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If you voted No in the Scottish Referendum, do you regret it?

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Behooven · 23/01/2015 11:14

I listened to a phone in this morning on Radio Scotland. The debate hasn't moved on much for many of those particular callers but there was a lot of "everyone I know that voted No is sorry" "I voted No and I don't regret it" kind of stuff.

From my pov I was always a No, for many reasons none of which involved a vow. Recent events surrounding the oil price plummeting (the surplus profit was going to pay for the milk and honey iirc) and even the undoubtably embarrassing U turn on stamp duty have reinforced that I made the correct decision.

OP posts:
BakewellSlice · 23/01/2015 11:23


The crazy drop in the oil price is a small example of how it is better to be part of a greater whole and work together.

But I don't think anyone on the yes side is for changing their mind and I see trouble after the GE. At least if separation or virtual decoupling occurs we've had a bit more time to prepare for it as individuals.

Ulysses · 23/01/2015 11:26

Not for a minute.

Behooven · 23/01/2015 11:56

Bakewell, I hope the GE doesn't become as nasty as the referendum did

OP posts:
BakewellSlice · 23/01/2015 11:58

It's the post GE coalition jockeying I'm thinking of.Possibly every vote getting the nod or otherwise from AS! If the SNP English voters will try to dump Scotland ASAP imo.

BakewellSlice · 23/01/2015 12:00

Sorry that should read : If the SNP have that prominence then English voters..

SoupDragon · 23/01/2015 12:00

The crazy drop in the oil price is a small example of how it is better to be part of a greater whole and work together.

I'm not Scottish at all but I thought about the referendum when the oil price and job cuts/vulnerability were in the news. Such a lot was made of the oil in the campaigning.

Dumpylump · 23/01/2015 12:01

No, although I haven't discussed my vote with anyone in rl, so friends who proclaim such stuff - and I have a couple - aren't talking about me!
I thought it was the best thing at the time, and I still think that now.
I am getting fed up with still seeing posts on social media about the result being fixed, and demanding recounts though. Seriously people?

BakewellSlice · 23/01/2015 12:07

I take a look every now and again at Bella Caledonia website. Some articles are interesting but the comments do make me go Hmm

Roseformeplease · 23/01/2015 12:12

I voted No and actually don't want any more devolution. Where is the evidence that many of us voted No but wanted more control over taxes? This is purely anecdotal and yet a whole system of finances and government is being rewritten on this basis.

And don't get me started on the 45 (actually 44.7 as I love pointing out!)

BakewellSlice · 23/01/2015 12:14

I agree Roseforme, I am finding there is 0 representation for my point of view. So whatever happens I'm not happy about the direction of travel. It's rum when the majority voted against independence.

BakewellSlice · 23/01/2015 12:17

I'm not sure how the gamesmanship of SNP will play out at Westminster but I can't see it helping the Union! That of course will suit them well.

cdtaylornats · 23/01/2015 21:58

I am glad I voted no but I am sick of the SNP acting as if they won. I have a real problem with the losing side negotiating the resulting settlement. I want a referendum on reducing the powers of the Scottish Parliament.

I was heartened by Sturgeons idea that all regions should have to vote yes to leaving the EU and I expect that to be carried forward to any referendum in the future - each county in Scotland should have to vote for seperation.

fibromum · 25/01/2015 20:35

I voted no as did my husband and if we had to vote again tomorrow it would still be no.

Really hoping the polls are wrong and the SNP don't get as many seats in the GE dangerous people. How can they work with and support any party in Westminster when their main goal for the past 80odd years has been to break up the UK.

OOAOML · 26/01/2015 17:36

Don't regret it at all.

Toadinthehole · 31/01/2015 04:00

It's very troubling.

The SNP are claiming that it's better to vote for them than Labour because doing so can deliver a Labour government at Westminster which is dependent on SNP support. We are told this is good because the SNP will force Labour to give Scotland even more privileges a fair deal.

What they aren't saying is that as the existing Prime Minister, Cameron gets first dibs in forming a government. So unless Labour achieve a majority, Cameron has the right to try to stitch together another coalition, just as Gordon Brown did in 2010. This is no longer as unlikely as it sounds: UKIP will pick up a couple of seats, there will be at least 20 odd Lib Dems, and there is also the DUP.

But this is not at all a nightmare scenario for the SNP. In fact, it would be absolutely great for them. They will be able to claim once again that Scots have not got the government they chose ie, that the English have imposed it on them.

Never mind the fact that if the most recent opinion polls stay true, most Scottish votes cast will not be for the SNP.

Redglitter · 31/01/2015 04:09

I don't regret it in the slightest

Salene · 31/01/2015 05:20

Another no voter and im still a no voter if it where to happy again

It was all pie in the Sky fantasy stiff. Salmond pipe dreams

Thank God the scottish people had more sense

jaggythistle · 31/01/2015 06:01

Not one bit of regret.

cannottakeanotherdayofthis · 07/02/2015 16:52

No, don't regret it and would vote no again. Just hope I never have to - can't bear the thought of another referendum.

RJnomore · 07/02/2015 16:59

No I have no regrets at all about my vote

I do regret that the snp won't accept defeat graciously. The majority has spoken. Fucking listen and stop yapping on.

As above, I don't want any more devolved powers. It's only in the next thee years that the complete mess the current Scottish government has made of th countries finances will become apparent. They've funded unsustainable policies in the hope of getting this yes vote and they've failed. To be honest, I would probably rather have Fred Goodwin in charge of our money.

Andi most certainly do not want more devolved powers handed over invited for, by an unelected westminster government. They shouldn't have panicked. It would have been a no without this so called vow.

RJnomore · 07/02/2015 17:00

Invited - unvoted. Sorry.

BafanaThesober · 07/02/2015 17:04

Voted no, and I haven't regretted it once.

niceguy2 · 09/02/2015 14:42

I'm so glad I've read this. It was very clear to me that Salmond/SNP were very much selling snake oil. Their figures were dodgy and the stock answer to anyone questioning it was always that they were just being pessimistic.

Their whole campaign was based on hugely optimistic oil figures which not only haven't come true but have dropped so much that Scotland would be in financial ruin. As part of the UK it's no big deal. Oil prices will bounce back at some point and Scotland (and the rUK) will reap the rewards. But thank god the Scots saw sense!

peggyundercrackers · 09/02/2015 14:52

im another who voted NO and don't regret it.

in my town there was a call for a recount at one polling station from the YES camp - silly thing was the YES camp won the vote for that area - apparently they didn't win by enough though... arseholes.

I don't know why the SNP think they can keep us in the EU if the rest of the UK want out - its not up to the SNP - its up to the electorate.

Im also another who doesn't want more devolution for the Scottish govt. - its just another excuse for a bunch of expensive nobodies trying to run our lives and inflicting more bureaucracy on us.

I don't understand why so many people in Scotland listen to the SNP... I would let then run a marathon never mind run the country.

unlucky83 · 09/02/2015 14:57

Always a No, still a No...
Don't think the vow was needed - I didn't want the vow...
If the SNP had the best interest of Scotland at heart rather than their own misguided agenda they would drop it ...but can see another referendum coming ...and dread it - the whole thing was horrible and divisive...Sad

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