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Petitions and activism

To think every mumsnet member should stop...

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NeedABumChangeNotANameChange · 15/11/2014 19:23

... What they are doing and sign the petition to stop julien blanc entering the country.
He runs seminars telling men how to pick up women, his tips include choking them. In japan he said that white men can do as they please and that men should grab a woman's face and thrust his crotch at it. I am all for free speech to a point but this man is encouraging domestic violence and generally spreading misogyny.
He recently posted this domestic abuse table/ diagram with #makeherstay

To think every mumsnet member should stop...
OP posts:

DuchessofNorks · 20/11/2014 08:38

I don't know what creeps me out more, the fact that he believes these things or the amount of favs and retweets they were getting!

Scroll down the page for the tweets!!


LatinForTelly · 20/11/2014 11:19

What an odious little inadequate he is.

It saddens me that he has a following.

Hurrah that we banned his sorry arse.


rockup · 24/11/2014 15:49

Blanc may be a loathsome individual but the basic premise behind PUA appears to be correct. I think it raises some very profound questions about the nature of relationships between men and women.

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