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feel sick - is this how much nurseries cost????

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eenybeeny · 04/06/2008 09:34

my DS is supposed to start nursery this september when he is 2. we booked his place in this nursery ages ago as it is very very good. its a montessory (sp?) Anyway I just spoke to the sort of secong in command to confirm his place and she told me how much it costs (when we asked before they were unable to give us a definite quote for confusing reasons)

anyway - 2 mornings a week it will be £400 a term. And when he turns 3 (a whole year after he starts) and the vouchers kick in they will only cover about 50%.

I just feel sick. I dont think we can afford that. Is that the norm for nurseries?????? There is another nursery in town which is much less but I just love this one and I am gutted. I dont know what to do. She said we can break it down into monthly payments but still thats over £100 a month!

OP posts:
justaboutconscious · 06/06/2008 07:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sophiewd · 06/06/2008 07:59

I agree with Monkeytrousers about surestart, DD goes to one, high staff ratio and low turnover of staff and they are all older mothers themselves.

Monkeytrousers · 06/06/2008 09:03

Yes, I found that where with the monsetorri they were all very young, no kids themselves, very little expereince and zero idea of risk.

I often used to see them at the village part and the careworers were all congragated together around a picnic table not paing any attention to the kids and all texting on their mobilephones - I actually thought walking up to the park 'what are that gang of teenages doing in the kiddy park?

I stayed a week with DS for an hour each day to try to settle him in and becaem a bit like part of the furniture. They all moaned about the job in front of me and I often had to rescue one little boy from being bullied while another little 1 year old was just left to sit in a chair by the window and pine for his mother. It was so sad to see.

Monkeytrousers · 06/06/2008 09:04

village park srry

ShinyPinkShoes · 06/06/2008 09:12

How long are the sessions at this nursery?

I cannot believe that she openly gives free places to friends- could understand it if it were to disadvantaged families

I would see if you could keep a hold on the place until the term after he is 3 by which time the Early Years Entitlement will apply.

In the meantime, take him to some more groups- music, gym, swimming etc- that will help him to make friends and develop independence etc

sheena1 · 06/06/2008 12:54

Hi i am in scotland how long is a term where u are I am putting my dd to private nursery in sept when i go back to work she is 2 the now she is in a funded place as requested by my H.V when she starts nursery she will be in from 10 till 6 which will cost £26 per day she will be going 2 days per week

olivo · 10/06/2008 20:16

eeny, have only read about the first half of this thread. our nursery is about £1150 a month, full time, term time, so i find all of these fees cheap! there is nothing special about our nursery btw, it's just a normal good nursery.
dd loves it, there is no question of me not working but i would probably not have sent her to nursery till 3ish if i was at home with her now. enjoy this time with your lovely ds.
ps - dd is totally clingy too!

olivo · 10/06/2008 20:19

ahem, just noticed you needed to decide by the end of the week; how did it go? as the others have said, you know your ds best, hope you have come to a decision you are happy with.x

DarthVader · 10/06/2008 20:20

why not wait til your child is 3

pollywobbledoodle · 10/06/2008 20:42

eenybeeny i am surprised at your costs as well, dd started in a playgroup at 2.5y at £7 for a 2 and a half hour session!

Flibbertyjibbet · 10/06/2008 20:54

My two both went to nursery from 12 and 8 months because I went back to work.
If I had stayed at home they wouldn't have gone till they had a preschool place at age 3.
I agree with other posters who say no need to send a child to nursery at age 2 just to make friends when there are lots of other ways of making little friends for them.

morocco · 10/06/2008 21:06

another vote for considering keeping him at home a while longer. even a few months changes so many things in a toddler's mind and will save you a whole load of cash in the meantime. have you read 'raising babies' yet? it might give you more confidence that keeping him at home with you a while longer is a worthwhile option.

not sure why everyone is so cross about the free places thing? just means the nursery owner earns less money - up to her surely? why all the ?

23balloons · 10/06/2008 21:43

Maybe you should keep your ds at home a little longer if he is happy and you are too. FWIW I sent my ds to a Montessori nursery at 2 and he absolutely hated it. It just didn't suit his personality at all but I did it maily because I had ds2 and just needed a break. It cost around £20 a session and they were very regimented and timetabled and wouldn't let me drop him off late or pick up early and were teaching him letters and checking them off on a list etc (at just 2). He also brought home art work I couldn't even produce - he refused to draw a picture for at least a year after leaving. It was probably a pre pre prep as a lot of children then went on to private school. The minute he was 2.5 I moved him to the local playgroup (£6 per session) and he begged to go on weekends he was so happy there. If you can't afford it don't beat yourself up. Also because he hadn't been to nursery before he picked up every bug and illness imaginable and was ill for almost the whole time he was there so had to keep missing sessions too.

You sound like a great Mum - enjoy your ds and relax.

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