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Being 9 weeks pg is hideous

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Enid · 23/09/2005 11:03

I can't stay awake in the day and can't sleep at night. I feel sick all the time. I am really really grumpy. I hate cooking atm and yet have a dh and two children that expect lovely home cooked meals. I have to work four mornings a week and I couldn't bloody care less about it.

All I want to do is sit in front of the telly and eat chili crisps.

I hate feeling like a slob.

I have no energy.

Plus we are in dispute with our feckless builders who are STILL in our house despite being nearly 4 months over schedule and I am constantly worried I am going to have a miscarriage.

I am the size of a house already and hardly any clothes fit me and yet I am trying to keep it a secret from work.


OP posts:
Enid · 24/09/2005 11:06


I did that duck thing last night, brilliant thanks. I bought a couple of ready meals from Waitrose but dh was so horrified (did I say he could be hard to live with sometimes ) he has said that HE will cook more often in the week.

Can't face Bristol Hennes today but may go to London next w/e anyway so will try then (also top shop maternity and gap maternity)

marina its roast veg and Loyds puttancessca tonight with pasta

Thanks all. I didnt actually get up until 10.30 this morning so am feeling slightly less horrific today. x E

OP posts:
Milge · 24/09/2005 11:27

Congratulations Enid . I remember the tiredness and sickness very well but i didn't have young children to care for. Try throwing together some food before bath, bed, etc. so you can come downstairs from stories to a cooked meal - can you face assembling stews or is that too much like cooking?
Lamb&ratatouille stew -cubed lamb, onions, courgettes, peppers, aubergine, a bottle of passata, tom puree, onions, oregano, Place in a casserole and leave in the oven all day on a low heat( or bottom oven of aga) as a suggestion.

princesspeahead · 24/09/2005 15:38

oh good i'm glad you liked it! if i think of more recipes i'll post them.

i went to bed at half 8 last night!! and got 12.5 hours - i feel soooo much better

expatinscotland · 24/09/2005 15:46

Being pregnant at all is hideous, IMO. I'll be glad when No. 2 is out and DH goes for his snip.

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