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Why does England not shifting left like other countries?

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Hairbrush123 · 28/09/2021 19:24

Germany, USA, Scotland and other nations have been voting for left wing parties but England appears to be the exception. Any reason why?

OP posts:
TooBigForMyBoots · 28/09/2021 19:29

England is not doing anything like other countries. It is pinging from crisis to crisis and saying yes to anyone who might do a deal with them. It is weak and it's leader is seen as an untrustworthy buffoon.

This is unfortunate for the rest of the UK and a bit of a nightmare for Northern Ireland.

Asdf12345 · 28/09/2021 19:32

Because the left options here are crazily left. A centre left option might have a chance but Labour have gone swivel eyed loon and the Lib Dems died off a few years back.

MyCatDribbles · 28/09/2021 19:34

Our Conservative party is probably more left wing than the democrats in America

Almaisnormal · 28/09/2021 19:37

Because as dire as the right is, the left is even worse.

Hairbrush123 · 28/09/2021 19:39


Our Conservative party is probably more left wing than the democrats in America

Very true!
OP posts:
MeAndDebbieMcGee · 28/09/2021 19:42

The English never had a revolution. They're not really left wing the same way other people are. Even when they rebel, they still keep public schools, monarchy, politicians from the upper class etc. There's still an element of deference. They just get a bit sulky and boorish. But they don't overthrow.

Chicchicchicchiclana · 28/09/2021 19:44

No woman who cares about women's rights can vote Labour atm.

Cheesecake53 · 28/09/2021 19:46

First Past The Post system.

Duchess379 · 28/09/2021 19:54

I'm right leaning but think Boris Johnson is an utter buffoon! And some decisions the conservatives make are laughable. But the thought of Kier Starmer running the country makes my blood run cold. We should abolish the government & hand the reigns back to royalty. That'll shut up those who thing the royals are a burden & save us money by not having to pay for all those losers who call themselves MPs!

PicsInRed · 28/09/2021 19:59

Because the UK left overtly despise those who would ordinarily vote for them, women, Jewish people and the working classes.

TokyoTammy · 28/09/2021 20:11

MeAndDebbieMcGee apart from the English Civil war in 1642, which was actually only 133 years prior to the American War of independence in which the English overthrew the government and monarchy and committed regicide. Apart from that you mean Grin

trumpisagit · 28/09/2021 20:12

Because the left, well Labour anyway, can't organise themselves, and appear batshit.
Their conference has been a confusing muddle and nobody knows what they stand for.

Ionlydomassiveones · 28/09/2021 20:13

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn at the poster's request.

SalsaLove · 28/09/2021 20:13

The American left wing isn’t like the U.K. left wing. They’re not socialists at all.

NothingIsWrong · 28/09/2021 20:14

My natural political leanings are to the left. Not a fucking chance would I vote for Labour or LibDem right now the actual fucking STATE of them. This means I either don't vote or vote Tory. I choose not to vote.

Tellmesomethinggirl · 28/09/2021 20:14

Because the Left have abandoned the working class and "gone woke" and Boris and Gove have done a deal with the press? That's my theory anyway. This government is getting away with murder!

Kljnmw3459 · 28/09/2021 20:17

I've always felt that UK is politically more like the US rather than Europe (west/north Europe at least). Just a slightly more left wing version of US.

kalidasa · 28/09/2021 20:28

Not everywhere is shifting left, France definitely doesn't seem to be for instance.

England did of course have a major and relatively very early revolution in the 1640s and 50s. But it decisively undid it over the following decades, which is quite different from most other countries, so it has a very different (generally much more negative) place in the standard national history/myth. I work on the 17th century!

gamerchick · 28/09/2021 20:30


No woman who cares about women's rights can vote Labour atm.

This. Not a chance.

It's depressing really.
HeddaGarbled · 28/09/2021 20:32

Because politics here has become increasingly extreme, divided and populist, just as it has in the US.

So instead of a broad consensus towards moderate parties with a few loony extremists on the edges, cynical power-chasers win votes by appealing to people’s baser instincts.

Barack Obama talks about this in his memoir and traces it back to the appointment of Sarah Palin as the Republicans’ candidate for VP: the point at which a significant chunk of the voting public was prepared to overlook blatant dishonesty and incompetence if it appealed to their baser instincts.

It’s populism, and whether it’s left or right is largely down to which party is most successful at manipulating the public.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman · 28/09/2021 20:32

Because the current left and centre parties are so dramatically shit, esp on the matter of women's rights.

They don't seem to know what a woman is, so fuck 'em, I'm not voting for them.

Don't respect my sex, don't expect my X.

HermioneWeasley · 28/09/2021 20:35

We have always been a very centrist country and Labour is too far left at the moment

Ploorfuzzle · 28/09/2021 20:37

Because the opposition, Labour are crap at the moment and have been for a while. If there was a credible party on the left then they'd probably stand a good chance. With labour at the moment it's not that people want to vote for the opposition, but more that they don't want to vote for them.

rhowton · 28/09/2021 20:42

We need a decent central left. Conservatives are central right and that's why they have a majority. No far right or far left will ever come to power in this county. Until a labour candidate can agree that woman have vaginas, they will never be voted it...

Rooksink · 28/09/2021 20:42

As many have said, I feel there here is no longer a "left" for women. The left left me; I didn't leave the left!

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