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teaandakitkat · 07/09/2017 22:35

So Prince George is going to Thomas's. I have dc with names ending in s and my old school mil teacher told me it should be Thomas' with no second s, not Thomas's.
This has bothered me so much over the years I try really hard to avoid having to write it at all.
Which is correct, does anyone know?

OP posts:
UnicornsandRainbows1 · 07/09/2017 22:43

I think both are technically correct if I remember rightly, but generally I think Thomas' is the most used. It looks more polished I guess Smile

teaandakitkat · 07/09/2017 22:50

Thomas's looked really strange on the school sign. But I assumed such an expensive school would dedinitely have checked their grammar before making a huge sign.

OP posts:
ClandestineAdulation · 07/09/2017 22:52

PP is correct.

Both are technically right, but dropping the 'second s' is common practice as it's pretty much redundant.

KakunaRattata · 07/09/2017 22:57

Both are correct. Much as James's may look strange compared to James' for example, my own personal rule (no English degree so personal choice) is to write as you would expect a reader to speak, so if you would say "it's Thomas's ball" then write that.

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