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Contractions at 27 weeks (possibly TMI alert!) .........

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jersey · 20/04/2006 08:51

Don't know if anyone has been through this or if any midwifes can help. The night before last I had a lot of pressure and twinges which turned into what I think where contractions on and off all night. The following day I still had pressure and little stabbing twinges. I rang my midwife who mis hearing how many weeks I was told me I could be in early labour, if they got to every 5 mins to ring the hospital and make sure my bag was packed. When I said I was 27 weeks not 37 she said oh thats different, rest and if they get to every 10 mins ring the hospital and tell them I am only 27 weeks Shock.

Last night they died off and this morning I had a lot of jelly like discharge. Should I ring the midwife/hospital of wait and see what happens. I am worried that if things are starting early the baby won't survive.

Can anyone help please?

OP posts:
trace2 · 20/04/2006 08:57


Esmummy · 20/04/2006 08:59

Definitely ring the hospital ASAP even if its just to be on the safe side and make sure you tell them everything

Trophywife · 20/04/2006 08:59

morning Jersey, i had all the same but at 32+4 weeks, so i can feel for you.

the jelly was your "plug", if the contrations have all gone then i would just take it easy and not worry about it. however the next time you see your mw do mention that the plug came out.
with me i had started to dilate (sp?) and ended up staying in over nite with steroids for babys lungs.
i was also told that it is common for braxton hicks to be srtong enough to start it all off.
we were also told that babies bron after 24 weeks have a higher chance of survival, and most hosptials are really good when it comes to prem babies. HTH

good luck & try not to worry to much as that can make things worse.

HandbagAddiction · 20/04/2006 09:00

If you've had some jelly like discharge then if only for your own piece of mind, I would ring the hospital straight away and ask to go and be looked at. In my opinion there is no point worrying yourself about what might happen - you need to get yourself checked out and then if everything is OK, then great.

From my own experience, I had was felt like regular contractions for 2 hours one evening when 24 weeks pregnant - I rang the hospital directly and was advised to go and be monitored for an hour or two just to see what was going on.

I really believe that hospitals would prefer to see you rather than have you worrying at home.

Wills · 20/04/2006 11:08

I agree with HA that the hospital's would rather check you over than have you sit at home worrying. Go get it checked.

Jenswish · 20/04/2006 11:16

Jersey, Please go get checked. Its probably nothing but if its something I'm sure you'd prefer to be checked over.

Good luck.

jersey · 20/04/2006 13:42

Still here girls. Rang hospital and spoke to a midwife. She said sounded like a show but as I wasn't getting any pains at that time I didn't need to go in. If pains start I must ring and go in straight away. So much for my midwife saying well if it starts go in at 10 minutes Angry.

Feels a bit heavy and achy this morning but not sure if its in my head!!

OP posts:
Jenswish · 20/04/2006 14:10

I hope everything is ok for you and you dont go into labour too soon. However, if you do I'm sure that things will be fine, they know alot about dealing with Prem babies nowadays.

slinkstah · 20/04/2006 14:10

don't listen to any of the midwifes!
if you feel heavy achy pressure down there and you have had or are having contractions painful or painless combined with a jelly discharge definatly says WITHOUT A DOUBT that you are experiencing preterm labour.
this does not neccessarily mean you will give birth soon but the heavyness and discharge are indicators of cervical changes.
you need to go into hospital now and demand to have your cervix checked, if your cervix is soft or even slightly dialated then they will monitor you and give you steroids for babys lungs and give you contraction stoppers if you are having any.

if you catch these cervical changes earlier rather than later there is a great chance that your labour can be stopped etc if your cervix is opening and your bag of waters bulge it can break and labour and birth will then be imiment.

don't be worryed about going in, leaving it and waiting for pains is possibly the most stupid advice i have ever heard.

anyway i talk from experience but gave birth alot earlier than 27 weeks and my baby did not get a chance. however at 27 weeks babies have a great chance of survival, although keeping baby where he is is the best option so please go into hospital now.
take care

wilbur · 20/04/2006 14:16

Agree with slinkstah. At our hosp they have an antenatal day assessment ward where you can just turn up and get looked at. I would just go and put your mind at rest. Ignore the midwives if they don't seem to be as with it as you would like.

lilianna · 20/04/2006 14:16

hi had this on 4th april was 25weeks pregnant. Still holding on though.
If you go into hospital they will prob give you steriod injections to mature babys lungs from my experience in previous pgs i would have the injection in your thigh.
good luck. Hope everything goes well.

