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Experiences pls - were you equally sick in all your pregnancies/

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bunny2 · 11/04/2004 09:08

The reason I ask is because I am having another panic. I am 8 weeks tomorrow and have had no nausea at all. When I was pg with ds I felt pretty sick. In my second and third pregnancies I felt absolutely awful and miscarried both around 10 weeks. Now I am half way to convincing myself my hormones arent working properly as I feel fine. Has anyone else had sifferent symptoms in different pregnancies but still had a healthy baby?


OP posts:
Cam · 12/04/2004 15:35

Felt sick for first 3 months of both, in fact it was my first symptom of pregnancy both times and hoe I knew that I was. Not actually sick though and the nausea was controlled easily by eating (which meant I ate rather a lot).

handlemecarefully · 13/04/2004 08:31

Bunny - yes just 6 days for me to go in theory! (no signs though).

All the very best for tomorrow.....

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