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To think every mumsnet member should stop...

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NeedABumChangeNotANameChange · 15/11/2014 19:23

... What they are doing and sign the petition to stop julien blanc entering the country.
He runs seminars telling men how to pick up women, his tips include choking them. In japan he said that white men can do as they please and that men should grab a woman's face and thrust his crotch at it. I am all for free speech to a point but this man is encouraging domestic violence and generally spreading misogyny.
He recently posted this domestic abuse table/ diagram with #makeherstay

To think every mumsnet member should stop...
OP posts:

fatlazymummy · 19/11/2014 17:11

Yes! Well done, home secretary.


HonestLie · 19/11/2014 17:46

To be fair I only clicked on the link to see if your title was followed up by collaborate and listen. I now have Ice Ice baby going round and round my head.

I then realised I was on this thread earlier in the week. Glad to see it still in active convos. As you were ladies


HonestLie · 19/11/2014 17:48

Oooh and just seen the update. Excellent. Did anyone see the CNN interview?


CQ · 19/11/2014 17:52

I just heard it on the radio. Had been unaware until then. BBC were being very sketchy on the details but that diagram is truly chilling OP.

Home secretary done good there. What a hideous individual.


ballsballsballs · 19/11/2014 18:09

Great news.


KnackeredMuchly · 19/11/2014 18:13

I'm genuinely surprised that he's been denied entry. Delighted though!


PiratePanda · 19/11/2014 19:30

Outstanding. What a creep.


ChippingInAutumnLover · 19/11/2014 19:34

On the radio on the way home there was a massive debate on the fact that we shouldn't be limiting free speech and that there's nothing wrong with a guy holding seminars on how to date women.

That it's not TM's place to choose who can and who can't speak in this country.

For the love of fuck.


PiratePanda · 19/11/2014 19:37

"That it's not TM's place to choose who can and who can't speak in this country."

Actually, ironically, it damned well is her job, and good for her.


ballsballsballs · 19/11/2014 19:56

Debater on C4 news arguing that men need PUA for fear of committing perceived offence, like Matt Taylor the scientist. Then linked the whole thing to extremist Muslim clerics and how we can't seem to kick them out quick enough. Fuxache.

Yay for Theresa May.


AnyFucker · 19/11/2014 20:01

Some day soon this is going to be exposed as a silly spoof

Right ?


PuffinsAreFicticious · 19/11/2014 20:05

Oh, how I wish that could be the case AF.

And balls I'm pretty sure that a man trying to choke me as an opening gambit in a 'seduction' might be slightly more offensive than the usual "Do you come here often" type line, no?


AnyFucker · 19/11/2014 20:08

Rather worryingly, there was a poster on here the other day who said quite clearly that approach would absolutely work for her


ChippingInAutumnLover · 19/11/2014 20:19

Pirate - no apparently not, she should seek higher powers before making those decisions. I think, her being a woman and all. Hmm There were some right tits on the radio.

They were arguing that you can't be the thought police, people can think what they want. Thinking is one thing, holding seminars on how to abuse women I think is quite something else no Hmm FFS.

AF he's already apologised and said it was all just a joke that got out of hand.

Yeah, right.


BertieBotts · 19/11/2014 20:21

It would be a great spoof but I reckon it's been going on too long for it to be a spoof (or at least he's "educated" dozens of men terribly in the name of a spoof...)


edamsavestheday · 19/11/2014 21:22

I'm pleased, and surprised, he's been denied entry to the UK. But saddened to see so many people e.g. on Ch 4 news or Facebook or wherever try to paint this as some kind of free speech issue.

We wouldn't allow the Klu Klux Klan in to advocate racial violence, why on earth do people think it's OK as long as the targets are women?


SolidGoldBrass · 19/11/2014 22:17

I do not support this unpleasant little scammer in any way, but I am a bit concerned about the amount of attention being paid to him. Isn't all the fuss both feeding his ego and putting ideas into the heads of losers (eg that his secret method is so powerful and effective that It Has To Be Hushed Up)? There have always been inadequate men trying to sell - or buy - 'foolproof' methods to Get More Sex (none of which work). They just used to do it via small ads in the back pages of porn magazines.
I would suggest the authorities look into some of the videos made by these cocks, though, and demand proof that they are actually staged, with consenting performers - or lock them down as evidence of assautl.


PacificDogwood · 19/11/2014 22:54

Oh, it's all too unsavoury for words.

I'm glad he's been denied entry in to the country - whether he and his advice are for real or not.
What a knob.

Wrt 'freedom of speech' 2 points:

  1. Freedom of speech is a privilege, one which is denied many people. With privilege comes responsibility.

2. Just because we may be 'free' to say certain things, does not mean that we should or that we're right.


PuffinsAreFicticious · 19/11/2014 23:38

Really AF?


SGB he's taken down all his videos that were freely available, including the Pikachu one and removed the most offensive material from his Twitter timeline.

This is absolutely not a free speech issue, free speech doesn't and shouldn't protect people who incite others to commit violent crimes.


AlpacaLypse · 19/11/2014 23:59

Anyone else been listening to R4 recently? I finally couldn't stand Jeremy Vine, Ken Bruce and Steve Wright any longer and changed channels in the car about a month ago... anyway, there was a thing on personal freedom recently, and I was very struck with the mantra that anything YOU want to do is okay - as long as it doesn't affect anyone else's freedom to do what THEY want. Apparently that's Utilitarianism. Why is it that no one explained that philosophy to me in such simple terms way back at school?

Quite clearly Julien Blanc's philosophy IS interfering with the right of the women he and his followers accost to live a normal comfortable life, therefore his agenda is wrong and he should not be allowed to promulgate it.

And looks like job's a good'un, I'm a conservative with a small c and signed this petition, emailed my MP etc, but there are some things that can be generally agreed on outside party politics and this is one of them, well done Teresa May!


Italiangreyhound · 20/11/2014 01:00

Hooray, stay out you horrid man!


Lioninthesun · 20/11/2014 01:23

I wish this had made discussions of the day a couple of days ago and I would have also signed the petition. I only just found out about this man (I must be a hermit) and have been completely gobsmacked at some of the comments under the stories on The Independent. It's a very sad world we live in when men can't see what is wrong with his 'teachings' and go so far as to defend him because he "hasn't got a criminal record". Yet.


Lioninthesun · 20/11/2014 01:34

Not about JB but read this just now and thought how nice it was to hear a man clearly say something sensible on the matter. I really feel for him tragically loosing his wife but hopefully he will encourage more men to "soul search" as he says, rather than gather them in a room to create a pack mentality like JB


velourvoyageur · 20/11/2014 06:16

I am so pleased :)

Though of course the Home Office are going to milk the "we listened to you! see, we do listen to the voters" angle for all it's worth.


FrogGreen · 20/11/2014 07:31

I am so pleased. I confess I had brief thoughts along the lines of "what about free speech" but then I saw a brief video of one of his, well, whatever that was. It is hate speech. It would be illegal here, and it should be illegal where he comes from.

As an aside: he uses the phrase bitch shield as an explanation for a failed attempt, as in "I insulted this woman but instead of wanting to sleep with me, she was offended and walked off" he translates to something like "I tried my special techniques but she put her bitch shield up." He means it to be derogatory, but I kind of like the term. I am quite proud of my fully functioning bitch shield. I like how it is both tough and flexible, and can stretch to protect friends and even strangers. I would hope that if I ever have a DD I'll be able to teach her to develop a reliable bitch shield.

Anyway, well done Theresa May.

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