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Non-wired bra with some uplift?!?! Recommendations please

27 replies

PotPourri · 21/05/2004 09:59

Am getting fed up of my sore boobs now. I got 2 Triumph non wired bras (got measured and everything at Selfridges) and I swear they make my boobs sorer as they don't give me the support I am after. I tried my theory and have been wearing my old bras (underwired, balcony and plain M&S - not supposed to I know) and what a difference. I have practically no pain when I wear them.

Please please, does anyone know of a non-wired or maternity or nursing bra that gives uplift - i.e. support a bit like you get from underwired ones? I don't even care if it looks ugly. I'm at the end of my tether...

OP posts:
Girly · 21/05/2004 10:04

Have you tried Bravado bras, they are supposed to be really comfortable and they do ones for err larger ladies that give extra support.

They ave just introduced a maternity bra that does not have the drop cups, its exactly like the feeding ones.

Their site is hope this helps

bran · 21/05/2004 11:13

What about the Bioform bras from Charnos, I find them more supportive and comfortable than my underwire ones. I'm not sure if you are supposed to wear them while pregnant, but they don't dig anywhere like underwire ones do so you probably could. sell them.

Lupe · 09/06/2004 12:27

Hi PotPourri - don't know if you're still looking, but I had the same problem as you, particularly early/mid pregnancy when my boobs got huge really quickly. I'm very fussy about bras and always used (expensive!) wired bras with good uplift pre-pregnancy and couldn't face the sort of sloppy support that most so-called maternity bras seem to offer (particularly as my boobs were really sore and heavy).

I don't know that I've cracked the issue but I did find M&S Total Support bras to give firm support and be comfortable. They are not the most beautiful looking things and I felt like a right frump at first, but they do seem to keep it all in place and be reasonably comfortable, they are very supportive and non-wired.

hope this helps!

PotPourri · 09/06/2004 12:32

Thansk Lupe. I will try that. I have bought a few and still no joy (unless I pull the straps up to as tihgt as they can go). I'll give M&S a shot. I am really not too bothered now about them looking nice - just want the pain to go away, and for my boobs not to look odd under clothes!

OP posts:
Nome · 09/06/2004 12:47

I found the NCT to be the best for 'lift and seperate'. The Royce/Emma jane things just gave one great big mono-bosom.

webmum · 09/06/2004 16:17


which bra from NCT? They seem to have a few. I'm facing the monoboob problem now, and would love to have a decent bra again!!

Do you know if there's anywhere one could buy other than by mail order? I like to try things on as I find I keep changing sizes depending on brands. thanks

Bunglie · 09/06/2004 16:27

What about those stick on plastic things that they are advertising on TV at the moment. the ones you can clip together to get a cleavage, and they come in a FREE dustfree storage box, and if you order now they will send you another one FREE in black.
Now personally I have two shrivelled walnuts, that nothing would glue onto and M&S measured me and sugested their 'teen' range huh!
So I am not up on bras (sorry no pun intended), however I would love to know if anyone has ever bought or worn these two plastic 'shells' with a clip at the front. Does anyone else no the advert I am talking about?

aloha · 09/06/2004 16:32

If i were you, I'd wear my old bras. Cheaper too!

LIZS · 09/06/2004 16:42

I had a really comfy bra from Anita in stretchy microfibre. It was a nursing one but they also do maternity. Have a look here where they show a selection (mine was ref no.5075) but I think they are also available in some High Street Dept stores such as JLP.

lou33 · 09/06/2004 17:05

Bunglie I just got a pair of those from ebay brand new for half the price.

Bunglie · 09/06/2004 17:07

Lou33, seeing as you are responsible for my feelings of worthlessness , I feel that you owe it to us to give us a blow by blow acount of HOW the heck you wear them and they stay on!
I am genuinly interested, do you think they do shrivled walnut size?

lou33 · 09/06/2004 17:12

Lol. You can buy a, b or c cup. They have this sticky surface that is reactivated by washing in soapy water and leaving to dry. You can get them in black or natural. They feel hilarious. You need to put them on one at a a time then hook them together. The further apart you stick them the bigger cleavage you get when you hook them together iyswim.

