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Perfect Prep machine, worth it?

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Eveninties · 29/05/2017 20:26

Been thinking about getting a perfect prep machine for DC3 due in Oct. Read some rather scary things about mould a while back but from what I've read as long as you clean it properly and use the branded filters it's fine. Anyway my question is, is it any different from making bottles up by using a shot of hot water then topping up with boiled and cooled water? I'm on a very tight budget but will be happy to buy it if it's worth it.

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WanderingTrolley1 · 29/05/2017 20:27

I know a few people with one and they're trying to flog them.

Eveninties · 29/05/2017 20:29

Just to add- I've never made up bottles the way I described, it just sounded like the description of perfect prep. I used to make them up in morning, cool in cold water then put in fridge for use during the day.

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cookielove · 29/05/2017 20:29

We have one and we loved it! Really useful and super quick!

Eveninties · 29/05/2017 20:30

Flog them for what really reason?

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Eveninties · 29/05/2017 20:31

What reason, not really reason Confused

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MelinaMercury · 29/05/2017 20:31

I haven't used one but have lots of friends who've bought them and got rid pretty swiftly!

ChristmasAccountant · 29/05/2017 20:32

Love mine, wouldn't be without it. Know a few mums with them and none have tried to get rid!

MsWanaBanana · 29/05/2017 20:33

100% worth it. I got mine in the Asda special offer for £40 and it was seriously a life saver for me with my twins as when they were hungry they would literally scream the house down until their milk was ready! Also small enough to travel with as we went on a caravan holiday and took it with us. Having said that, I'm not sure I would of bought it if it was full price as for £40 it was worth it for me

notsomumsymum · 29/05/2017 20:33

Love ours and so have all my friends with children. None of us have got rid!

MsWanaBanana · 29/05/2017 20:34

And not one person I know who has it has ever tried to yet rid of it quick. Once you have it, you wonder how you ever managed wtithout it!

Heatherbell1978 · 29/05/2017 20:35

I don't have one but about to start bottle feeding my second after bf. You're absolutely right in that you can prepare a bottle by adding the powder to boiling water then topping up. I prepare a full bottle of boiling water, add the formula then put in the fridge and warm when needed. You can store bottles up to 24 hours prepared in the fridge (although I rarely store longer than around 8 hrs). Big convenience of Perfect Prep is it being the right temperature. I've always microwaved my bottles - against guidelines I know - but if you shake well and test the milk then fine, I guess there'll always be someone who overheats it so hence guidelines.

NoArmaniNoPunani · 29/05/2017 20:35

We loved ours. I never made formula up without it

IndianaMoleWoman · 29/05/2017 20:36

Absolutely worth every penny. We had to disconnect the sound though - the beeping sound is incredibly loud, especially in the middle of the night.

MelinaMercury · 29/05/2017 20:36

Main reason I've heard is that it can be a faff to clean and that apart from night feeds it's pretty redundant.

It's just as quick to boil the kettle on the morning, fill a jug and keep it in the fridge. Freshly boil water as needed pour half, mix formula in, add fridge water and shake.

It's one of those things though, some people love the convenience and others just don't get it.

Biggreygoose · 29/05/2017 20:36

Literally one of the best things I have ever bought.

Not just baby related. Ever.

Eeeeek2 · 29/05/2017 20:37

Yep really great, as you say clean it correctly and it great.

Just don't mention it to the health visitor - they have to say make up each bottle from fresh boiled water and cool under the tap. Doctor asked me if I was make bottles up straight from the tap yet?!

ElspethFlashman · 29/05/2017 20:37

Adore it. Worth every penny.

But you go through the filters fairly quickly so stock up when you can.

ClemDanfango · 29/05/2017 20:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScrunchyBook · 29/05/2017 20:40

We have one for our twins it's brilliant.
You are not supposed to make up bottles and use them later. Once a bottle of formula is made it should be used within 2 hours according to the manufacturers.

greenjojocat · 29/05/2017 20:40

I love ours! Got from Amazon on sale and it's the best £50 I've ever spent. Just make sure you follow instructions to clean and you'll not have any problems. To people who say that they're not safe, they wouldn't be sold in the quantity they are if they weren't safe!

chipscheeseandgravy · 29/05/2017 20:41

Yes, yes, yes!!! 2 minutes to make a bottle and at 2am I'm not faffing with waiting 20 mins for the kettle to cool before feeding the screaming monster!.
Don't pay full price and keep an eye out for baby events, at least one of them at anyone time will have the machines on sale.
Make sure you use the correct filter and it will need changing roughly every 3 months at a cost of £10. (Available in the majority of supermarkets aside from Lidl and Aldi)

FuckyDuck · 29/05/2017 20:41

They're not sterile, as formula needs boiling water to sterilise it. The PP only heats water to 70"C

greenjojocat · 29/05/2017 20:42

As a tip, the Wilkos own brand filters (3 pack for £5) are compatible so you can save money that way.

Shadowboy · 29/05/2017 20:46

I like mine. I didn't have one with my first as I didn't know they existed- I used to make the bottles up the 'propped' way and found it was mega stressful - used to take 10 min for a bottle to cool. I change my filters every 8 weeks (2 months - I know it's earlier than recommended) and we check the rear water cable fortnightly (takes less than 5 min to disassemble the back). It's so easy and means I don't have to waste water filling the kettle for a 'hot shot' as you shouldn't re-boil water to drink. It's super handy as it's so quick so no stressful lead ups to feeding. I bought mine for £45 in a special offer at a baby event. I have a couple of friends with them and they haven't 'flogged' them on?

Summerdaydaydreams · 29/05/2017 20:48

Worth every penny! Had one recently for dc3 - wish they had been around for my others.

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