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Non-wired bra with some uplift?!?! Recommendations please

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PotPourri · 21/05/2004 09:59

Am getting fed up of my sore boobs now. I got 2 Triumph non wired bras (got measured and everything at Selfridges) and I swear they make my boobs sorer as they don't give me the support I am after. I tried my theory and have been wearing my old bras (underwired, balcony and plain M&S - not supposed to I know) and what a difference. I have practically no pain when I wear them.

Please please, does anyone know of a non-wired or maternity or nursing bra that gives uplift - i.e. support a bit like you get from underwired ones? I don't even care if it looks ugly. I'm at the end of my tether...

OP posts:
Lolabelle · 15/06/2004 14:15

I'm risking it then and keeping my underwired ones - God please let mine go down aftrewards as i hate them, they look ott in everything i wear and gravity is not on my side!

Chuffed · 15/06/2004 18:42

I went from a 32E to 34E and swear by the Elle McPherson Maternelle. I think it offers good support and doesn't show through tight t's. It is a nursing bra but you can't tell when you are pregnant and now I'm breast feeding I didn't actually go up anymore so am able to use them.
You can get them at John Lewis, House of Fraser, not sure where else. They were the only ones I found that didn't show through fitted tops.

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