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anyone on fourth preg,feel alone!!

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el123456 · 30/08/2006 20:23

am 20 wks into fourth pregnancy and am struggling to find any mums with more than two children.i know a couple with 3 but they say i am insane to go for fourth.anyone with similar experiances?

OP posts:
LucyJones · 02/09/2006 10:54

Just to say congratulations I am the youngest of four and can honestly say I love my big family

kittywits · 02/09/2006 11:31

El, I'm on no.6 and I'm dreading telling people.

bogwobbit · 02/09/2006 11:45

I'm not pregnant now but I do have four children, 3 girls and 1 boy aged 19 down to 2. I know exactly where you're coming from about the comments. I got so sick of friends, neighbours and strangers making comments usually to the effect that I was totally mad.
Of course your not insane. Large families are great. Of course it will be hard work but you'll never be bored, I can guarantee that, and no you are not being cruel to your other children by having another baby. It really pi$$es me off that people feel that they can say anything, regardless of how hurtful it is, just because you're pregnant
Congratulations on your pregnancy btw.

agalch · 02/09/2006 12:55

I'm kittywits.

I had dd2(4th child) 4 weeks ago and i am sending dp to have the snip as i think i will always want to have another baby,no more room/money etc so must stop at 4.

Stuff what people say,it's your life.Enjoy your pg and good luck!!

mygirllolipop · 02/09/2006 18:11

Message withdrawn

Banini · 03/09/2006 10:30

HI there

I'm 7 weeks pg with our 4th. It wasn't planned but we are excited about it. My 3 are 9,7&4. I've only told my parents, dh's parents and my brother (who just laughed and asked if we were mental ). I guess that will be the majority of peeps reactions. I can't wait to meet this new wee person and hope it hangs on in there as i've miscarried before a 7 weeks.
So hello

el123456 · 03/09/2006 20:25

just logged on and cannot believe there are so many replies!feeling so much more positive so thanks to everyone.friends still being crap though,now saying" and i bet they are all doctors with five bedroom houses".they have very helpfully informed me that large families are the privilage of the rich(we're not rich!)anyway stuff it and good luck to you all.with friends like these hey!!

OP posts:
Sallie · 05/09/2006 12:56

We are not rich and my dh is a hospital doctor! Sadly, they don't earn THAT much...Anyway, congratulations! Try and enjoy your pregnancy and make some new friends if your existing ones are being so rotten. I have three kids and would love another. Money stopping us at the moment - house prob big enough but would mean new car etc etc. It will be wonderful - you will have a veritable gang!!! Hugs and best wishes for a happy pregnancy

DDN5065 · 06/09/2006 08:23

I am 40 y.o with 3 girls ages 8, 5-1/2 and 2-1/2. I live in the US where 1-2 is the norm. 3 is over the top and 4 would be delusional. We have just been talking about where to have another. We have been on the fence - DH wants another and I am the voice of reason. Well, so much for that - there is a good chance I am pg and I am not sure how I feel about it. We had not decided but we were careless (I missed a 3 pills on vc but have taken them religiously for 2+ years. I also thought the O time had passed so this is a bit surprising to me. I have not said a word to anyone so far and I only a few days late but I do not feel myself. I know if this is true, family and friends will be more than surprised (shocked?) but the truth is we LOVE our kids and love having a larger than normal family. When I was a kid, a family of 3 or 4 was not that unusual. I came from a family of 3 girls. How times have changed! Much luck to all of you in your 4th pg's - will write back when I know what is going on...

snuggles3 · 06/09/2006 21:12

Im 5 weeks pregnant with my fourth child.
My other children are nearly 4, 2 and 4 months.
Im am very worried about how i will manage. ds1 has asd.

I only had a baby 4 months ago!
I am 26.

anniediv · 06/09/2006 21:18

I am having no 4 and so glad I found this thread. Too embarassed to tell people as I have nightmare pregnancies and I feel people will think I'm crazy to put myself through it again. The norm round here is definitely 2, so having 3 caused a few faces. I am one of 4 so think it's cool, but nevertheless am bricking it as to how I'll cope. Currently I have 3 dds age 5, 4 and 1.

fistfullofnappies · 06/09/2006 22:10

goodness, annie, yours are v close together![respect]

Ive got 4 children too. We are currently living in a 2 bedroom flat, and the au pair has one bedroom! Im not a doctor either btw.
you need bunk beds, and a bigger car. Weve had a Suzuki, v tiny people carrier with 6 seats, would thoroughly recommend it.

fistfullofnappies · 06/09/2006 22:12

just noticed, yours are even closer snuggles! Mine have 7 years between eldest and youngest.

anniediv · 06/09/2006 22:18

fistfullofnappies, yes, bunk beds are the way to go!! we have one set, will just have to get another! we are currently rethinking the car. we are fortunate that we have a 3 bedroom house although 3rd room very small. we'll just have to pack 'em in like sardines.

