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I bloody hate Nick Clegg

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notsureatall · 24/06/2010 11:15

Every time I see his smug face I want to throw something at the telly.

The guy lost seats at the election and should not have anything like the power he has. He has betrayed all his principles, and all his supporters, for a sniff of power.

I didn't vote LibDem this time, though I have in the past. I never will do again. I hope they are annihilated in the next election.

OP posts:
vesela · 24/06/2010 11:19

I bloody hate Gordon Brown. I didn't vote Labour, either.

vesela · 24/06/2010 11:28

although I shouldn't single out Gordon Brown - I despise the whole of Labour, above all for getting the UK into this.

hogshead · 24/06/2010 11:33

i thought Nick clegg didnt come across very well this morning on the BBC breakfast show - he was going on about how he feels the publics pain about the cuts - if MP's felt that bad they would all reduce their pay to minimum wage then they would perhaps have a better understanding of how some families are feeling this week.

notsureatall · 24/06/2010 12:06

Are MPs going to have their pay frozen for two years? Anyone know?

OP posts:
longfingernails · 24/06/2010 13:07


Yes. Also their pensions are going to be reformed.

Furthermore, all ministers have taken a 5% pay cut, and their ministerial salaries will be frozen for the whole of this Parliament.

IngaLand · 24/06/2010 13:08

I'm not a fan. I thought he was pretty spineless and weak principled before the coalition government. Now I know this to be true.

expatinscotland · 24/06/2010 13:12

He's a lily-livered sellout.

Worse than that, it's become obvious he cares more about personal power and gain than anyone or anything else.

He's a despicable cad I'd as soon see in Hell as in office.

I wish him every ill in this life and the next for doing this to people all in the name of his own self-glorification.

Bucharest · 24/06/2010 13:14

I have more respect for Margaret Thatcher than I do for Nick Clegg.
They might have been megalomaniac, slightly bonkers principles, but at least she had them.

He disgusts me.
(and yes, I am a Labour voter, but I'd rather the Conservatives get a majority forever than ever see the whore Clegg and his Faustian pact get a good mention in the history books)

HurleySatOnMe · 24/06/2010 13:14

No, go on expat, tell us what you really think

Prolesworth · 24/06/2010 13:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ilovemydogandMrObama · 24/06/2010 13:14

Didn't you vote Lib Dem, expat?

expatinscotland · 24/06/2010 13:18

I changed my mind at the last minute, ilove, well, DH convinced me, as we were postal voters.

And I went SNP.

vesela · 24/06/2010 13:18

Bucharest, he'd have had to compromise a lot, lot more to join a Labour government...

expatinscotland · 24/06/2010 13:19

Well, that is true wrt to Thatcher.

And even that bastard George Bush, Jr.

At least you knew what you were getting with him.

A complete thicko.

longfingernails · 24/06/2010 13:20

Nick Clegg hasn't betrayed his principles.

He is an economic liberal as well as a social one. That means he believes in free markets, low taxes, etc. as well as probably legalising drugs, a less restrictive immigration system, more civil liberties, etc.

The Liberal Democrats have always been a mixture between these types of liberals and the "social democracts" who broke off from Labour.

If the Lib Dems only had the Orange Book liberals in, and were more eurosceptic, they would fit exactly into the liberal wing of the Conservative party, along with David Cameron, Theresa May, etc. They would definitely not fit into the socially authoritarian wing of the Tories though!

However whilst Nick Clegg hasn't betrayed his principles, he did give the very clear impression before the election that he was opposed to raising VAT, though he didn't explicitly say so. That was foolish, given that everyone knew the rise was going to happen whoever won the election.

Bucharest · 24/06/2010 13:20

One good thing is he has probably destroyed the Liberals at least for a generation with his thirst for his own personal 15 minutes.

How the fuck are they going to campaign in another election? All they can say is their usual whingey/whiney "we deserve more seats" bleating and then what? "and we agree with the Tories"????

expatinscotland · 24/06/2010 13:21

Now, I'm definitely not adverse to legalising drugs .

expatinscotland · 24/06/2010 13:21

What's wrong with legalising drugs? Even my father, a die hard Republican/Conservative thinks we should legalise drugs and tax the living hell out of them.

Bucharest · 24/06/2010 13:22

Oh, I agree that Nick Clegg hasn't betrayed his principles. He has betrayed his voters.I don't think he has any principles, apart from selling himself to the highest bidder like a cheap perfumed hoo-er.

HurleySatOnMe · 24/06/2010 13:22
ilovemydogandMrObama · 24/06/2010 13:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland · 24/06/2010 13:24

Hurley, we missed getting stuck in Amsterdam by the volcano by hours.

As it was we were stuck there all day as flight delays caused us to miss a connection.

DH and I kept debating which would go out first and have a space cake whilst the other watched the kids.

Prolesworth · 24/06/2010 13:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

vesela · 24/06/2010 13:25

longfingernails said it.

I think a lot of Labour people weren't reading up on Lib Dem policy or philosophies - they were just seeing what they wanted to see. They thought the Lib Dems were always there if they needed them, as nice little props for a Labour government if needed. Now that hasn't happened and they're angry.

MarshaBrady · 24/06/2010 13:25

He is an annoying side-kick to be sure.

All gusto and hype (we demand a voting system that helps us most)...

I wonder if he feels like someone who has embellished too much on the CV to get a job.

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