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Paxman interviewing Brown on BBC 1 now

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Alibabaandthe40nappies · 30/04/2010 20:40

He is giving him quite a hard time.

OP posts:
plus3 · 30/04/2010 21:13

Having watched all 3 I think JP was harder on GB but in his favour IYSWIM. NC just looks unprepared, and I could not, would not,will not vote Tory.

Beachcomber · 30/04/2010 21:13

Also I don't live in the UK, I'm in France which has led me to see two things.

First GB is very respected by other countries and is considered to be a man of honour and integrity. Secondly, here in France, he is applauded for having dealt with the recession when it hit the UK. In France we were expecting the pound to crash, inflation to leap and the bottom to fall out of the UK housing market. That those things haven't happened is quite an achievement.

The UK depends a lot on the financial sector and I sometimes think that the UK population didn't see just how close things came to a huge financial catastrophe.

Certainly in France the Labour government under GB is applauded for saving the UK population's financial bacon.

I'm surprised that so many people in the UK fail to see things globally.

preggersplayspop · 30/04/2010 21:17

That's really interesting Beachcomber.

Gillg57 · 30/04/2010 21:18

I agree Molesworth. Rather than PR people harping on at him so much to smile that he is now clearly paranoid about it and incapble of looking genuine through no fault of his own, it would have been much better to say yep I am a serious bloke. But who wants a comedian to run the country? The unspoken of course being, oh yes, that would be Tory voters!

serengeti · 30/04/2010 21:18

ed milliband rather than david, molesworth.
or alan johnson.

i also really like douglas alexander and the bald guy who's on QT a lot but name currently escapes me.... (baby brain)

GB is just so NEGATIVE.he doesn't listen properly (hence bigot remark - i think he just assumed what she said) or engage with people.

and he holds grudges like a spoilt teenager.

didn't see NC one - is it on iplayer??

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 21:19

That's good to know beachcomber. He is a man of integrity. I hate it when people call him a liar. Blair, yes. Not Brown though.

serengeti · 30/04/2010 21:21

my god what is his name (nice bald guy)

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 21:21

Is the bald one Liam Byrne?

No-one else a Harriet Harman fan then?

serengeti · 30/04/2010 21:22

yey - well done. he talks sense, and also admits when hes wrong.

preggersplayspop · 30/04/2010 21:23

Not had much profile during the campaign has she?

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 21:25

I've seen HH on several panel discussions, but as Janet Street Porter remarked on last night's QT, the lack of women in this election campaign (apart from the leaders' wives) has been marked.

I know HH isn't popular, although I'm not sure why. I think she's great.

Beachcomber · 30/04/2010 21:28

Hello Molesworth, keep bumping into you on MN and tend to agree with you .

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 21:29

You're my hero for suggesting the feminism topic BC

Beachcomber · 30/04/2010 21:33

Thank you!

Wish I had more time to participate at the moment with the book club and all but busy working and trying to look after my children at the same time. I'm really pleased that the topic has turned out to be so popular and interesting.

jackstarbright · 30/04/2010 21:34

Interesting that we've seen a bit of Yvette Cooper recently - on MN and Newsnight yesterday.

preggersplayspop · 30/04/2010 21:39

Maybe lining her up to be the next PM's wife?!

Molesworth · 30/04/2010 21:55


I'm not an Ed Balls fan

jackstarbright · 30/04/2010 22:00

I would prefer to see her as chancellor (I think she is probably uber-bright) and Ed as supportive spouse !

Beachcomber · 01/05/2010 09:26

I am actually pretty shocked by the way GB is represented by much of the UK media. There is an obvious and unpleasant ongoing campaign against him.

Does anyone remember a report by the BBC about the financial crisis when they showed a picture of GB that had devil's horns added to it? DH and I were and had to pick our jaws up off the floor. WTF is that sort of crap about?

I think it is concerning that the BBC in particular is allowed to be so slanted and partial. It does seem however that many people are taken in by personality politics and willing to believe everything Murdoch et al feed them.

Perhaps we don't deserve a proper politician who has been consistently committed to equality and fairness throughout his career if we can't show him any respect or understanding of his values.

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