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I've got some questions about reusable nappies...

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Miaou · 08/03/2005 22:29

... and wonder if the wise mumsnetters can help me out!

I've been reading loads (including past threads) over the last couple of days and have a few questions which I haven't found answers to:

  1. I've settled on motherease or tots bots in terms of make, but which would be better, given that my db is unlikely to be over 8lb at birth? Would tots bots be too bulky for a newborn?

  2. Did you use reusables from the word go or take a pack of disposables into hospital with you? (think I might wimp out of taking reusables...)

  3. Reusable wipes - if you made your own where did you buy the material from (and what material would you recommend)?

  4. Best place to buy from?

  5. Any other bits of equipment needed for using reusables?

    Answers to any of these questions much appreciated!! TIA.
OP posts:
CarrieG · 08/03/2005 22:32

Re: point 2 - did disposables for first 3 months. Would use reusables from birth next time, but would probably take disposables to hospital (meconium! ugh).

pixiefish · 08/03/2005 22:40

Can I recommend that you don't buy too many at the beginning. The reason for this is that you'll miss out on lots of fun of buying different types. Try and contact the nappy lady for advice.

Wipes- Tescos do a value face cloth for 25p. I use those as wipes.

kittykins loads of wahms here

bucket, liners-(really handy for catching poo).
Have a look at the ecobabys at earthkind - also the stuffies at earthkind- absolutely gorgeous

hana · 08/03/2005 22:51

miaou - am planning on using the motherease all in ones as well ( waiting for my order to be delivered now!!) my dd is nearly 10 weeks old and not quite 9 lbs yet, and I'm still using disposables. I was told to wait until she was a good few weeks old due to skinny legs - but all babies are different.
Reusable wipes - I have used fleece on dd1 and also flannette material - (flannel over here maybe?) 2 pieces sewn together smaller than a regular facecloth. I think that reg facecloths are too thick as well, just adds to the washing...
good luck

alux · 09/03/2005 00:52

a sandwich box to put your reusable wipes in. Fill with cooled camomile tea and a drop of lavender oil.

eidsvold · 09/03/2005 02:57
  1. took disposables into hosptial - pampers new baby are brilliant. Used them for a while at home too - but then I have two in nappies so needed to get organised first.

  2. Use chux robust wipes ( think the UK equivalent are jay cloths (?) ) - cut into eights - make up a solution of 2 cups boiling water, two tablespoons baby bath/shampoo and one tablespoon olive oil. Put into put into container ( I used huggies wipe container) and when cool ready to go - when used - Just throw in with nappies and ready to wash Have also cut up an old towel and have some flannette ones too - cur from left over flanelette and just sttiched the edges.

  3. can use a lingerie wash bag to keep the wipes separate. I then hang hte whole bag on the line and the chux dry quick enough.

    There are a few threads on these - tried to do a search but the archived messages is down for a while. I think I did put the UK equivalent on another thread about reusable wipes.

    nappy bucket of course - napisan/soaker from php to wash them in.

    hope that helps.

    I use fleece liners ( bought a couple from nature babies and then just bought some fleece and cut my own) ... but you can buy biodegradable ones that you just flush from perfectly happy people ( )
misdee · 09/03/2005 07:37

some hospitals offer a scheme for trying washables in the hospital. they do a laundry service for a small fee. ask your hospital what they offer.

i took dispoables into hospital, and am still using them 2 weeks on. but am not buying more. i just stocked up before i gave birth (tesco newborn are £1.64 a pack, so very good value). will be switching over soon tho.

Miaou · 09/03/2005 08:06

Thanks for all your advice so far....any more I should consider?

OP posts:
throckenholt · 09/03/2005 08:43

would go for motherease - they have a bigger range of size - but either should do.

disposalbes. for the first few weeks with DS1, and first week with next two (twins)

never used reusable wipes (can't handle any wipes ) - always use cotton wool and water.

I got most of mine from

Um - nappy bucket ?

Also a changing table is useful - saves your back.

throckenholt · 09/03/2005 08:44

also fleece liners are useful once you start on solids (not much use before that though).

Yorkiegirl · 09/03/2005 08:48

Message withdrawn

Enid · 09/03/2005 08:52

I found tiny totsbots too bulky for a newborn - they are much better when they have 'unfurled' a bit. Personally I would use disposables for the first few weeks, or if you really don't want too the absolute best for newborns (IMO) are terries.

I used totsbots at night - beautifully soft and very absorbent but v bulky - and Motherease Sandys during the day, lovely soft little nappy.

throckenholt · 09/03/2005 09:10

agree - terries are best for newborns - just fold into a oblong and hold on with the wrap - but not sure they are worth buying for just a couple of months ?

Tissy · 09/03/2005 09:22

loads of good advice here, but have to disagree with eidsvold about the wipe solution. Don't put soap/ detergent/ babywash/ whatever it's called into the wipe solution. Most of the time you won't need detergent. A little oil will get the most stubborn poo off, and detergents can damage a newborn baby's skin.

I don't have a recipe myself, as we just used water on our wipes (and never had a problem)but cooled camomile tea and a tiny bit of lavender oil sounds lovely!

You don't really need napisan, either. It can damage the elastic in some shaped nappies and isn't good for wraps.

alux · 09/03/2005 10:34

ooooh, to the lavender oil and camomile tea, add a few drops of unscented olive or almond oil to 'carry' the lavender oil.

Waswondering · 09/03/2005 10:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eidsvold · 09/03/2005 10:47

didn't use wipe solution on newborn - or the first few weeks used cotton wool and warm water... now she is older and with dd1 use the wipe solution.

I use terries with my dd2 - until this week was using the origami fold as it is called.... very easy to use and takes just one pin or nappy nippa to secure. She was quite a big babe born though - 9lb 7oz. Now she is a bit bigger - use the kite fold.

Waswondering · 09/03/2005 10:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eidsvold · 09/03/2005 10:51

as I am using terries and prefolds - no elastic to worry about... plastic pants are hand rinsed in eucalyptus wool wash.

eidsvold · 09/03/2005 10:52

sorry that was regard to the napisan HOWEVER napisan in the UK is different to the napisan we get here in Australia.

Kiwicath · 09/03/2005 17:52

I put my wipe solution (water/drop calendular oil/drop lavender) into a spray bottle. I live in the desert and would evaporate any other way.

I don't soak but do have a "rubbish" bin to keep seperate until I wash.

Used disposable for the 1st week then MEOS for day and tots for night.

Something that I've found incredibly helpful when getting rid of poo on fleece liners is a small spray attachment beside the loo. I live in a muslim country and they are big on "bum sprays" Moving back home in June and taking a few with me - don't know if I can live without one now - sad but true

Miaou · 09/03/2005 18:36

Thank you all for your helpful comments - feeling slightly less confused now!!

OP posts:
bensmum3 · 09/03/2005 19:29

Miaou, I'm just off to a CG meeting, but you can have my demo bag to look through before you start spending money, I'll try and come back later with my ideas.

eidsvold · 09/03/2005 22:26

kiwicath is that like the little sqirter or something - they have them here and they attached to the water pipe in your loo and you just squirt away the poo and then wash the nappies?!?!

Kiwicath · 10/03/2005 05:09

Yep, exactly . Best invention ever!!! Cleaning the liners are a breeze and it saves a fortune on loo paper for us grown ups. Simply don't feel clean without one. Sorry to be sharing my toilet habits with you

eidsvold · 10/03/2005 06:51

no problems - thought about buying one and just wondered the worth of it.

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