Ds1 likes to run around wearing mine.

Bunglie · 09/06/2004 17:15

Lou33, apart from them sounding like a sex aid, are they really practical and could/do you wear them with say a strapless dress. Do they work?

motherinferior · 10/06/2004 09:28

Another vote for Total Support here. It does at least come in black, and despite being a total over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder it keeps the bosoms in check

Chuffed · 10/06/2004 09:33

I bought a nursing bra in my second trimester as I figured that I'd probably reuse it at some point after the pregnancy and am still using it.
I found the elle mcpherson maternelle has great support and doesn't show through your clothes.

oliveoil · 10/06/2004 09:49

I have got this one in black from M&S and it is nice, lacy cups as well so it looks fairly good too.

sponge · 10/06/2004 12:01

Both this time and last I have worn sports bras throughout. Nice wide straps, lots of support and not too hideous. I'm not normally very bi but considerably more sizeable now and haven't had any discomfort - at least not from my boobs .

Schmozer · 10/06/2004 12:06

If anyone is tempted to try sports bras, Figleaves currently has £5 off all Berlei Shock Absorbers. I've ordered a couple as they seem to be the only supportive soft cup bras that do a 32 back size - most of the maternity bras I've seen start at 34.

Nome · 10/06/2004 13:14

Webmum - my local NCT branch had a fitter - if yours doesn't then I think mail order is the only option. I had the Mava 8 and it was very comfy. The Mothercare maternity ones were useless - fitted by a numpty, I might as well have not worn anything...

scubamum2b · 14/06/2004 10:00

Oliveoil - thats the bra I'm wearing today - the cotton lining ensures that the lace does not irritate which for me can be a problem pregnant or not

Schmozer - I am normally 32, but when I went for measurement at John lewis (who I trust more than most stores with measurements) they said to go for a 34, and I am now (14wks)starting to wear it on the looser hooks. The M&S one has loads of hook adjustments compared to 'normal' bras

Schmozer · 14/06/2004 10:15

Well the Shock Absorbers are hopeless - no support at all and don't really fit anywhere. I'd be wary of walking in them, let alone anything more strenuous.

Trying to decide now whether to buy larger underwires (have gone up a cup size already though am only 8 weeks) or take scubamum's advice and try a 34. Am still wearing my 32s on the middle or tightest setting, so worried that a 34 underband won't provide enough support if it's too loose. And I currently measure an E cup, so a lot of support is needed!!!

I usually wear bras with seamfree cups as I live in cotton jersey tops and don't like my bras to show through - is this compatible with pregnancy, I wonder?

Would be grateful for any advice, as am now getting thoroughly confused!

MrsDoolittle · 14/06/2004 10:39

Hey Ladies, What about Bravissimo? They do a gorgeous supportive and great looking sports bras. I agree that the Shock absorbers are Crap!! Can't stand them myself and sooo unattractive.
Infact, I was a 34E pre-pregnancy and I am now 34G and breast feeding. Bravissimo has completely liberated me.

Lolabelle · 14/06/2004 14:13

Eeek - I'm still wearing my old underwired ones and i'm 29 weeks now, what exactly do underwired bars do to you then whilst pregnnat?? I can't bear the thought of no underwiring as i am at the least an E cup so any advice grateful!

hoxtonchick · 14/06/2004 14:24

Lolabelle, I wore underwired bras right the way through my pregnancy (I was 36E pre-preg, 36G now ds is 2. Whoever said breastfeeding made them smaller??) & had no problems breastfeeding. I always reckoned it was a scam to make pregnant women buy more bras....

codswallop · 14/06/2004 14:27

me too

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