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skin tags

28 replies

janeggybee · 13/07/2006 12:00

i seem to have developed skin tags on my boobs, tummy and chest area. is this normal and do they go away after birth??? i know they are harmless but i dont really like them!!

OP posts:
JackieNo · 13/07/2006 12:02

I've got lots of these - mine haven't gone away, but I've had some removed by the doctor (bit of local anaesthetic, scalpel, plaster, no big deal).

Fimbo · 13/07/2006 12:03

No, they will not go away. I had one on my thigh just where the end of shorts would sit, my doc burned it off (sounds more horrendous than it actually is!) as it was in an awkward spot. They wont remove them for "cosmetic reasons" if they are in places that wont cause a problem. Wait until the end of your pregancy and see your GP.

JackieNo · 13/07/2006 12:05

Yes, sorry, Fimbo's right - they would only remove the ones where they were getting rubbed by clothes in my case too.

janeggybee · 13/07/2006 12:07

i guess i am stuck with them then!! i guess its just one of the ways that your body reminds you that you were pregnant!!

OP posts:
southeastastra · 13/07/2006 12:07

i just cut mine off with nail clippers. don't try this at home!

throckenholt · 13/07/2006 12:08

,wispers> I did the DIY version - ties a piece of cotton round it very tightly - the fell off within a few days.

I hated them !

Fimbo · 13/07/2006 12:08

Ouch!!! Was there lots of blood?

JackieNo · 13/07/2006 12:08

I wondered about doing that, Southeastastra, but lacked the courage! Presumably perfectly possible if you're very brave, and keep evverything clean during and after.

Fimbo · 13/07/2006 12:09

I tried the thread thing - I couldn't get it to tie round tightly enough - the thread kept falling off.

southeastastra · 13/07/2006 12:09

it bled a little, i was just sick of it

janeggybee · 13/07/2006 12:10

i am not liking the idea of chopping them off myself!! it sounds v. painful!
cant be much more painful than giving birth tho!!

OP posts:
Fimbo · 13/07/2006 12:12

My doc sent my skin tag off to Oncology - he said they are required to do that with all skin tags they remove. It is probably better to get them checked out with your gp than to remove them yourselves.

WigWamBam · 13/07/2006 12:14

My GP recommended the thread version ... I have so many of them that he could only remove a couple, and he said it was best just to do it myself when they got large or annoying! I've found you don't have to tie it particularly tight, it just takes longer to fall off if it's not tight. When it falls off there's no wound, just a small mark that fades pretty quickly.

Some beauticians will remove them for you, too - they freeze them and whip them off. I asked the lady who does my waxing and they charge about £10 for 10 minutes - they can do several in that time.

scaredandconfused · 13/07/2006 12:21

has anyone experienced any side affects of DIY removal or the beautician route??
i know you arent supposed to mess with moles and mine are all mole-coloured.

WigWamBam · 13/07/2006 12:31

I've had no problems with the DIY route, but mine have all been large, fleshy, skin-toned ones. If you have any concerns about them then get the GP to have a look before you do anything else.

southeastastra · 13/07/2006 13:10

if they are mole coloured i would get the doc to look at them!

tarzan · 13/07/2006 14:24

Blimey! I have these under my arm pits. Didnt know they were related to pregnancy, but come to think of it I have grown more since being pregnant. Is'nt it charming??! I think they look horrible. It makes shaving a little scarey too.

squishy · 14/07/2006 17:27

I had one under my arm and had it removed at a salon a few years ago (GP wouldn't) but have never heard of them during pregnancy - yeurch! Hope I don't get more!!

Kittypickle · 14/07/2006 17:31

My friend asked her GP for a referral to a dermatologist to get a couple removed. She said she felt slight silly when the dermatologist said she could have chopped them off with some sterilized hairdressing scissors. I get several during pregnancy and used that method to get rid of one on my neck that used to rub against clothes.

danifox6 · 06/08/2009 23:36

I know this is from years ago, but if someone reads it this may help. Do NOT cut your tags off with clippers. This will leave the root in that can then bleed or regrow or become infected. Cotton is good, cuts the blood supply off and the root dies. ALternatively, go to a local beautician who is very experienced with electrolysis. This is how I have mine removed. I only had a couple where my necklace rubbed before. Takes about 10 seconds (of pain I am afraid!!) and the electrolysis kills the root and it forms a scab and within a week it's all gone! Have loads now during pregnancy, back of knees and side of tum and around nipples. They are the only ones that bug me and I don't fancy getting those zapped!!!! They usually come where things rub (underwire bra, under arm from bra etc..)

Ladyem · 13/08/2009 16:31

I've had this in both of my pregnancies. I got lots of skin tags on my neck, chest and back. After DD was born lots of them did disappear by themselves and the GP told me to use the DIY thread method mentioned by the others on ones that got larger. I've got lots again this time around, but not too worried as I know that some of them at least will go after the birth and for any that linger I'll see the GP again to ask about removal.

I was also told by the practice nurse that they can be caused by a virus and that's why some will clear by themselves. Not sure how true this is, but something to think about!

lynniep · 13/08/2009 16:39

yeah I get skin tags when pg. Mostly where things rub ie bra line. some go, some stay. i'd forgotten this happened until I got pregnant again!

Bubbaloo · 13/08/2009 17:04

I have had a few in the past and have bought Salactol(which is actually for warts),and it does the job very well.I know a few people who have used it too,to successfully remove skin tags.

springflower1970 · 19/01/2012 09:39


i have had a few skin tags and a friend recommended i tried what she had done which painlessley removed them - and it was something which i can say worked to my amazement!

i used a solution called skin tag zap. in the uk which is a nice change and i found it on ebay and googled

anyway to cut a long story short the small ones turned black and dried up and fell off (resisting the itching was hard but allowed to drop off and not a mark left! - ive leaernt that doing it before nature allows can leave small scars from scabs) lol anyway the large ones (1cm plus) took two weeks and to my amazement even they vanished.

my confidence levels were low as i was embarassed - but a great little home treatment to to get these blighters!

hope of use and roll on the spring flowers.

patsdeadfrank · 19/01/2012 09:49

hmmmmmmmm wow spring flowers you are like a walking advert.

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