PrettyCandles · 20/04/2006 14:30

Go to the labour ward. I was told to treat the labour ward as an A&E for pregnancy, rather than going to GP or ante-natal clinic.

In my first pregnancy I spent several hours under observation in one of the delivery rooms when I turned up in great pain - though even I could tell that I wasn't in labour - which turned out to by my huge fibroid twisting around. The second time around I mentioned at an AN appointment that the baby was moving around much less than 'it' used to, and to a different pattern. When I said that this had been going on for 3 days I got quite a telling-off for letting it wait until my scheduled AN appointment and was sent immediately to the dayward for observation and monitoring.

What I'm trying to get at is that any change - especially what's happening to you - could be significant and you should get it checked out immediately. Wonderful as many midwives are, they cannot identify everything over the phone, which is why I was told to come in even though I was sure that I wasn't in labour. No one will be cross with you or criticise you for going to the labour ward under your circumstances. I was only told off for letting things slide and not going to the labour ward the time the baby's movements changed!

HandbagAddiction · 20/04/2006 14:36

Jersey - please just go in to the hospital and get yourself checked out.

When I was pregnant with dd and was convinced my waters had broken - even though they were just dribbling out every time I stood up...the midwives I spoke to over the phone were initially quite dismissive. I eventually went in myself two days later to be told that 'oh yes they have broken', I was then scolded for waiting so long before going in as I would now have to be induced because 48 hours had passed since they went!!

So - please trust your own instincts and self refer to your antenatal day assessment unit. To me - it does really sound like you need to be looked at!

kayzed · 20/04/2006 15:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kayzed · 20/04/2006 15:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jersey · 20/04/2006 15:18

Thanks everyone for your support. I will ring the hospital again about going in and getting checked out.

Will let you know what happens.

OP posts:
trace2 · 20/04/2006 15:30

yes please do, even if your monited at least you will know, you can insist ans after all its your baby

jabberwocky · 20/04/2006 16:23

jersey, I had pre-term labour at 28 weeks with ds (contractions regular intervals, 3 minutes apart). They put me on IV fluids and it did stop. This time around my new doc is having me drink lot more water. Last time I was drinking 70 - 80 ounces a day, this time around we could go as high as 140! Definitely go in and get checked out as everyone has suggested and then take a good look at your water consumption.

Good luck, sending postive thoughts your way.

jersey · 20/04/2006 16:55

hi I rang the hospital but they told me not to come in just take a warm bath and see how things go!!!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:
slinkstah · 20/04/2006 17:13

well unfortuatly this is the response you get sometimes from hospitals- flipin useless
plan B advice from me is to check your own cervix.
wash hands and have a feel, should feel like a hard roundish structure up there somewhere. it is usually reachable.
if its soft and squigy, or the opening is as big or bigger than 1 finger tip then just go straight to labour ward and ask to see the on call dr.

HappyMumof2 · 20/04/2006 17:18

I really think you need to be seen - and quickly.

They have no right to tell you you can't go in. You have been having contractions and have had a show.

If it were me, I would go in and refuse to move.

If you are in pre term labour then you will need steroids to mature the baby's lungs and they may even be able to stop it.

kayzed · 20/04/2006 17:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jabberwocky · 20/04/2006 17:20

Stand your ground if you think you need to be seen, jersey. You will always feel better trusting your instincts. In the meantime, start drinking lots of water.

secur · 20/04/2006 17:22

sadly this sounds fairly standard advice to me. I would honestly say if you are concerned at all then just go down there - if you arrive they have to deal with you and that way you can get some peace if everything is ok and some help if it is not. You gave them the chance to deal with you at their convenience which they have not taken so now you will just have to do the stampy feet bit - it is a privaledge that goes automatically with being pg Wink

desperatehousewife · 20/04/2006 17:22

I think i would want to be seen and would demand it, even if just for peace of mind. So often a mother's instinct is right - an old cliche, but true! Good luck

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