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skin tags

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janeggybee · 13/07/2006 12:00

i seem to have developed skin tags on my boobs, tummy and chest area. is this normal and do they go away after birth??? i know they are harmless but i dont really like them!!

OP posts:
BlueAndRedMakePurple · 19/01/2012 10:48

I thought the same thing patsdeadfrank. My spidey senses are a tingling!Hmm

littlemissnormal · 19/01/2012 11:01

Mine all disappeared about 6/8 months after having the baby and losing the initial part of the massive load of weight I put on. Including one on my eyelid, not pretty!

Babybeann · 19/01/2012 11:06

I have gotten a few skin tags on my bra line to only tiny ones but I can feel them. Like lynniep I think it's due to my bra rubbing against the skin. (lovely) lol

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