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I found this written in dd's reading diary today ...

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WigWamBam · 16/05/2008 16:05

"We discussed characters and there personalitys".

OP posts:
LittleWonder · 16/05/2008 16:06

I do so hope that was a helper and not the teacher?

constancereader · 16/05/2008 16:06

oh dear
was it her teacher?

BoysAreLikeDogs · 16/05/2008 16:06


Sophisticated language, though [bright smile].

TooTicky · 16/05/2008 16:07

Written by a teacher?

belcantavinissima · 16/05/2008 16:07

oh dear. there is no hope really is there if even the teachers cannot spell!

BoysAreLikeDogs · 16/05/2008 16:07

Oh, I see.

NOT dd but an adult.

fryalot · 16/05/2008 16:08

if your dd wrote it, well done her.

If, however, twas an adult...

TigerFeet · 16/05/2008 16:12

We get stuff like this all the time at dd's nursery - can't think of any examples offhand but there are lots of grocers' apostrophes and other grammatical eyesores.

There are two qualified primary school teachers working in the preschool.

Makes me want to get out a big red pen...

JackieNo · 16/05/2008 16:13

Tut (unless it was DD, in which case, as squonk says, well done her).

WigWamBam · 16/05/2008 16:16

Sadly, it was the teacher.

OP posts:
TigerFeet · 16/05/2008 16:17

Could have been worse...

I wouldn't have been surprised if it had been "We discussed character's and there personalitys"

BoysAreLikeDogs · 16/05/2008 16:17

Oh dear.

tiredemma · 16/05/2008 16:18

a teacher or a teaching assistant?

if its the teacher I am really shocked

constancereader · 16/05/2008 16:18

That is worrying.
I am the first to defend a casual error made by a teacher but this looks more like ignorance. I would mention it to the teacher (if you can bear to..)

WigWamBam · 16/05/2008 16:21

I suppose so, Tiger

It was definitely the teacher, not the TA. Although really it shouldn't make any difference - the TAs shouldn't get this kind of stuff wrong, either.

I am very tempted to get the red pen out and correct it ...

OP posts:
FranSanDisco · 16/05/2008 16:22

Oh dear !

jura · 16/05/2008 16:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mimsum · 17/05/2008 12:03

ahem - I do correct spelling/grammar mistakes in ds2's homework book (obv I mean spelling/grammar mistakes made by the teacher not ds) - I'm not sure it's endearing me to the staff but hey ho ....

branflake81 · 17/05/2008 19:26

I don't want to belittle teachers in any way as I think they do a sterling job.

However, I work for the teacher training course at a major university and I am frequently shocked at the students' spelling and grammar. It's appalling. It does not bode well for their future English lessons. What does this mean for the students they teach? Could the days of good old prescriptive pedantry be numbered?!

hippipotami · 17/05/2008 19:46

In dd's reading diary a few months ago:
... as their was no picture clues....

I refrained from correcting both mistakes.

smoggie · 17/05/2008 20:34

Oh dear

At a recent open day in ds1's school the YR2 teacher had written on the whiteboard an example of the work they set the children when they first arrive in the class before class, the teacher isn't American but it said "Practise the following spellings" !!
Then, whilst speaking with one of the YR1 teachers, ds1 was eager to tell us about the interactive whiteboard and the teacher said "oh yes you seen it last week didn't you"

Feenie · 17/05/2008 20:41

Erm....okay, I'll say it - it SHOULD be "Practise the following spellings." Practise with an s if it's the verb.

The other comment is terrible, though.

JohnsonsIsBest · 17/05/2008 20:46

yuck complain to the teacher. I will say I am not one to tell others off for spelling or grammar but teachers should know better so TELL on them PLEASE

NappiesGalore · 17/05/2008 20:53

just goes to show that entire generations have grown up with inadequate teaching in this area. i was never taught about grammar. think it was unfashionable or something . i barely know what a verb is. seriously. past participle? you might as well be speaking greek. terms like that are like obscure exotic dishes ive heard of but never tried.
its quite embarrassing really, at times.
makes learning other languages a bit of a challenge too.
ho hum.

BibiThree · 17/05/2008 20:57

this kind of thing really gets me down.

DD used to come home from day nursery and in her book would be written
10:00 - Jucie Time

so I wrote in the book that she wasn't to have JUICE, just water, but they took no totice and instead wrote

10:00 Jucie Time (C had water)

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