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OK...I'm sh*tting myself here..... Mirena Coil fitted but....

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Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:03

..I still have periods pretty regularly (between 4-6wks apart). I haven't had a period since mid April. H and I had sex a few times on holiday late May.

Quite possibly the worst thing that I could think of to happen to me right now is to be pg!!! Tell me its not possible..... tell me its the stress... tell me I'm just panicking over nowt!

Its been over 8 wks now since any sign.

PS: Had the coil fitted for 18mths now.

OP posts:
Piffle · 27/06/2006 23:04

It's the stress

LadyTamba · 27/06/2006 23:05

Its stress.

Has to be....

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:06

Must be Piffle..... must be!

OP posts:
mykidsmum · 27/06/2006 23:06

stop panicing the same happened to me its very normal, I think I posted on here at the time and got lots of reassurance!

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:07

Mykidsmum - Jeeee-ust what I need to hear!

OP posts:
jampots · 27/06/2006 23:07

yes i agree stress

that said I had a period after 3 weeks and it didnt last all that long - ive been feeling sick and tired during the last 10 days too so am shitting it with oyu

HelloMama · 27/06/2006 23:07

I would say 99.9% chance you're not preg if you have a mirena securely in place, it is usual for periods to stop at any time with this method, and re-start at any time, or to not ever come back until it is removed, or any other combination! If you're stressed that is also likely to delay interfere with even the most regular of cycles as it is the same part of your brain which controls anxiety and worry and emotion, which also deals with the menstrual cycle. So stop worrying!

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:08

Jampots - a joint shitting of oneselves.... how lovely!

Do you have the Mirena coil?

OP posts:
Beauregard · 27/06/2006 23:09

Dont want to worry you but my bf got pregnant with the coil ,not sure which one though.

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:10

Thanks hellomama! Incidentally.... I haven't actually checked for some time that its still there. I assumed I would feel it slipping out?! No? >worried<

toothache rushes to bathroom to check threads.... then wash hands before typing

OP posts:
jampots · 27/06/2006 23:11

no my dh has had a vasectomy

Im sure im not but its a horrid little nag int he back of my head

LadyTamba · 27/06/2006 23:11

My friend is PG and her husband had a vasectomy about 18 months ago....

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:13

Jampots - Don't read Tambas post!

OP posts:
jampots · 27/06/2006 23:13

fuck off tamba

jampots · 27/06/2006 23:13

too late

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:14

I'll wait another week then do a pg test when my Mum's here so she can stop me throwing myself in front of a car if its +ve!!!!!!!

OP posts:
Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:14

How long ago did your DH have the snip???

OP posts:
jampots · 27/06/2006 23:16

9.5 years ago!

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:17

LOL JP! Think you're safe!!!

OP posts:
Loobie · 27/06/2006 23:17

~Toothy i have one here i could send you,put yourself at ease !!

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:22

Thanks Loobie! Now I'm panicking proper style.... thinking about it I haven't even had a twinge, a bit of spotting, a change in anything for 8 wks!

HOWEVER... that alone is reassuring... coz I've got no pg symptoms and I've had them very early with both kids. >quiver

OP posts:
apronstrings · 27/06/2006 23:38

not reassuring I know but my sil went to gp feeling bloated(no symptoms) and was 24 weeks pg!!! her coil was allegedly still there - baby is fine. In August she will have a 17 year old and a new born!! She said she hadn't bled, but thought that you didn't always with the coil. I'd do a test! and let us knw what happens

LadyTamba · 27/06/2006 23:39


(am also rather pleased to be told to fuck off for the first time on MN!)

Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:40


Was it the Mirena Coil or the normal no-hormone coil???????????

OP posts:
Toothache · 27/06/2006 23:41

Must also report back that the threads are still there.


OP posts:
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