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How long did it take you to get pg after mc? and any tips?!

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edie123 · 28/09/2006 13:02

Im ttc after a mc and wondered how long it takes on average? Im scared! I know this has been discussed loads but any tips?...

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edie123 · 28/09/2006 13:17


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chubszuki · 28/09/2006 13:32

hi edie123,
sorry to hear abt your mc, very upseting.
i dont realy know on average how long it takes to get pg again, but have been in same situation.
i was expecting identical twins last year and at my 20wk scan there were no heartbeats the babies had died at 17wks, i had labour induced in august and had babies, think this is called late mc? i fell pg again in jan this year and im due on 15th oct. so it took me abt four months. know what you mean abou being scared i still am!! didnt tell anyone apart from dp about this pg till i was 5months gone and couldent hide it. sorry cant offer more info, hope this helps. good luck. xx

lalibela · 28/09/2006 13:35

I miscarried end of Feb and was pregnant by May (now 19 weeks and all okay). We waited one cycle before ttc again and then used a Clearblue Fertility Monitor, which I think was the trick to getting pregnant again so quickly. It was tough going back to the whole ttc process though, so best of luck and hope it happens quickly for you.

edie123 · 28/09/2006 13:37

Yes thats very helpful chubszuki. Just wanted some reassurance really although some of my regular threads are very reassuring, just want to get pg straight away!! So sorry for your loss, that must have been awful. Happy news for you now though! Have you managed to relax at all? xx

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lalibela · 28/09/2006 13:39

I also took magnesium and selenium supplements, as I'd read somewhere that they could lower the chance of another miscarriage. Not sure if that's codswallop, but it made me feel that I was at least trying my best and maybe doing something to help my body.

edie123 · 28/09/2006 13:39

Thanks lalibela.

Are they expensive? I tried some first time round but they were not clearblue. I have also heard that the bleed (tmi) that you get with ERPC can be counted as a period? Does anyone know if this is true? Hoping to ttc as soon as bleeding stops which I think it has now xx

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edie123 · 28/09/2006 13:41

cheers for the supplement advice. Will try that. Heard that grapefruit juice is good for ttc but it tastes awful so had to give up on that and DP drank it all!!

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Tommy · 28/09/2006 13:42

I had a miscarriage in April 05 and it took us a year to conceive again. You probably didn't want to hear that but I am a bit older (39) and I was getting very stressed by it which probably didn't help. I did use the ovulation predictor thingy which was useful as I figured we'd been "doing it" too early IYSWIM and missing the right time.

The other thing I did thanks to a reccommendation from MN was take Evening primrose capsules for the first half of my cycle until ovulation - o idea if that helped or not but I guessed anything was worth a try!

Good luck

edie123 · 28/09/2006 13:46

Cheers Tommy! Sorry it took you a while but good news now! No I want people to be honest and I know it can take anything really! Took me three months last time which I know is really quick. EPO? Yeah my mum takes that and she raves about it-not for ttc though!!!

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geordiemacminx · 28/09/2006 13:49

I had a m/c in June, started trying straight away after bleeding, a/f arrived about 4 weeks later as is expected, concieved about 7 days after that. Had 10 week scan this morning. Dont be too disheartened if you dont concieve straight away, as you migt not have ovulated. One period at least is good, gives you a date to work on. Good luck. xxx

lalibela · 28/09/2006 13:50

Fraid the Clearblue Monitor was pretty expensive (it's a little machine that you insert sticks into and it tracks the whole of your cycle working out your most fertile days). Was about £80 from Boots. I'd previously used the regular OPKs, but didn't find them as accurate, probably because I had an irregular cycle.

