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What do we think of tablets?

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Cait73 · 05/10/2021 14:23

I'm looking at a kindle for my gs it's his 3rd Birthday in December, the kids Amazon fire looks really good but I don't know anyone who's got one??

What does it actually have on it and what can it do? And is it really suitable for a (pretty smart) 3 year old?

Thank you

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OP posts:
MistyFrequencies · 05/10/2021 14:27

My 3 year old has a Kurio. Loves it. Durable. Good safety features.

littlebilliie · 05/10/2021 14:31

This is sad leave the technology for 10+

haba · 05/10/2021 14:32

Honestly? For a 3yo, I would avoid any kind of screen/gadget. There are so many toys that can help their development at that age, just go with those.

ChildrenGrowingUpTooFast · 05/10/2021 14:33

We got the kids amazon fire tablets when they are that young. It's very good for that age. The best thing I found is that it doesn't have youtube so they don't watch hours and hours of those influencer videos. Also, the apps are all available from the user interface. Once they are a bit older, then an Apple iPad is a lot more versatile. But at that age, I think Amazon fire is better.

haba · 05/10/2021 14:34

So, Duplo, Playmobil, play garage/castle/dolls house/farm with animals, micro scooter/scooter bug thingy, trike etc

Slidesswingsandtears · 05/10/2021 14:38

My very bright now 6yo got a kindle fire around 3. It is an excellent tablet for that age, and is very easy to control screen Time and content. Kids can have both toys and tech, ignore the pearl clutching previous posters.

leakymcleakleak · 05/10/2021 14:39

No I would 100% avoid tablets for that age. Especially not without express permission/encouragement by parents, but even with that I'd steer clear.

What is it for? There's watching shows/cartoons - much better to do that in a shared space, with an adult talking about what is on, and to limit it as much as possible. Having their own device encourages it.

Apps/ so called 'learning' games - most studies show they do better with real life tactile ways of learning. So, instead of an app that helps with counting, games (I'd really recommend some of the orchard toys counting games, spotty dogs, etc), an abacus, blocks, things they are physically involved with.

I have a just-turning-three year old, if I were considering any tech for her it would probably be a yoto for audio books but even then we're staying away from it as there's no need really and it may encourage a move away from reading where we're engaging and discussing things.

Borrowing a parents tablet while on a long train journey/a hospital waiting room, maybe, but owning their own feels like a slippery slope.

Babyghirl · 05/10/2021 14:40

Planty of time for technology and its not at 3 years old. Omg so many people throw tablets and phones at there toddlers these days it's so sad.

I know kids who swing of it and can't get any interaction out of them, it's like they are robots so sad, kids childhood is being destroyed by the stuff.

MMAMPWGHAP · 05/10/2021 14:43

I strongly think you should leave this for the parents to decide.

ACNHMAMA · 05/10/2021 14:46


This is sad leave the technology for 10+

Whoops. Better tell my DC school that then. They have been working with tablets and laptops since nursery.

I'd argue that children nowadays need to be able to use technology to be able to function in school, education and the workplace in the same way that they need to be able to read and write.

Sure, if you don't parent it properly, they can spend all day watching You Tube. But if you parent your child on their devices correctly, they can be a useful tool.
Cait73 · 05/10/2021 14:47

@leakymcleakleak I am his parent, I've checked with myself but thank you for your concern

He's lived with me since he was 7 month old I'm a single grandparent and am very proud to say he's exceeding all his milestones he's a very bright intelligent forward little person

I am quite anti technology even through lockdown I've made enormous effort to construct activities we can do together and tv time has been extremely limited

I can't be with him 24/7 I'm good but I'm not that good plus we have a couple of long car journeys coming up where I thought it might come in handy

People really should think before criticising, opinions and thoughts welcome but that's not what I asked

OP posts:
Cait73 · 05/10/2021 14:47

@MMAMPWGHAP I AM HIS PARENT I've raised him since he was 7 months old

OP posts:
MMAMPWGHAP · 05/10/2021 15:17

Apologies but you said gs in your post, so I assumed grandson or godson.

