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£50 000 to leave the country. Where will you go?

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callmeDave · 29/04/2010 10:45

BNP are giving £50000 to get out. DH will probably want to go to Hong Kong which is where his family came from. I am white, but as a Catholic Nick won't class me as white British so I can go anywhere "where such regimes prevail"

I'm thinking Austria. I love the sound of music.

Where will you go?

OP posts:
missorinoco · 29/04/2010 10:47

I'm half and half. Do I get £25000? And can I claim an extra £12500 for each of the DC?

New Zealand here we come.....

ShinyAndNew · 29/04/2010 10:49

I'm a quater Yougaslavian will I get anything?

gingercat12 · 29/04/2010 10:49

I would go to somewhere warm like Spain or France. They would send all the English home, so there would be plenty of places to go to.

toccatanfudge · 29/04/2010 10:49

haha what a tosser - wonder what the UN would have to say about shutting the doors to Asylum seekers (shame he obviously doesn't realise that if they're already a "refugee" it means they've been given the right to stay here.........)

Sadly I'm white British.......however my DS's are White/Black African so perhaps they'd give me an extra 50k to move with them (with them being underage and all that).......not sure where I'd go.

Would love to actually go back to Zimbabwe with them.....but things not so great there atm perhaps somewhere close to there - perhaps Namibia or Botswana where things aren't too bad right now.

GetOrfMoiLand · 29/04/2010 10:50


gingercat12 · 29/04/2010 10:50

shinyandnew Croatia is a beautiful country. I would consider them, too.

potplant · 29/04/2010 11:00

I'd go for Spain but sadly I'm white British so wouldn't qualify.

what a tool this man is.

mrspear · 29/04/2010 11:03

ooo i am white English C of E but dh is Albanian and DS is therefore half - does that mean 75k? If so 15 k would finish the family home in Albania and we would fly out there!

Snobear4000 · 29/04/2010 11:27

I'll go to Australia, thanks.

BornToFolk · 29/04/2010 11:34

My mum's Irish - would I get £25k to go and live in Dublin?

Or does it not count if you're white?

expatinscotland · 29/04/2010 11:36

I'd go back to America on that, baby!

I'm a naturalised Brit, though.

My kids are born White British.

QuintessentialShadow · 29/04/2010 11:37

Goodness me,
I must move back to London SHARPISH! So that they can give me £50,000 just to go back again.

Is it maybe enough if I go and stay in my London home for a bit, or do I really need to MOVE there?

Will I have to sell my house, when I move out again?

So many questions....

But if I should chose, it might not be Norway, but maybe Italy, as dh is Catholic (Polish).

expatinscotland · 29/04/2010 11:42

This isn't going to apply to you, Quint, you're white.

steamedtreaclesponge · 29/04/2010 11:42

Does Scotland count? Not that I'm actually from there, but I do have lots of family there...

Actually, I used to live in Hong Kong. Wouldn't mind being sent back there...

GetOrfMoiLand · 29/04/2010 11:44

I am sure if I look back into my history there will be some kind of furriner in it.

I have got reddish hair so perhaps I am a viking so back to Scandinavia I go.

Also my father has a french surname so perhaps we were Huguenots. Off I go back to France.

I would love to leave where I am at the moment as it is so godforsaken. But don't think £50K is enough to move away.

QuintessentialShadow · 29/04/2010 11:45

Can I not fake it, Expat?

I belong to a certain viking race from Cahoonia, dontcha know!

QuintessentialShadow · 29/04/2010 11:46

GetOrf, 50k will buy you a pretty big 4 bed detached house in my neighbour hood.

OhYouBadBadKitten · 29/04/2010 11:47

dh and I were randomly musing about going to Switzerland earlier in the week. that would be quite nice. dh is not catholic though, so do I have to leave him behind? I'd rather not, I'm quite fond of him.

WombFrootShoot · 29/04/2010 11:49

I looked up my family name as I was interested in it's origins (not an unusual name BTW) and discovered that it's a bastardized form of an Italian, I'm going to say Sorrento please Nick, old bean.

Oh and thanks!

GetOrfMoiLand · 29/04/2010 11:52

Christ Quunit where are you again? Norway? Blimey 4 bedroom house really.

£50K won't buy a bloody garage round here.

stressed2007 · 29/04/2010 11:54

OMG! I can't belive they have formulated this policy into writing

very shocked

OrmRenewed · 29/04/2010 11:55

New Zealand or Canada. Mum was born in Australia but I don't fancy it much.

I have Spanish, Welsh, Irish and French ancestry so I suppose I could go to quite a few places.

trefusis · 29/04/2010 11:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ASecretLemonadeDrinker · 29/04/2010 11:56

I am a Irish (by decent) Catholic - will I get the loot? £50k will buy a whole lot of caravan

QuintessentialShadow · 29/04/2010 11:58


but they are not very "central" and not very new.

As you would have to multiply with 10 otherwise. got my exchange rate mixed up.....

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