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Experiences pls - were you equally sick in all your pregnancies/

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bunny2 · 11/04/2004 09:08

The reason I ask is because I am having another panic. I am 8 weeks tomorrow and have had no nausea at all. When I was pg with ds I felt pretty sick. In my second and third pregnancies I felt absolutely awful and miscarried both around 10 weeks. Now I am half way to convincing myself my hormones arent working properly as I feel fine. Has anyone else had sifferent symptoms in different pregnancies but still had a healthy baby?


OP posts:
Freckle · 11/04/2004 09:12

I had no sickness at all with DS1, slight feelings of nausea with DS2 (but all day, not just morning), and slightly greater feelings of nausea with DS3 - again all day. Never actually sick. So, yes, I would say that your experience of sickness can differ with each pregnancy and nothing should be read into how you feel at the moment.

littlemissbossy · 11/04/2004 09:15

I have had only 1 baby (ds) but if it helps, I can tell you that I had no sickness at all - never, not even feelings of nausea - and he turned out just fine.

bunny2 · 11/04/2004 09:15

I read far to much into everything and then panic, it drives dh mad. Alot of people seem to experience increasingly bad nausea with each pregnancy. It looks like this is the caser with you and it was with me until this pregnancy.

OP posts:
bunny2 · 11/04/2004 09:16

posts crossed, that was in response to Freckle.

thanks lmb.

OP posts:
Blackduck · 11/04/2004 09:54

Like littlemissbossy I only have one babe, but no sickness at all.....(not even a day...)
A friend was sooooo sick with number one we all knew she was pg before she even told us! But had no sickness with two and three...

coppertop · 11/04/2004 10:02

With ds1 I felt very sick for the first 4 months and threw up at least twice a day (sorry if anyone's eating!). With ds2 I felt a bit sick for a few weeks but was only actually sick once during the whole pregnancy. Ds2 is now a happy and healthy 14-month old. HTH

twiglett · 11/04/2004 10:13

message withdrawn

motherinferior · 11/04/2004 10:57

Honey, I was much sicker the first time than the second - I was constantly nauseous. Also more cramping and (probably) more exhaustion the first time. My sister didn't have a twinge in her first pg and felt vile for most of her second. I do hope this makes you feel better. Hugs.

Janh · 11/04/2004 11:17

First had none, second had loads, third and fourth had some but not nearly as bad as second. HTH!

goosey · 11/04/2004 11:33

I was mediumly nauseous and vomited fairly frequently with dd1. Was sick as a dog with ds1. Was very sick - but not so bad as with ds1 - with ds2. And was laid up totally with all day vomiting and nausea with ds3.
Oh how I envy those who are never nauseous during pregnancy.

Nutcracker · 11/04/2004 11:40

I had loads of sickness with dd1, a bit less with dd2 and none with Ds.

eidsvold · 11/04/2004 14:39

first time - somewhat sick - this time - really sick all day.

charlieplus3 · 11/04/2004 14:51

Yes Yes and Yes. But have had friends with no sickness in second pregnancys. Hope all goes well bunny, try not to worry. The sickness hit me around 8 weeks, see your Docter if really worried. Keep us posted, will be thinking of you.

suedonim · 11/04/2004 14:53

I had hyperemesis with No1, virtually no symptoms of any kind with No2, quite a lot of nasuea but little vomiting with No3 and endless weeks of nausea and vomiting and wanting to die with No4. There was no rhyme or reason to it!

zaphod · 11/04/2004 14:57

i have had five children and my feelings of nausea were very different each time. I thought I was dying during the first four months of my fourth pregnancy, but with my fifth had hardly any nausea at all (just as well, no.4 was just five months old at the time}.

roisin · 11/04/2004 15:06

First none at all, not even slightly. Ditto number two. Third was sick and felt sick for first 19 weeks, and last 14 weeks (All healthy boys). HTH

bunny2 · 11/04/2004 19:48

Gosh, thanks everyone. I do feel alot more cheerful having read the huge variations in sickness. I read somewhere that nausea gets worse in each subsequent pregnancy but reading your esperiences it obviously doesnt always work like that.

OP posts:
kiwisbird · 11/04/2004 19:51

no nausea with my first ( boy)
then hyperemesis with no 2 (girl)
am dreading being preg agian in case it is the same or worse than with dd, it was crippling, our lives stopped for 5 mths or more...

handlemecarefully · 11/04/2004 20:10

Hi bunny2,

When do you get your next scan btw?

My experience: sick as a dog with dd, but no sickness at all with this pregnancy (having a ds).

Flip · 11/04/2004 20:13

Sick none stop through both and with ds1 I was even sick the morning I went in to have him. And sick for eighteen months afterwards in the morning because my stomach had become so weak.

bunny2 · 11/04/2004 20:24

Flip, that's awful.

HMC, I have an 8 wk scan on Wednesday, I'm dreading it! How are you? Any signs yet, you are only a week away from your EDD arent you? Good luck ,keep us all up-to-date.

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 11/04/2004 20:25

Ooo congratulations!

I know you've probably been reassured enough, but I was also a little bit nauseous in pg1, not at all in pg2. Probably to do with the weather/what I'd been eating for the last 6 months/the fact that my belly was that bit roomier or something. Or maybe it was a warning that ds would no be the angel baby that dd was!

Angeliz · 11/04/2004 20:28

I have one dd and i was not sick at all!
I was a little bit nauseas (sp), in cars but didn't throw up once!

Kept getting told how lucky i was

Linnet · 11/04/2004 22:16

I didn't get any sickness in my first pregnancy and I haven't had any in this pregnancy either.

Don't know if the sex of the baby has anything to do with it but I had a girl first time and I'm have another girl this time.

jodiemay · 11/04/2004 22:39

I have one ds, aged 18 months and was nauseous for over half of my pregnancy. After the first 12 weeks of just the feeling of being sick, I started to be sick, at least twice a day. Anything set me off too! It was awful, but the weird thing is that when the sickness stopped altogether, I really missed it, now how do you work that out!!!!!!!!!

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