...said al along I don't want an epidural but seriously giving it some's the whole massive needle in the back :/ has anyone had that before an does it hurt when it goes in?xx

OP posts:
Mumchatting · 03/01/2017 14:52

I didn't feel anything when they inserted it or I don't remember very well. I was in so much pain due to contractions anyway... I just didn't care that moment about the needle.... i was against having epidural and wrote it in my birth plan but the labour went completely opposite to the plan so I just accepted things as they were progressing.

Whatsername17 · 03/01/2017 14:59

Epidurals are wonderful. I had one as I had a slow and complicated labour and they were concerned it would end in a section. The needle is no worse than the flu jab and you can't see it being done. I had a low dose which I controlled (they let you top up every half hour, I wanted once an hour instead so I could still move my legs and feel my contractions). Dd was delivered into a calm, quiet room and I honestly loved every second of it. I was in the shower and hour after delivery, after dd had fed and we'd had skin to skin. I had a good few hours of contractions coming every minute and lasting for a 90 seconds before I had the epidural. Stubbing your toes is more painful than a contraction. The hard part is when you get tired and you aren't progressing. If I'd have been able to push when the contractions were a minute apart I wouldn't have needed pain relief at all. Don't worry, listen to your midwife and enjoy it.

jules351980 · 03/01/2017 15:23

Thanks ladies that's actually made me feel a lot better play it by ear an see how it goes ,my labour with my daughter was so quick there wasn't time for any kind of pain relief except gas an air so if the same I won't get a choice!
Think I'm goin to have a curry tonight with pineapple for desert washed down with a lovely raspberry leaf tea :)

OP posts:
jules351980 · 04/01/2017 12:35

Hi ladies how is everyone feeling today..hope some babies are starting to put an appearance in :)
Another sleepless night I don't think I'm gonna get one before she's here ..had a bellyache all morning the dodgy belly type of one an braxton hicks are constant an making it hard to move around!
First sweep 2moro an feeling very very nervous...has anyone got their partners to see if their cervix is low...I asked mine to have a feel an the face said it all haha xx

OP posts:
boodles101 · 04/01/2017 14:48

The constant braxtons sounds like it might be a good sign. I have only been getting a few in the evening. Not a great night sleep for me either, gave up trying at 4am but struggling through the day now. Went to midwife this morning and baby is now fully engaged so think that's the reason for my sore pelvis yesterday! She booked me for a sweep next week which all kinda made it seem more real for me! Let us know how yours goes tomorrow. The face DP pulled when midwife explained the sweep was priceless so I won't even be mentioning my cervix to him haha x

jules351980 · 04/01/2017 15:15

Haha brilliant men are so grossed out by the whole thing I'm making oh stay at the top end ..I showed him a YouTube video of a birth an he turned white ๐Ÿ˜‚
Baby has quietened down the last few days still moving but not as viciously so hoping she's getting herself prepared
Ah that's great that ur engaged get bouncing on that ball iv heard that if ur engaged putting the pressure on it can break the waters..don't know if that's true or not but worth a go :)
Midwife has said to have lots of sex but nothing sounds worse to me would be like a weird game of twister haha xx

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