SpaceCadet · 06/09/2006 22:29

ive got 4 children-its great, bloody hard work but worth every minute.

anniediv · 06/09/2006 22:33

Thanks for starting this thread el123456, I am feeling better already. (still not going to tell anyone yet though )

phunkiephedora · 07/09/2006 09:41

This is a lovely thread :-) We have 22 month old twins via IVF and talking about next one/two. Very surprised at some peoples reactions when I discuss, apparently couples with IVF babies should just be happy with what they've got (like there's some allocation!) We ARE happy, we would just like MORE!!! I love my girls and being a mum and can imagine a bustling house full of laughter (and arguements!) as they all grow older :-)

wherethewildthingsare · 07/09/2006 10:09

I'm not pregnant (I don't think...) but I'm the youngest of 4 and I have 4 myself - 12, 10, 8 and 7 months - it's great and I wouldn't rule out number 5 (!) now I have a galaxy and a loft conversion (don't want ds3 to be a little prince, he's getting rather spoilt). We're not rich, I work full time from home mainly which is great for flexibility. Our 3rd bedroom was a cupboard so we converted the loft for dd who is the only girl. We also sold both our cars for an MPV (luckily dp has a works van). You can't beat 6 people snuggled up in bed on a Sunday morning!

girlies4 · 07/09/2006 12:55

We have 4 gorgeous gals aged 7 to 15 ,all born by c section, and we absolutely love it! They pair off in diff combinations and life was honestly made easier going from 3 to 4. As proof, we have just become foster parents so we are actually 5 now! Enjoy!
My sis also has a little boy and triplet girls ....not so easy but lots of fun.

Sarah34 · 07/09/2006 13:07

Im on my 4th pregnancy with my 2nd partner, who hasn't got any kids. I've got a lad of 15 and 2 girls 9,8 and i have found out this one is also a girl. I think anyone that has had more then 2 kids get worried about what ppl think, but just think of it this way its your choice and they dont have to look after them, you do so just think of them as jealous or incapable lol.

mumof6 · 07/09/2006 13:17

Im a new member. I am a mum to 6 children. 3 boys then 3 girls whos ages are 27 25 18 16 14 12. People do look at you strangely when you go out with a large family and think you are mad to have so many children. Its been hard especially having 4 children under the age of 6 but its also very rewarding. I look back now after having looked after my 2 yr old grandaughter today and think how on earth i managed!!! She wears me out totally. I love having a big family and my children have great relationships each other. I dont think your mad having another . Enjoy them all !!!!

anniediv · 07/09/2006 13:21

mumof6, I'll have 4 under 6! But have also managed 3 under 4. So glad to hear so many positives and not eyerolling and 'you're joking, you must be mad'.

mykidsmakemyday · 07/09/2006 13:44

Hi El, this is my first time of posting but I felt I had to add my bit! NOT pregnant now, but DO have 4. Yes, it's mad, yes, it's expensive, yes, I'm absolutely shattered most of the time, and no, I wouldn't have it any other way (well, except for number 5!). I had 3 boys and that was it - all caesareans, so no more. Oops! Let's just say Eliza is a happy accident. Wouldn't necessarily recommend 4 caesareans (Consultant said DEF no more) but I am so glad it happened, and that my GP reassured me. She's the icing on the cake - but if she'd been another blue one, 'he' would've been a welcome gift, too... Hope you'll be as happy as we are (but that your car is bigger than ours!)

mykidsmakemyday · 07/09/2006 13:46

...should also mention that I had 3 age 4 and under, and there's only 21 months between number 3 and number 4... but that's nothing, i know someone whose 4th baby was due when number 3 was 11 months old. Number 4 turned out to be numbers 4 and 5... TWINS!

anniediv · 07/09/2006 13:49

ooh, now you're scaring me because I haven't been for a scan yet...!!!

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