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Well done the Tories

31 replies

newwave · 18/03/2011 22:17

Great news if your a Tory

We now have the highest unemployment (2.53 million) since 1993 when hmmm now who was it, ah yes, the Tories were last in power.

Dont rest on your laurels Dave you have Thatchers record of 4 million in site, go for it.

Still you can claim one top prize, the highest youth unemployment ever, you and Gideon must be very very proud.

Unemployment as social control, what next homelessness, child poverty.

As for those of you who voted for this filth I hope to God it is you or your children who end up on the scrapheap that would be poetic justice.

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GlynisIsFixed · 18/03/2011 22:18

not a fan then?

newwave · 18/03/2011 22:23

Lets put it this way, when Thatcher croaks it will be party time.

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MintChocAddict · 18/03/2011 22:24

But remember Newwave - 'we're all in it together' as Dave C is forever reminding us (while counting his millions with his posh chums.) Hmm

southeastastra · 18/03/2011 22:25

yeah it was all our own fauly and we should take to the streets in repentence

newwave · 18/03/2011 22:30

Hairshirts, sackcloth and ashes all round :)

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QueenBathsheba · 19/03/2011 14:14

High unemployment drives down labour costs! all so the excess profit can be paid to Dave and chums. Clever thinking isn't it.

dreamingofsun · 20/03/2011 13:27

perhaps if labour hadn't let all the foreigners in there would be more jobs for the british. And let me think who was in power and got us into the dire position - LABOUR. would it really help if we were in the situation that greece and ireland are - as things look pretty bad there.

its unfortunate that in the good times, labour just recklessley spent with no thought for the future

ShowOfHands · 20/03/2011 13:29

You've spelt foreigners wrong dreaming. It's 'furriners'.

Chil1234 · 20/03/2011 13:34

I'm certain that if we still had a Labour government and they'd carried out their spending cuts, we would have a very similar number of unemployed.

TheVisitor · 20/03/2011 13:36

Dreaming - you mean like the doctors who perform life saving operations? Dentists? Careworkers who do the work that ENGLISH people don't want to do? Immigration is an important part of a country's economy. The majority of immigrants who work pay tax.

Mimile · 20/03/2011 13:40

some of you guys are true gems.

There is loads to say about unemployment, the bloody foreigners (the fact that I am one, cannot vote, yet still contribute, labour or lib/con), or your curses for the Tory voters. But I'd rather let you continue your little petty debate on your own.

longfingernails · 20/03/2011 14:08

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

longfingernails · 20/03/2011 14:10

My rule of thumb: if any immigrant family isn't a net contributor to the Exchequer, year on year on year for at least 20 years after they come, then they aren't worth having in the UK.

jackstarb · 20/03/2011 14:35

LFN - I disagree with you on that.

Firstly because many of the eastern European immigrants are actually reasonably well educated - despite being happy enough to work as cleaners and builders here.

Secondly they are aspirational for their children (as are most immigrants). They dc's will be doctors, nurses and lawyers.

And thirdly many were young at a time when we had a demographic dip. If they and their children stay - they will help with our ageing 'baby-boomers' timebomb.

longfingernails · 20/03/2011 14:41

I sympathise with that view, but don't agree entirely. A small number of "striving" immigrants, happy to get on their bikes, is essential - but only a limited number.

In any case, European migration is slightly different.

One of the biggest problems with Labour's non-European immigrants is that they simply do not accept the manifest superiority of Western culture and values over that of their native lands.

longfingernails · 20/03/2011 14:52

Of course, there is every difference in the world between a courteous Polish plumber and the less salubrious immigrants happy to live it large on benefits. I think everyone except the Labour party would be glad to get rid of the latter - but I would also strictly limit the number of the former, though I admit it is a harder argument to make.

alemci · 20/03/2011 15:00

I think you are right longfinger nails. Labour wasted so much money whilst in power. It was the same in the late 70s with the winter of discontent.

also their immigration policy has not helped.

Niceguy2 · 20/03/2011 17:18

My rule of thumb: if any immigrant family isn't a net contributor to the Exchequer, year on year on year for at least 20 years after they come, then they aren't worth having in the UK.

It's a bit of a bugger then if they've not been in the UK for 20 years then....

Plus what about if the family are not immigrants but just your garden variety chavs? If they haven't been a "net contributor" for at least 20 years, are they worth having in the UK?

Niceguy2 · 20/03/2011 17:23

And Newwave, you know I love your anti-Tory venom. I love how it blinds you to little things like "reality", "facts" or "truth".

So it's ALL the Tories fault. I mean they've what....been in power for nearly a year! Surely in that time they should have used that magic wand to fix the country's woes.

I mean Labour were in power for 13 years and didn't fix the NHS nor eradicate child poverty. The poor still existed, the disabled still didn't get the support they feel they deserve. Oh and let's not forget the rich under Labour's watch got richer!

So let's ignore all that Labour didn't manage to achieve in thirteen years of throwing money at the problem and expect the Tories to fix it in less than one!

Because that's fair..........

longfingernails · 20/03/2011 18:25

Niceguy2 No need for the patronising. I obviously mean that for all new immigrants, there should be a covenant - if they don't pay into the Exchequer, stay out of legal trouble, and integrate into British society (this last one being the hardest to enforce) then they should not be allowed to remain, regardless of "human rights" concerns. Of course, what to do with Labour's problem immigrants will remain a festering sore on the soul of British politics for the foreseeable future. British citizenship should not be granted to immigrants, or their children (even if born in Britain) until they comply with these covenants for 20 years.

I don't like the word chav, but aren't proud of having so many of them in Britain. We can't deport our own people, though Labour importing hundreds of thousands of foreign scroungers to join their number seems the height of stupidity. We need deeper benefit cuts and lower taxes to create new incentives to work, and opportunities to work - the culture of intergenerational worklessness has to be broken. Thankfully, IDS seems more than up to the task.

Niceguy2 · 20/03/2011 18:34


I don't have a problem with immigration. In fact there's a VERY good case that we need more, given that our birthrate is on the decline.

However, the problem is that we needed targetted immigration. We needed to attract people with the right skills, just like in the way Australia have a points system and the US use different visa's like H1B.

What we ended up with under Labour was immigration based upon who was sneaky enough to get in the back of a lorry and utter the words "Asylum".

Unlike what the Daily Mail would have you believe, Immigrants don't travel across the world at great danger to themselves to take our benefits. They come to work. That's why they do the jobs our workshy won't.

And I support the idea that immigrant's should only be allowed to stay if they behave themselves. Not sure 20 years is fair but the principle is fine.

longfingernails · 20/03/2011 18:40

I also want more immigration - I disagree with the immigration cap.

I don't want the world's entire assortment of unskilled losers to end up on benefits in Britain though. That is what Labour encouraged.

carminaburana · 20/03/2011 18:41

Agree LFN - our immigration/migration policy should be;
'Brain surgeon from Iran - welcome my friend - Somalian toothless granny with TB - on ya bike'

But what do you expect from Labour. I'm just thankful they got kicked out of power - hopefully never to return.

moondog · 20/03/2011 18:53

Agree LFN - our immigration/migration policy should be;
'Brain surgeon from Iran - welcome my friend - Somalian toothless granny with TB - on ya bike'

rofl Grin

newwave · 20/03/2011 21:37


And Newwave, you know I love your anti-Tory venom. I love how it blinds you to little things like "reality", "facts" or "truth".

Labour reduced child poverty, unemployment went down and lets not forget how much time and money it took to repair the damage to society and the country's infrastructure done by 18 years of Thatcher and Major, 18 years which included three recessions and record unemployment.

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