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Can someone explain to me in simple terms. USA elections

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ihatethecold · 31/08/2012 07:44

What are the main differences between Obama and romney?
Is Obama like labour and Romney like very right conservative?

Why does Romney say he will get rid of the healthcare bill that Obama brought in.

Did it not work?
why wouldn't you want people without insurance to access healthcare ?

OP posts:
mathanxiety · 06/09/2012 15:03

I don't like the two term limit. It changes the dynamic of politics when there is an assured lame duck half way through the second term. I think it's a negative and could represent a thwarting of democracy in the case of an excellent president enjoying great popularity. Yes there is the possibility that the president's party would win the third term, but the presidency is about the person as much as anything else.

monsterchild · 06/09/2012 15:13

I am on the fence with term limits. On the one hand I agree with ^^ about consistency, but on the other hand I believe that campaigning takes up so much focus and attention and makes the incubant so careful that not a lot gets done. Especially when there is such an equaly divided legislature, if the Prez has to keep elections in mind, he can't focus as much on what needs doing that may be umpopular or contentious.

mathanxiety · 06/09/2012 15:36

If the opposition knows the presidency is automatically up for grabs at the end of 8 years there is no incentive to co-operate or get things achieved - the temptation to focus on the election is just as strong for them, and who goes into an election with a record of co-operation and trying to get things done? That was one of the things that made the right suspicious of McCain.

PigletJohn · 06/09/2012 15:39

A ruler who's been in power for a long time, for example thirteen years, is liable to think they are entitled to remain, no-one else can be as good, their opinions are supreme, all opposition must be crushed. It's happened here.

Others, like for example Mr Mugabe, have taken root and are unlikely to give up power before they're carried out in a box.

You also have the problem that with increasing time, you are more likely to have another president who is popular, but unfit to remain in office due to age-related mental degeneration.

NovackNGood · 06/09/2012 19:40

So basically Extro thinks that a 15 year old being persecuted by zealot parents who often use the phrase. 'my house my rules` to basicaly threaten a child with homelessness if they don't do everything they are told to, should not be able to seek independant confidential advice onfamily planning because Extro believes the parents have a right to force birth their own children.

CheerfulYank · 06/09/2012 20:10

Just watching Mrs. Obama's speech again as well...I proper love that woman. :)

TalkinPeace2 · 06/09/2012 20:28

Ain't she just great!
Such an asset - and I do not get the feeling that she wants to run for office herself like Hilary always did

nooka · 07/09/2012 02:10

Personally although Michelle Obama seems like a fine woman I find the whole 'First Lady' thing really really uncomfortable. I don't think that the wives (or occasional husbands) children, parents or other relatives of politicians should play a public role unless they are politicians/elected representatives in their own right. I think there is an underlying sexist note to it (wife on arm), and it also must make it much harder for unmarried/partnered people.

LurkingAndLearningLovesOrange · 07/09/2012 06:55

Exactly nooka. I've always thought this, and because of it I've never forgiven Jackie O. Wink

What happens when America finally has a female POTUS? I doubt there will be a 'First Man/Husband.' Angry

Thedoctrineofennis · 07/09/2012 09:27

I agree nooka.

monsterchild · 07/09/2012 15:32

YEah, who ever the first fella ends up being (and there will be one) is going t have a rough time of it. And the first female POTUS will have to fight off allegations of him running things behind the scene.

CheerfulYank · 07/09/2012 15:54

It came up when Hillary was running. Bill Clinton would have been called the First Gentleman.

TalkinPeace2 · 07/09/2012 16:08

And he may yet do if Hillary runs in 2016 .....

PigletJohn · 07/09/2012 17:31

When did Bill become a Gentleman?

TalkinPeace2 · 07/09/2012 17:32

When he thought that a joint was a cigar at college and did not inhale Grin

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