HalloHello · 05/10/2021 15:33

My 3.5 year old has had a Kindle fire kids since she was 2. She mainly got it to watch shows in the car as we travelled a lot and she didn't travel well but since she's been 3, she has learned loads of numbers and letters from playing games, and we can read books on it too. We pay £3.99 a month for the subscription to Amazon kids. Kids need down time and if you monitor the usage, they can be very appropriate. We mostly use it together but sometimes I need her to sit still and be calm while I tend to her baby brother and it's a god send. Amazon also have a 2 year warranty so if your kid breaks the tablet, they just replace it no questions asked. my daughter dropped hers out of the car and smashed the screen, they sent another within a few days of returning the broken one. Nothing wrong with them if you ask me.

onetwothreeadventure · 05/10/2021 15:43

My 2 and 3 year old have a Fire - it's a great tablet for that age but can be a bit slow and the amazon app doesn't have a whole lot of content that my kids like. The one we have has an unbreakable guarantee or something similar - it's come in handy when my 2 year old smashed the screen when it landed awkwardly.

Ours are strictly for planes/trains/cars and holidays - my kids are instantly addicted and their behaviour definitely changes when they use it over a few days so it'll be a while before they'll have constant access to it.

Fallagain · 05/10/2021 15:45

I think it’s fine. Just like TV there is a difference in how much time they use and the quality of the Tv programmes and apps. Watch 30 mins to an hour of good ceebies versus 12 hours of YouTube and Netflix’s rubbish are very different to each other.

Ceebies have some good apps and both my daughter and I like teach your monster to read.

Cait73 · 05/10/2021 15:45

@MMAMPWGHAP he is my grandson, he's lived with me since he was a baby, I took him on so he wasn't taken into care

OP posts:
HeyGirlHeyBoy · 05/10/2021 15:46

Tbf op, you asked 'What do we think of tablets?' which sounded very much like you wanted opinions on pros and cons. (Personally I'd stay well clear, absolutely no need or benefit at 3yo).

Cait73 · 05/10/2021 15:49

@onetwothreeadventure thank you for the sound advice, it's for travel and emergencies only I hear what you're saying

When he first came to live with me I didn't even switch the tv on for 6 months then Covid arrived so I used it as constructively as possible

Thank you

OP posts:
Cait73 · 05/10/2021 15:50

@HeyGirlHeyBoy I hear what you're saying but you've not had to take on your grandchild by yourself under very difficult circumstances 20 years after raising your own children

OP posts:
Cait73 · 05/10/2021 15:53

@Fallagain exactly, everyone saying it's a big NO NO better not own tv's

I live in a very rural area we spend most of our lives exploring wildlife outside I'm a very hands on parent and don't believe 1/2 hours screen time a week is going to do my grandson irreparable damage

OP posts:
RestingPandaFace · 05/10/2021 15:53

I think they are fine in moderation. DS has had one from that age, and it’s great for long journeys, plane, trains etc. he also gets it once or twice a week for a short time if he behaves well. I do think that you have to ration it though as they do get completely engrossed in it, and it does negatively affect his behaviour if he has it too much.

Kids kindle fire is really easy to set up and pretty indestructible.

HungryHippo11 · 05/10/2021 15:55

I heard a few parents at the preschool gate talking about their kids and "their" ipads which I was really surprised about. I guess it is getting more common for very young children to have ipads and tablets.

We got a tablet in the summer, partly for my 4.5 year to use. She was only allowed 30 mins per day, supervised and educational apps only (no YouTube etc). But she wasn't really that interested so we have put it away until she's older.

HeyGirlHeyBoy · 05/10/2021 15:55

Absolutely OP. No judgement whatsoever, you sound amazing, just my black and white, and possibly unhelpful, view of it. Nothing can replace your interaction. CBeebies I would work away with, it's thr interactivity of the tablets that makes them more addictive. How is he for playing independently? Upping this would be super and give you a well deserved break! Best of luck.

Cait73 · 05/10/2021 15:56

@RestingPandaFace thank you I am concerned about addiction and behaviour (have enough problems with a toddler without help lol) so ill be sure to limit access to it, thank you

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