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Being 9 weeks pg is hideous

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Enid · 23/09/2005 11:03

I can't stay awake in the day and can't sleep at night. I feel sick all the time. I am really really grumpy. I hate cooking atm and yet have a dh and two children that expect lovely home cooked meals. I have to work four mornings a week and I couldn't bloody care less about it.

All I want to do is sit in front of the telly and eat chili crisps.

I hate feeling like a slob.

I have no energy.

Plus we are in dispute with our feckless builders who are STILL in our house despite being nearly 4 months over schedule and I am constantly worried I am going to have a miscarriage.

I am the size of a house already and hardly any clothes fit me and yet I am trying to keep it a secret from work.


OP posts:
Enid · 23/09/2005 11:46

also dd1 is having a reading spurt and has started bringing really hard books of poems home so we can't get away with 5 minutes of Biff and Kipper any more.

OP posts:
yoyo · 23/09/2005 11:50

Enid - congratulations! You sound just as I did on my third with two daughters already. The miscarriage worry was the same too so I sympathise with how miserable you are feeling. I felt like crawling into a hole and staying there until I got to 12 weeks.
The smell of food cooking really got to me too but, like you, I felt I had to prepare "good" meals. I did masses of cooking on days when I felt okay and froze the lot - casseroles, pasta sauces, soups, etc. DH had to eat the same as the children too - I just didn't have the energy to do two lots.
Wasn't there a company on MN that prepared meals - think it was a competition prize? Maybe that would suit your DH.
Hope this phase passes quickly.

puddle · 23/09/2005 11:52

Enid congratulations and I am very - my two are the same age as yours and I want to be preg too. Doesn't help you though.

My children prefer my reading to daddy's too and the way we have got round it is having 'daddy books' that he has bought for them (a nice long trip to the bookshop on a sat morning while you lie down) and only he is allowd to read with them or he will be sad. Otherwise I swear I'd be doing stories every night.

Enid · 23/09/2005 11:55

I knew it was a mistake doing Chinky's voice so convincingly

puddle lol - like the book shop idea very much!
yoyo - that company sounds great unfortunately there is nothing like that down here in Dorset, we are all supposed to be self-sufficient.

OP posts:
GhostofNatt · 23/09/2005 11:59

Hey Enid, congrats and sympathies. Am on week 11 (no 3 also) and there really is a tiny glimmer of light breaking at the end of the tunnel after 5 weeks of horrible sickness, exhaustion, heartburn, everything smelling foul (including own partner and children). Also I work f/t but couple of days when have had kids on my own have actually been harder and more knackering and guilit-inducing and ghastly than work so try give yourself a break. I couldn't have cooked anything last few weeks so children have been bemused by DP's interesting concotions - but hey they'll live.

Enid · 23/09/2005 12:01

congratulations GhostofNatt! please god let it be true that I will feel better. I have a nuchal fold scan at about 12 weeks so hopefully I will start feeling more positive after that.

OP posts:
puddle · 23/09/2005 12:02

We have some lovely farm shops that do home cooked ready meals - a cut above even m and s and waitrose - would your dh go for that do you think?

Enid · 23/09/2005 12:06

yes I think so

He would moan about cost. But I'll remind him a third child is going to be expensive so he'd better get used to it

OP posts:
yoyo · 23/09/2005 12:17

Enid - these deliver nationwide . This was the MN one. Might go on strike for a while myself!

flamebat · 23/09/2005 12:31

Might not help now, but I was like that.... now on 18 weeks and am FINALLY starting to feel human!!!

I still want to sit and eat crisps, but have much more willpower not to. And I can now stay awake til at least 9pm .

Next have some good pinstripe worky trousers - they come up to your nipples, feel comfy, but with a long top don't look maternity-y if you're still at the lumpy stage rather than bump.

Not read whole thread.... will do that now!

MascaraOHara · 23/09/2005 12:32

Enid, what you really really need is a MN Ticker so that you can see the time ticking by

I have your symptoms - could I be pregnant?

Enid · 23/09/2005 12:32

have got normal black trousers on today but with button undone and maternity top (which I am hoping just looks like a longish t-shirt thing)

OP posts:
Enid · 23/09/2005 12:33

lol Hara

OP posts:
Zephyrcat · 23/09/2005 13:33

Hiya - know exactly how you are feeling. I'm now 11 weeks and am only just starting to feel slightly normal and stop snapping at everything everyone says!! I'm starting to be able to be near food again much to dp's delight!!

