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Quick straw poll.....please read

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alexsmum · 14/03/2005 22:29

I have to make a decision by tomorrow on whether or not to give my son the mmr jab.
My gut instinct is not to.His father wants him to have it.

SO ...what do you think?

yes or no?

OP posts:
colditzmum · 14/03/2005 22:30

I did.

jampots · 14/03/2005 22:30


wobblyknicks · 14/03/2005 22:30

I say yes, but only personal opinion. If there's no reason to suspect he'll have a bad reaction to it, better to get it over with and hopefully not have to think about it again.

jamiesam · 14/03/2005 22:31


nappybaglady · 14/03/2005 22:31

yes, without a moment of doubt.

Not going to look on this thread again though

milliways · 14/03/2005 22:31


bubbly1973 · 14/03/2005 22:31

i say yes...i hated making my decision but glad i gave it now

Cristina7 · 14/03/2005 22:32


lockets · 14/03/2005 22:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

WellieMum · 14/03/2005 22:33


Fimbo · 14/03/2005 22:33

My ds had his last Tuesday. He has a snotty cold now with a hacking cough which I thought was due to the MMR but DD (nearly 7) has come down with the same thing so it can't be. My dd had hers and the pre-school booster when she was 4 and has been perfectly fine, which swayed my decision.

huggybear · 14/03/2005 22:34

i gave it to ds1

ds2 is due to have his next month so will be checking on this thread later

milward · 14/03/2005 22:35

Yes - but only if your dh agress to nurses your ds if he has a temperature afterwards (if this reaction can come after the mmr?)

alexsmum · 14/03/2005 22:36

ok i'm going to complicate matters now by chucking in the extra bit of info.
both my boys reacted to their primary immunisations and have had all consequent jabs administered by an immunologist.
ds1 had singles.

OP posts:
deegward · 14/03/2005 22:37

Yes, have had both dss done, but a boy in ds1 class at school has not been done. He was off last week with " a virus from the measles family" and had a temp etc. his mum had him tested at a homeopath. Funnily enough since child has returned to school most people in the class have been off with hgh temps.

His mum stated that she was pleased it was of the measles family, because it showed that he would have some immunity if he got measles. I'm sorry but ffs!

Clayhead · 14/03/2005 22:37

I did with both of mine

Gwenick · 14/03/2005 22:40

yes - both of mine had - but if I had 'family circumstances' which may have affected it them I would have thought twice about it ikywim

lockets · 14/03/2005 22:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pixiefish · 14/03/2005 22:40

I'm postponing mine till she's 18months old. was due it last week but she had a horrid cold so that took the decision out of my hands

whatsername · 14/03/2005 22:43

Ds had it but dd didn't. I wouldn't give it to any future children, but only you could make the decision.

My advice is don't rush it - cancel the appointment, they will send you another one, meantime do your research and make a cool calm decision rather than a last minute one.

Ags · 14/03/2005 22:44

I am one of those that is swayed by media reports. So I was very anti MMR because of the risk of Autism.

THEN, there were more media reports saying all was fine and there was no risk.

So I began to seriously believe that there was no risk of autism or at least a very minimal one.

However, when it came down to it, I decided to give the jabs separately as I was still concerned. Bloody expensive too but at least I didn't have to worry so much.

I think my advice is stick to your gut instinct but have him immunised however you decide to do it.

lockets · 14/03/2005 22:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Gwenick · 14/03/2005 22:46

lockets - I'd agree with that - there's something going round at the moment, hitting all ages, immunised and non immunised - loads been of from DS1's nursery with it.

alexsmum · 14/03/2005 22:46

whatsername, this an appointment with the immunologist rather than just a clinic appointment.We have had a couple of months to think about it, and it's crunch time basically.We still can't come to decision though!

OP posts:
lucy5 · 14/03/2005 22:48

i did it but dd got measles anyway, go with your instinct, its the toughest decision, ive made so far.

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