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gender predictors

27 replies

Mandymoo · 23/11/2005 14:14

Can anyone recommend any just for a bit of fun!?


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Mandymoo · 24/11/2005 08:28


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flamesparrow · 24/11/2005 08:28

Oooh, we had one on Due in Feb.... I'll go find the link.

flamesparrow · 24/11/2005 08:30


Mandymoo · 24/11/2005 08:34

thanks Flamesparrow X

OP posts:
jersey · 24/11/2005 10:25

Did anyone find this worked? Just out of interest .

superblastofflips · 24/11/2005 10:28

ive just inserted my details in and my conception date too (when my DD was concieved) and "Its a boy!" - huh?!?!

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles · 24/11/2005 10:29

What is that time zone thing. I don't get it.

lulabelle · 24/11/2005 13:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

munz · 24/11/2005 13:43

that say's a girl for me and i'm def having a boy!

Pennies · 24/11/2005 13:45

What's the deal with heart beat rate and gender?

lulabelle · 24/11/2005 13:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flamesparrow · 24/11/2005 15:38

Worked with my DD, dunno about this time.

I got told the 140bpm thing - under boy, over girl. My DD fluctuated between 128 & 160... so far this bump the noly number I know is 140, so keeping nicely borderline

HumphreysCorner · 24/11/2005 16:40

My way is to tie a piece of cotton to a wedding ring or similar and hold it over your bump. It will start to swing either in a circle or a straight line-circle is a girl and a straight line is a boy.

This method has been 100% accurate so far with me and my friends.

Good fun as well.


Zephyrcat · 24/11/2005 16:43

Does it work if you don't have a wedding ring??!

expatinscotland · 24/11/2005 16:44

Hmm. Both the Chinese thing and the ring test say it is a boy. Wonder what it will be now . . .

Zephyrcat · 24/11/2005 16:55

I got boy for chinese and I think girl with the ring.....

Zephyrcat · 24/11/2005 17:02

This one says a boy.

It got dd right but said ds should have been a girl!

sweetkitty · 24/11/2005 17:48

First one says

DD1 girl so correct
DB2 boy scan says girl

Second one
DD1 boy so wrong
DB2 girl so correct with scan


Rachey1969 · 24/11/2005 18:09

Erm, I don't have a wedding ring at the moment so pass on that one but the chinese one was right for this preg - can't remember the conception details for the other 3 though!

I have to say that despite having no scientific validity the heartrate theory has been right for all 4 ie 130-140 for a boy (3 of tehm) and 150- 160 for a girl (1).

I also really like the timing of conception theory (ie fast male racing to the egg vs long living female sperm waiting for the egg) but I charted temp and mucus religiously to do NFP and on those grounds dd should have been a boy...

blueteddy · 24/11/2005 18:12

Message withdrawn

marne · 24/11/2005 18:14

Heart beet thing was right for me both times, asked midwife if it was true and she said they are not allowed to talk about it as its not always right.

Hazellnut · 24/11/2005 22:25

with dd we were sooo convinced she'd be a boy but the ring test and the chinese horoscope thingy said she'd be a girl. So must be true

HumphreysCorner · 25/11/2005 12:14

Doesn't have to be a wedding ring ladies-my friend tied some dental floss to a pin and it worked


hockeymum · 25/11/2005 12:46

YAY!! Was dead pleased it says girl... that is until I put in my dd's dates and it says shes a boy. So obviously a load of rubbish! and I really want another girl this time, just have to wait and see now.

lulabelle · 25/11/2005 13:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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