It'll pass by soon and you'll be feeling a little more 'normal' again!

I've been addicted to lucozade too!!

princesspeahead · 23/09/2005 13:44

Enid - go shopping for some clothes, it will make you feel more comfortable. I went to Hennes yesterday and got 3 dresses, 5 tops, three t-shirts, and two pairs of trousers for £150. Amazing. Including one incredibly cool jersey black/red/cream pattern dress that looks like diane von furstenburg for £14! Bargain of the year, will do me for the party season any time I have to look vaguely presentable. You can get a couple of outfits that fit you now for about £30 so it won't matter if you outgrow them by 7 months...
good for the morale

Kittypickle · 23/09/2005 14:04

I found Manna Organic at the weekend and tried a couple of their dishes which were very good. I've got a vague feeling you're in Dorset as well - they do free delivery over £25. The woman running it is really lovely and deserves to do well - they've only been doing it since February.

pacinofan · 23/09/2005 15:03

Enid, I am 9+4, am absolutely exhausted (though not sure how much of this is related to running around after toddler) and my mum said today when she saw me "well, if you hadn't told me you were pregnant I certainly would have guessed", I am busting out all over the place and my bump is already very evident. Was a svelte size 10 before pregnancy and have gained 7lbs already. Already shopping on ebay for maternity wear, can't bear to be in jeans and just want to slob about in velour tracksuits (I know, supposed to be chav-like but don't care).

Don't feel alone in worrying about miscarriage - I worry about this too having suffered one 9 months ago at around 5-6 weeks. I am really trying to be positive about this pregnancy but know I won't really relax until my 12 week scan/blood tests. That said, I am probably the world's biggest worrier and do have to remind myself to step back sometimes and just celebrate the fact that yeah, we've done it!

Hope you are putting your feet up and having a rest,

PrincessPeaHead - great recipes you posted, thank-you will be trying some of these.

suedonim · 23/09/2005 16:04

Congratulations, Enid!! Lots of sympathy re feeling awful. I wanted to die when I was pg with dd2, felt abysmal night and day. Def go for ready-made meals for now but mind you don't get RSI from opening all those packets!

Enid · 23/09/2005 16:08

I think I am going to make dh take me to Bristol Hennes tomorrow. I have lots of lovely maternity tops but not bottoms. Love the sound of that dress pph will look out for it.

OP posts:
princesspeahead · 23/09/2005 17:40

oh good! hope the bristol store is as good as the ken high st one I was in yesterday....

tortoiseshell · 23/09/2005 17:47

Hi Enid - I'm 9 weeks as well - feeling quite similar to you - really need to get the old maternity stuff out/buy some more!

My solution to the cooking nightmare (I know exactly how you feel) is my lovely slow cooker, so because I feel most sick at night, I can bung the stuff in in the morning, then just avoid the kitchen till the evening, when dh can get it out. And if you make loads then you can freeze it.

My dh can't cook at all, but he does fab cheese on toast which is what he makes when I'm pregnant!

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 23/09/2005 17:48

i feel the same and im 36 weeks!!!

LadyTophamHatt · 23/09/2005 18:19

Ugghhh, I remember that all consuming feeling of exhaustion and sickness so well.

I'm nowhere near a culinary(sp) genius like you Enid(and you PPH, going to try some of your recipes and claim I've been slaving all day so thanks!) but I can vividly remember that awful stomach churning thought of "Oh no, I've got to cook something" so ds1+2 survived on boiled eggs, stir in pasta sauces, or toast for about 3 weeks when the sickness was at it's worst
They did survive, so a few weeks of quick, off the shelf dinners won't do them any harm.

IMO it's almost impossible to beat the exhaustion, I was never able to find a remedy I think I just got used to it. Not very helpful for you though.

Hope it gets easier soon

colditz · 23/09/2005 18:22

I am finding with the exhaustion that rest id the key, as opposed to sleep. sleep doesn't refresh me past a certain point of exhaustion, let's call it the default level. If I have easy days though, I feel more rested than if I had had 3 hours extra sleep.

Also, having chocolate biscuits on standby for those overwhelming 'tired' moments.

colditz · 23/09/2005 18:23

of course, this is so much easier said than done.

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