I was told to wait for one natural cycle after having an EPRC before ttc again, so that the uterus lining has time to build up to a normal thickness again -- but people seem to get told lots of different things, from try as soon as you want to wait 6 months.

tissy · 28/09/2006 13:53

I didn't know you were "supposed" to wait one cycle after mc before trying again, so was pg again within 4 weeks. Suspect I was just lucky though!

chubszuki · 28/09/2006 13:56

yes i managed to relax and enjoy being pg when i could feel baby moving about, but still always at the back of my mind! just want him here now though!! know what you mean about wanting to be pg asap, but dont put to much pressure on yourself just relax and take each month as it comes, then it il just happen. i waited till i had period in sept before trying again, but everyone different, i had dnc anoter reason why i waited. hope it happens quickly for you, try to enjoy it when it does. xx

edie123 · 28/09/2006 14:11


Did you have an ERPC? How pg are you know? Congrats! Yeah gonna def try and relax, cut my hours at work and trying to just enjoy life as well! Off for a well deserved drink tonight with best mate-haven't had alcohol for a long long time! Dr told me to try again as soon as bleeding had stopped if that's what I want. He also said it may take a little while as body may be shocked but others have said you are very fertile after a mc so who knows!


God that is a lot of money-will try it though if it ends up taking a while. Yes my cycles are somewhat irregular at times also!

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edie123 · 28/09/2006 14:13


Take it scan was good? Congrats to you! ...

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cupcakes · 28/09/2006 14:15

I got pg again within 4 weeks of the mc - I'd had a missed miscarriage but waited and let the bleeding happen naturally.
Am glad I got pg again so quickly - have since been told that immediatly after a mc you can be incredibly fertile.
I am due in December.

Good luck.

tissy · 28/09/2006 14:16

NO! I'm not pg now!!!

This was 4 years ago and produced my one and only- never again!!

No I didn't have an ERPC- didn't even tell the dr. Did a test after I missed period. Estimated about 4 wks pg at that point, then a couple of days later bled heavily. Then negative test. Didn't go to dr, because assumed it was "one of those things". In the days before early tests were available, it would have just been written off as a late period anyway, so no big deal.

Have to admit, though, that Dr was a bit surprised when I went to tell him I'd tested posistive, but also mentioned I'd mc the previous month!

edie123 · 28/09/2006 14:20

Oh right sorry!

I just can't wait any longer to ttc...guess im impatient but I has a missed mc-thought I was 10 weeks but baby died at five-then had to wait another two weeks to get it sorted, then bleeding for about 10 days so I feel like ive waited ages already!

Wonder what the dangers are if you don't wait? If any? CUPCAKES-Thankyou! That's a very uplifting story!

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littlefrog · 28/09/2006 14:31

Hi Edie, Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. If you thing ovulation prediction is expensive, why not try charting for a bit? I have to say I've mostly done it for contraception, and I can imagine that I might become obsessive about it if I was using it to TTC, but I found it really interesting, and it's taught me a lot about how my body works. And it's (nearly) free! Good luck.

hana · 28/09/2006 14:33

it took a few cycles to get back on trach ( def 2, maybe 3) we were trying during this time - think we took a month off initially. took about 4/5 months after my m/cs
good luck

edie123 · 28/09/2006 14:43


Yeah thats what I did last time, monitored my CM too and stuff. Think to start off we will be BDing at anytime as its been so bloody long!! However if this bleed can be counted as an AF then im now cd11 xxxxxxx

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EnormousChangesAtTheLastMinute · 28/09/2006 14:54

i was like you and very impatient after mc to conceive again. it took four months but felt like four years because i put myself under so much pressure. i did find the toni weschler book helped..also did grapefruit juice for that all important mucus! my top tip would be avoid avoid avoid early pregnancy tests - i got a faint positive but because of mc was convinced it was going to go wrong and really stressed myself out. i really wished i had waited to test. this could be just me though! prob best thing you can do is relax...but have yet to meet anyone who can relax in this situation! but at least be nice to yourself and have a bit of pampering if you can. my faint positive (sooo faint!) is now 11 months old and having her afternoon nap. so take heart. i wish you lots of luck, patience and calm. x

edie123 · 28/09/2006 15:07

Yeah def gonna try and relax Enormous (that sounds very rude of me!). That's why I decided to cut my hours a little bit, (i have a job that can get a little stressful at times!)

TBH don't feel quite as desperate at 1st time round luckily, and def can't be bothered with all the stuff I did last time, although I like to hear of all the little tips like selenium etc, things that can be implemented with no fuss or stress.

Just don't want it to take too long! Aaarrgghhh

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edie123 · 28/09/2006 17:04


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mummyhill · 28/09/2006 17:53

Third cycle after mc for me.

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