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gender predictors

27 replies

Mandymoo · 23/11/2005 14:14

Can anyone recommend any just for a bit of fun!?


OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 25/11/2005 13:55

second one has DS right and says I am expecting another DS in will let you

hockeymum · 26/11/2005 10:02

Been thinking about this post overnight (sa I know) and I really cant understnad how an ancient chinese prediction or a wedding ring can determine whether your partners male or female sperm swam the quickest or were the toughest to get into the egg! Damn, I was looking so hard for proof there was a pink bundle in me I was taken in!! Still, at least that makes me sure I know what I want. Think I'll definitely have to find out the sex at the scan in 3 weeks that way if it is a blue bundle I have 18 more weeks to prepare and get excited about a boy.

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