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Ewan the dream sheep

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CurryandSnuggle · 26/05/2022 13:30

Is he worth getting? I’m due in a week and I’m umming and ahhing over getting Ewan the dream sheep. It seems a great idea but I’m worried she’ll get attached.

OP posts:
honeybeesknees · 27/05/2022 14:08

We love Ewan! We have the deluxe version too, which has a cry sensor, and works really well at settling our baby. It doesn’t work if she’s hungry, but if she’s just stirring a bit, it sends her back off to sleep.

ChickenRat · 27/05/2022 14:18

I've got a similar thing from Tommee Tippee, think it's called Ollie the Owl or something. The white noise turns off after 20 minutes but has some kind of motion sensor so if baby stirs at all it starts again without needing the foot pressed. Mine was bought a few years ago so I don't know if that's still the case though.

It does white noise, Brahms lullaby, a heartbeat sound and something else I forget because we never use that one. It also has a light with 3 different brightness settings. I'd definitely recommend it Smile

PatricksRum · 28/05/2022 02:22

I hate that fucking sheep.

Every time dc babbled it would come on. 🙄

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee · 28/05/2022 02:43

We have a mu hummy with sleep sensor, its good, but it uses so many batteries!!!

AnotherCF · 28/05/2022 02:56

Ditto to this.

YukoandHiro · 28/05/2022 02:57

It does work but if you don't want to spend the £££ then downloading an app such as Sound Sleeper onto your phone will work just as well

Laura2211 · 28/05/2022 17:43

Worked an absolute dream for DD1 so I def recommend:-)

AnnaSW1 · 28/05/2022 18:14

It did nothing for mine. I got a white noise machine that worked

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