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What can I eat that won't make me sick?

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tortoiseshell · 07/10/2005 14:11

Am having problems finding anything tbh. Melon is ok, but anything that requires chewing is out as the feeling of it in my mouth makes me sick. Had soup for lunch, but memory of it is making me feel really nauseous. Am 11 weeks and a bit, and aware that if I don't eat I feel even worse! Am a bit desperate....

OP posts:
Rachey1969 · 07/10/2005 14:13

Aww poor you, it should pass. Soup is proably a bit too liquid. Yoghurt? Toast? You need to eat something or you will feel more nauseous through hunger. Crisps worked for me! [blush}

HRHTheDuchessofChaville · 07/10/2005 14:14


teeavee · 07/10/2005 14:16

I ate biscuits and drank ice-cold perrierduring my morning sickness

PrettyCandles · 07/10/2005 14:18

Nibble, graze throughout the day, rather than trying to fill up at mealtimes. Don't wait until you're hungry or thirsty to eat or drink.

Try different textures (I couldn't bear very dry, crunchy food, so dunked plain or ginger biscuits in whatever I was drinking, even water); I find mildly spicey food helpful. Also taking a few sips of cold water before eating. Soup is a definite no-no for me, unless it's really thick.

I'm only 6w now, but it's already started, and I remember what I'm like at your stage. I would get to the table, look at the food and want to heave. But I know that if I can just force that first mouthful or two down then I will be able to eat.

compo · 07/10/2005 14:21

I lived on squash (the sugar peps you up a bit unlike just plain water) and ginger biscuits at this stage. Even if you manage just a piece of toast you will feel better. I used to get dh to make me a slice and then eat it lying on my side on the sofa and then I just stayed lying down until the nausea at passed and I'd hopefully digested some of it in case I was sick! Also have you tried travel bands?

TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 07/10/2005 14:26

lol, you know I have the same problem

lemon yogurts good
toast ok
weak ribena lovely
fizzy water good
boiled eggs nice
beans on toast with marmite and cheese lush

GhostofNatt · 07/10/2005 14:29

It's awful isn't it. I have found the following acceptable (sometimes)
plain rice

bolied eggs
plain or ginger biscuits
mango ice cream
toast and marmite.
You do need to make sure there is something in there, horrible as the thought of eating it might be...

GhostofNatt · 07/10/2005 14:30

also crackers
some people say papaya?
soup probably has onion in, avoid onion at all costs.

mummynobones · 07/10/2005 14:47

Nice salty crisps worked for me! Should go within a few weeks though!

PeachyClairPumpkinPie · 07/10/2005 14:49

Try this website (used to vol for them)- there's all sorts there. Know how you feel- awful isn't it - big hugsXX

blooming awful pregnancy sickness advice

madmarchscare · 07/10/2005 14:50

mash & gravy

Nettee · 07/10/2005 15:24

ohhh you are bringing back bad memories. I found bland things helped and not allowing myself to get hungry. Mashed potato, pasta with cheese sauce, little pots of ambrosia rice pudding.

Hope it passes soon for you - mine got alot better at around 14 weeks.

Nettee · 07/10/2005 15:26

oh - and lots of mini milks

spookylucy · 07/10/2005 15:26

crackers were the only thing that I could stomach.

nailpolish · 07/10/2005 15:27

ginger biscuits are great for morning sickness. i kept a box by my bed and ate one before i got up (always felt ok til i got out of bed, so ate before i did) and ginger is supposed to be an anti-emetic

also try ginger tea, or normal tea but without any milk (nice and weak)

peppermint is another anti-emetic, i had a tube of polos in my pocket at all times, and peppermint tea is lovely (with a bit of sugar sometimes)

madmarchscare · 07/10/2005 15:30

Ooo, Peachy, thats a great site.

PeachyClairPumpkinPie · 07/10/2005 15:43

It is isn't it? I used to be a phone support / info person for them coz I had the full hyperemesis. But the info applies to pregnancy sickness full stop- and the best advice is to eat anything you fancy that's 'safe' (ie not pate etc), eat loads of stuff with water in such as melon / lettuce to keep you hydrated (v important- I ended up on a drip), and sleep lots coz tiredness and sickness are linked.

Lots of callers used to swear by flat cola.

TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 07/10/2005 15:44

yy re tiredness/sickness

i had a good nights sleep last night and feel much less sick today

tortoiseshell · 07/10/2005 16:31

Thanks for all the suggestions - I'm really struggling this week. Haven't actually been sick for a couple of days now, but feel SO awful. Can barely move, have been cursing all the books that say 'Get lots of rest' without adding whilst looking after your 2 younger children. Anyway, will read through these, thanks again.

OP posts:
Nbg · 07/10/2005 16:33

Oranges and rich tea biscuits were my saviour.

I started to move on to ginger biscuits after a while.

gravity · 10/10/2005 14:28

go the ginger nut biscuits. they are a saviour. but you'll probably never eat them again after pregnancy! good luck x

TamaraJ · 12/10/2005 12:58

If you find anything - let me know

I'm 15 weeks now and have had terrible sickness every day since week 6.

Ginger biscuits helped for a little while, but even they turn my stomach now.

I also laugh at the advice to take lots of rest - bit difficult when you work full time

AnnaK · 12/10/2005 13:13

Bizarrely, very black chocolate mints, like After Eights but better quality ( or something) really helped me along with peppermint tea. Feeling for you all, and suffering a little myself but not nearly as badly as some. Just don't come near me with carrots!

bundle · 12/10/2005 13:17

hula hoops. if you can't chew them, just leave them to dissolve on your tongue and swallow. the saltiness somehow helped me during both my pregnancies.

piffle · 12/10/2005 13:30

when I had hyperemesis the things that I would eat
cream crackers
raw or tinned pears
tomato soup
that was it for 4 mths...

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