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Ewan the dream sheep

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CurryandSnuggle · 26/05/2022 13:30

Is he worth getting? I’m due in a week and I’m umming and ahhing over getting Ewan the dream sheep. It seems a great idea but I’m worried she’ll get attached.

OP posts:
HSKAT · 26/05/2022 13:32

My little boy loved it whilst he was new born

MrsPussinBoots · 26/05/2022 13:35

My daughter is 8 and still puts him on occasionally. We love Ewan and 100% recommend.

Sbena · 26/05/2022 13:47

I would recommend. 10mo isn't too bothered, but the white noise IS useful to get him to sleep. Also it turned off automatically so no need to risk going into the room to save battery.

Do get the deluxe version so you can chuck in the wash. I bought mine on ebay "damaged" so it was a bit cheaper

Canna89 · 26/05/2022 15:46

We have an alexa in the bedroom so we just use that for white noise/rain sounds - works very well. But have heard great things about Ewan too.

Topjoe19 · 26/05/2022 20:23

Ewan is lovely, I wouldn't hesitate. My 4 yo still uses it every night.

Dinotruxagain · 26/05/2022 20:25

My 5.5 year old still uses his every night, worth every penny in my house!

HappyHappyHermit · 26/05/2022 20:26

Worked for my dd and sometimes for me too!

SilverGlassHare · 26/05/2022 20:31

If she’s still in your bedroom, get a a lovely cuddly toy from Jellycat and put a heartbeat/white noise app on your phone. Ewan turns off after 20 minutes and you have to press his foot again to get him going. My DS used to need 3 presses of the foot to fall deeply asleep which meant I’d fall into a doze then Ewan would switch off and DS would wail and I’d wake up again and press the foot again, then repeat. The phone app was a life saver.

Googlecanthelpme · 26/05/2022 20:33

White noise on YouTube for the win

I bought an Ewan type thing, DC wasn’t bothered with it at all.

still use YouTube for him now (3) sometimes

RedHerring24 · 26/05/2022 22:11

We bought Ewan for DD when she was born. Used it ALL the time in her moses basket fot naps etc.
The white noise only lasts 20mins!
I found overnight as soon as it stopped DD would get restless so i was pressing the on button every 20mins ALL BLOODY NIGHT.

In the end we bought a very cheap white noise machine from Amazon. Takes batteries and doesnt switch off unless you set a timer.
Works perfectly and the batteries seem to last a couple of months at a time.

dancingmice · 26/05/2022 22:18

The WhiteNoiseDeepSleep (free) app is much better

CurryandSnuggle · 26/05/2022 22:22

Thank you guys, your advice has been very helpful. I could do with saving money and we have an Alexa so I think I’ll just try a white noise playlist 🙂

OP posts:
SlightlyGeordieJohn · 26/05/2022 22:31

CurryandSnuggle · 26/05/2022 13:30

Is he worth getting? I’m due in a week and I’m umming and ahhing over getting Ewan the dream sheep. It seems a great idea but I’m worried she’ll get attached.

Our first one absolutely loved his, and it seemed to really help him fall asleep. Our second seemed to not care at all.

What’s the problem if she gets attached? That’s what children tend to do with some toys.

Blurp · 26/05/2022 22:31

We love Ewan in our house... not really for the noises, just that he's nice and cuddly and has a very cute little face!

WhatNowwwww · 26/05/2022 22:33

I’m worried she’ll get attached.

That’s the whole point. They love it and it becomes a sleep cue. You can take it anywhere and they’ll go to sleep because they’re so used to it. An app and a teddy would be just as good though. My eldest loved Ewan and it definitely helped when we were on holiday etc.

DappledOliveGroves · 26/05/2022 22:34

Ewan is brilliant. DD is 14 weeks and he's a lifesaver. Also if you get the deluxe version then you can programme it so that the white noise comes on automatically as soon as your baby squawks, so you don't have to keep pressing Ewan every 20 minutes. DD loves the red glow he gives off and happily stares at him whilst she falls asleep!

Lasana · 26/05/2022 22:39

Mine wasn't into Ewan and we just used an old iPhone and a free white noise app for white noise.

Lou98 · 26/05/2022 22:43

He was a waste of money for us.

My Son loves white noise and since birth has never slept well if it's silent. I'd bought Ewan to try before he was born and while he was on my Son slept great but it only stays on 20mins then stops so he would just wake up crying as soon as it stopped.
I then got one given to me as a gift which is the one that starts again when it hears them cry but the problem was he was already disturbed with it stopping that the starting again didn't work!

While he was in the room with us I just played white noise on an app on my phone that I could keep on all night and he's been a brilliant sleeper since.
When he moved to his own room at 6 months I bought a Dreamegg white noise machine that again, could be left on all night. We've also used Alexa at my Mum's house if I've put him down to sleep and she can also stay on all night so if you've got one then I would try that before spending the money on Ewan and see if they like white noise first x

Lou98 · 26/05/2022 22:43

Didn't mean the 'x' at the end - don't want to get flamed 😂

BarnacleNora · 27/05/2022 01:32

I didn't buy Ewan because I knew all about the limited 20 minutes white noise. First child had white noise through Spotify but left one of us phone less for the evening. With DS2 I found the Lulla Doll. 8hrs of a woman's heartbeat and sleeping breathing. Very soft and 'neutral' face. It's expensive (£52) but for me, even as a cash strapped single mum, was absolutely worth it when it came to transitioning 14 month old DS from co-sleeping with me (from birth) to his own cot and then into his own room later on down the line. Also the soft body and removable sound box meant I could stuff it down my bra and get the smell of me on it.

I'm sure I found some websites that sell it with the option of instalments to make it easier to buy. DS still loves his still today.

Nat6999 · 27/05/2022 02:05

Mt friend swore by the sound of the dishwasher or washing machine, she recorded it on a spare phone & played it on a loop.

thingymaboob · 27/05/2022 02:33

Pink noise is better than white noise for sleep. Lower frequencies

ImAbsolutelyTwatted · 27/05/2022 02:52

My almost 4yo is still very attached to 'sheep'. We found white noise on our phones best to get her to sleep but for night awakening's Ewen was a life saver. We bought a back up when we realised she was so attached but she doesn't like that sheep Hmm luckily it's still intact although it's shrunk to about half the size

KBLondon · 27/05/2022 13:51

We used Ewan for a while and found him helpful but then moved to an app (called Sound Sleeper I think?) that had a 'listen' feature that would put the white noise on again if the baby stirred in the night. I liked that option as it helped my son get back to sleep but we didn't have to have the white noise playing all night (I was probably overly concerned about the effect of loud white noise on his hearing).

Chanel05 · 27/05/2022 13:58

I got a second hand one for free on Facebook and my daughter loved it... for a day. I then downloaded a free app on a spare phone with various white noise sounds to choose from. She's 20 months and still uses this for nap time and bedtime.

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