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How are all the Gina babies doing?

52 replies

agaazaa · 23/11/2002 12:12

I just want to know how all the Gina routines are going. DD is 8 wks and the routine is going well, the only thing is she has not dropped the night feed, she wakes anywhere between 2 and 4.30. One night I tried to give her water at 2, she woke an hour later I gave her some more water, then she woke at 5 and I gave her a couple of ounces of milk. I find trying to cut out the night feed with water exhausting as you get woken so much in the night when the alternative is to give her some milk and know she would then sleep until 7.

However I don't mind giving her a couple of ounces as it is such a quick feed (1/2 hr including winding time) and then back to bed.

OP posts:

aloha · 23/11/2002 19:23

Oh, Agaazaa - I'm not knocking GF.... BUT... why not give her the millk if it means she'll then sleep until 7pm. I think she's clearly saying she still needs food at night to get her through and water just isn't satisfying her hunger. All babies are different but I truly don't know any babies who could go without a night feed at only 8weeks. This way you could both be happier and get more sleep and still do your routine during the day.


Ghosty · 23/11/2002 19:33

Hi Agaazaa ... my DS was a model GF baby from 9 weeks but didn't drop the night feed until 12 weeks ... (started going 7 - 7 at 16 weeks!)
I think aloha is right and 8 weeks is still to little to go from 11 to 7 ... so don't worry about it too much

Sounds like your dd is doing well ...


futurity · 23/11/2002 20:00

I ds dropped night feed at about 11 weeks so dont worry at will happen sooner than you think and it doesnt take long before you forget what it was like getting up in the night!


pupuce · 23/11/2002 22:43

DS dropped the night feed at 9 weeks so did my 2 GF nephews... DD (lucky me) dropped it at 6 weeks.
I do think she may just need an extra week or 2 - she doesn't seem ready yet.
Good luck !

P.S. I presume you are bottle feeding ??? since you are talking about wind ???? No such problem with breastfeeding


Lois · 23/11/2002 23:58

No wind with breast feeding! You have got to be joking! Both ds and at least two other totally breast fed babies I know were all martyrs to their wind! I always had to sit ds up for 10 mins after every feed for about the first 7 months.

There's no need to try make bottle feeders feel bad you know!


Enid · 24/11/2002 09:19

pupuce, sorry, have to disagree! Dd2 is totally breastfed but gets very windy, its easy to bring it up but I have to wind her in the middle and end of every feed.


bloss · 24/11/2002 22:41

Message withdrawn


Clarinet60 · 24/11/2002 22:53

Another no-wind breast-feeder here, I'm afraid. You just can't get any wind out of him. Sometimes I worry that it's just travelled down very deep and will bother him later, but usually, I can wind him for ages and there's nothing. So there


pupuce · 25/11/2002 12:23

Lois - I wasn't trying to make bottle feeders feel bad that's why I ha d3 !
All right it seems like there are quite windy babies with BF... Didn't know any personally but seems that there are at least 2 on Mumsnet ! Sorry... didn't mean to cause offence

Bloss - will contact you


bells2 · 25/11/2002 13:19

Afraid both of mine were exclusively breastfed and also exceptionally windy too.


pupuce · 25/11/2002 16:58

Bells... what are you doing reading GF threads????? Are you spying on us??? JUST KIDDING!!!!!


bells2 · 25/11/2002 17:13

I would have thought it was obvious Pupuce - how can any of us resist a thread with a title like that??. Can't believe I'm the only one to look at it with a sneaking hope that it will be full of tales of small babies dancing a jig all night long and preventing their mothers from having had thier tea and toast by 8am!!


agaazaa · 25/11/2002 18:27

Bells2 I think you are just bitter because you didn't follow Gina method to the minute. My baby dances her gigs when Gina says she will. And the tea and toast at 8 mean that Gina mother are slim and elegant months before the rest of the mothers. We get our lives back sooner, and our figures and make it look "oh so easy", so I guess that is what must piss you all off so much.

How us Gina mummys giggle!

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 25/11/2002 18:34



prufrock · 25/11/2002 20:43

Seriously I only realised yesterday just what a godsend GF has been to me. We are off work for a week, and dd (bless her) decided to give us a lovely Sunday morning lie in by not waking until 9.30. But after that it all went horibbly wrong. Without her routine she was grumpy all day, and only finally went to sleep at 10.30 after feeding on and off all evening. Needless to say, I set the alarm for 7 am and woke her up this morning, and have had my smily happy baby back (and she's started giving slobbery kisses ). There are obviously some babies who love routine and some babies who don't - I'm just glad I found GF before I struggled.


Rhubarb · 26/11/2002 15:06

GINA FORD IS THE GREATEST BRITON ALIVE!!!! That should set the cat among the pigeons! Heh heh heh! I love GF, she was a godsend to this first-time, under-confident, isolated mum. My dd is now 2.6 and she still has her afternoon naps and is in bed by 8pm every night, no night waking, no early mornings - bliss!


SoupDragon · 26/11/2002 15:13

Agaazaa, slim and elegant are two words which have no place in a mother's vocabulary, GF or not!


pupuce · 26/11/2002 22:16

What ???? Soupdragon... that's my motto... slim and elegant! GF or not! But GF did help


dot1 · 27/11/2002 14:55

my GF 1 year old son is wonderful! sleeps 7pm - 7.30am every night without fail, then a 2 hour nap in the morning and 1 hour nap in the afternoon (I know, he's got it the wrong way round...!).

Only problem is, he's now turning into a toddler.... starting with some tantrums already when offered food he doesn't want to eat. I'm off to buy the 'confident child' GF book!!


Rhubarb · 27/11/2002 22:09

Much as I hate to brag but..... whilst all our babies are doing just fine, some mothers in the non-GF thread are not! Shouldn't feel smug really, they're probably not very happy with it all, but.........


Judd · 28/11/2002 00:17

Just like to report another wonderful GF baby, a week short of her first birthday!
Also, has anybody else noticed the CORKING typo in "Contented Baby to Confident Child"? Its in the intro, page X and she says....
"CB to CC...its aim is to help parents recognise the many different stages that their child goes through during the first three years...helping them to use their common sense and instinct when dealing with old-age problems".

Children grow up so quickly these days.....!!


Croppy · 28/11/2002 07:58

Rhubarb - and Gina Ford fans wonder why they are unpopular????????????


susanmt · 28/11/2002 08:06

MMMMM Rhubarb. But how many of you are there compared to how many of us? If you got similar numbers of GF and non GF mums together, I am sure you would find problems there too!


GeorginaA · 28/11/2002 09:00

The more I think about it, the more I feel that a confident content child is the result of relaxed and confident parents (eep, my child is doomed ). If you're the sort of person where you feel you need to know what to do and when to do it to be relaxed and confident (that was definitely me - had no idea what to do with this tiny demanding little being - wanted to know why they didn't come with a manual!) then a routine is going to be wonderful. If you're the sort of person who likes to go with the flow and the idea of planning your life to the nth degree gives you nightmares then you're going to be more relaxed and confident letting the child find its own routine.

For me, GF was a sanity saver. For others it will probably be the worse thing they could do for them and their child. Vive la difference!


Croppy · 28/11/2002 09:01

And never mind the fact that only people whose babies "succeed" on her routine label their babies as GF babies. I've lost count of the number of people I know who have tried the routine and given up after a month or so of it not working.

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