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Real dog in dd's nursery class- how would you feel about this?

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galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:00

I dropped dd off at her private school nursery yesterday and was greeted by a black labrador roaming free round the classroom. It seemed very friendly and didn't smell (can you tell I don't like dogs)? I was in a rush so I didn't pass comment to the teachers.

dh is allergic to dogs and last night dd started with a really bad cough which went on all through the night and sounded like hoopng cough. dh kept her at home today and she's been fine and I'm wondering if the two are connected.

Regardless of whether the cough and the dog are connected or not, I'm feeling rather perturbed that they had a dog in the nursery class full of 3 year olds, (even the friendliest animals can turn without warning) and that they hadn't asked whether parents had any objections.

Am I just being an old bag or do I have a point?

OP posts:
coppertop · 15/03/2006 22:02

Seems strange that they didn't check with parents first. At the very least you would think they'd have kept it on a lead.

Whizzz · 15/03/2006 22:02

Shock a dog !!

For a moment there I thought you were talking about one of the mums Grin

Hulababy · 15/03/2006 22:03

It would concern me too as I am quite wary of dogs (bad experience as a child) myself. And so many children do have allergies, etc. it seems an unnecessary rsk to take, especially without parental permission.

SleepySuzy · 15/03/2006 22:03

I would absolutely hate it.

Freddiecat · 15/03/2006 22:04

I think it's great! Loads of kids love animals but rarely get a chance to get close to one. I do think it's odd they didn't check though.

Feistybird · 15/03/2006 22:05

I love dogs - but that is odd.

moondog · 15/03/2006 22:05

I wouldn't be happy.
I've seen another dog nearly kill my own,and sice the nhave had horrifying visions of it being my dd's dear little face. Sad

Not to be trusted-any of them.

galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:05

How do I approach it then? dh is worried that he'll drop off one day and end up having an asthma attack.

OP posts:
rummum · 15/03/2006 22:06

I thought you meant one of the children... lol
Was it there all day/session??

I wouldn't mind but you'd have thought they would have asked first...

puff · 15/03/2006 22:06

I think it's a huge risk to take involving a large number of children who aren't your own.

lucy5 · 15/03/2006 22:07

I think they should have checked first.

galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:07

Do you think Ofsted would have something to say about it?

OP posts:
FioFio · 15/03/2006 22:07

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

CountessDracula · 15/03/2006 22:10

errrr was it in there as a one off then?

Maybe they were studying live animals

Labs aren't generally killers

puff · 15/03/2006 22:10

I like dogs, but there's no way I would have been allowed to bring one in to school with me when I was teaching. Those days are gone, and even the loveliest dogs can turn (I sport a fetching (now v faint) scar on my upper lip after a run in with a neighbour's dog when I was 7.

Freddiecat · 15/03/2006 22:11

galaxy since your dh clearly is allergic then i would make a complaint if i were you. does the nursery not have a record of family medical history?

galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:12

Its' been there a few times apparently. Nothing to do with the topic they are studying - that's currently "bugs" - mind you they could have been waiting to show the kids what fleas look like!

OP posts:
galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:13

They asked about her allergies,not ours - we aren't sure she is allergic but seems odd that she had this awful breathing/coughing problem last week

OP posts:
Freddiecat · 15/03/2006 22:13

so why is it there? what sort of nursery is it?

galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:14

NUrsery school in a private school - no idea why it's there - belongs to one of the teachers according to dd.

OP posts:
Freddiecat · 15/03/2006 22:15

Ask to see a copy of the risk assessment that has been carried out before the dog was brought into the classroom.

Mazzystar · 15/03/2006 22:16

i think its totally inappropriate. ok for a one-off - perhaps but no way on a regular basis.

FioFio · 15/03/2006 22:17

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:18

I'm concerned about how to approach this though - Worried about them thinking we're trouble makers.

OP posts:
galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:18

No it's not a hearing or guide dog, just obviously a pet.

OP posts:
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