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Paxman interviewing Brown on BBC 1 now

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Alibabaandthe40nappies · 30/04/2010 20:40

He is giving him quite a hard time.

OP posts:
Molesworth · 30/04/2010 20:41

I'm watching too

preggersplayspop · 30/04/2010 20:42

I really dislike this style of questioning, constant interrupting. I know its what he does, but its so aggressive - let the man speak!

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 20:47

Gordon is good at dealing with Paxo though

preggersplayspop · 30/04/2010 20:50

He's obviously got an agenda though and is picking snippets of things he said in the past and twisting them. He was much softer on David Cameron.

herbietea · 30/04/2010 20:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

OhFuck · 30/04/2010 20:54

Wasn't Cameron the last to agree to a Paxman interview? Cynical me wonders how hard his people negotiated for an easy ride.

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 20:54

Yes, Cameron tried his best to wriggle out of it (allegedly)

gingercat12 · 30/04/2010 20:56

No wonder. Cameron is such a lightweight.

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 20:56

Gordon looks like he's enjoying this!

serengeti · 30/04/2010 20:57

I like Gordon but IMO he os coming across as an idiot. It is embarrassing.

LynetteScavo · 30/04/2010 20:58

Gordon seems to be handling JP rether well.

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 20:58

I get the feeling Paxo likes Gordon too

mumutd · 30/04/2010 20:59

I agree, I think he is doing brilliantly against JP.

serengeti · 30/04/2010 20:59

really - are we watching the same interview??

mumutd · 30/04/2010 21:01


BessieBoots · 30/04/2010 21:02

Did you see Paxo interviewing that Plaid Cymru guy? Plaid man made mincemeat out of him, was brill to watch.

Here it is

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 21:03

serengeti, I like Gordon too, and I thought his closing speech last night was really bad, but the Paxo interview he handled really well imho!

He's still fucked though

serengeti · 30/04/2010 21:05

Its a shame. I think hes a really nice principled guy but he just comes across so badly. So aggressive and defensive at the same time.

Look look all the time.
Look at my speeches
Same lines over and over again.

Would love labour to win but think GB may have to resign for that to happen....

mumutd · 30/04/2010 21:05

I think GB has wiped the floor with JP.

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 21:06

Who would you like to see as next labour leader serengeti?

Will it be D Milliband do you reckon?

Beachcomber · 30/04/2010 21:06

I thought Gordon Brown was very good. He is straightforward old school style and knows what he is talking about.

I know there are plenty of people here who think differently but I really cannot understand why he is so unpopular. He is a prime minister not a reality show contestant. I think he is the best PM we have had in years. Maybe I'm biased because I'm Scottish and therefore like his dourness.

I don't mean to be rude but for me most of the things I read about people not liking him either seem misinformed or very insular. GB is not responsible for the global recession.

mumutd · 30/04/2010 21:08

I agree, that is what I love about him too - a no nonsense type of guy who just wants to get on with the job in hand.

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 21:09

I like his dourness too. I really think his campaign team have screwed up in this election by trying to tone down his seriousness. They should've played it up, not down imho.

preggersplayspop · 30/04/2010 21:11

I like Gordon Brown as well. He has so much more substance than Nick Clegg or Cameron - I really feel he is principled and is genuinely concerned that a change in government are going to screw things up they have just started fixing. I just couldn't see Cameron/Clegg operating at a global level like Brown is able to, and that is really important.

I think David Milliband would fare ok if (as it looks) we are entering an era of personality politics with the telly debates etc. Especially if Hillary Clinton is around

preggersplayspop · 30/04/2010 21:13

I think the campaign team made a mess of his closing arguments yesterday as well. He should have been more positive and given more reasons for voting labour, rather than slating the others. It was a bit negative I think. And no need to smile at the end, he knows that's not his strong point!

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