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Advice for first-time mums?

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bananabeachhouse · 24/08/2020 15:39

Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has advice for first-time mums regarding conception (or pre-conception), pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing etc etc. I'm not pregnant as of yet- will be probably trying to conceive in a year and a half to two years dependent on getting a house. I'll be quite a young mum and don't have any access to sisters / a mum of my own for support, so any advice is appreciated. Please try to keep it positive! Thank you! ☀️ x

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Aizy · 25/08/2020 02:37


bananabeachhouse · 25/08/2020 02:39

@Graphista This is great! I'm surprised you consider a newborn the easiest stage of your child's life, Mumsnet is usually filled with mothers saying it's the worst (but I suppose there are mothers on Mumsnet who say every stage is the worst? haha). I'll definitely wrangle with perfectionism from time to time - I actually deleted all my social media as it caused me to have unrealistic expectations of what my life should really look like (same with porn, har har!). I guess I'm most excited for the toddler and preteen stages, though my opinion may drastically change when these stages actually take place - both newborn and adult stages make me nervous for pretty much exactly the same reasons you've mentioned. I would definitely want to help my DC(s) make better choices than I possibly made in the past! But I suppose that's every parent's crux, hahah...

Thank you for your advice! xx

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