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Real dog in dd's nursery class- how would you feel about this?

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galaxy · 15/03/2006 22:00

I dropped dd off at her private school nursery yesterday and was greeted by a black labrador roaming free round the classroom. It seemed very friendly and didn't smell (can you tell I don't like dogs)? I was in a rush so I didn't pass comment to the teachers.

dh is allergic to dogs and last night dd started with a really bad cough which went on all through the night and sounded like hoopng cough. dh kept her at home today and she's been fine and I'm wondering if the two are connected.

Regardless of whether the cough and the dog are connected or not, I'm feeling rather perturbed that they had a dog in the nursery class full of 3 year olds, (even the friendliest animals can turn without warning) and that they hadn't asked whether parents had any objections.

Am I just being an old bag or do I have a point?

OP posts:
galaxy · 24/03/2006 21:30

Jst thought I'd post the outcome on this.

I spoke to the nursery teacher on Thursday and just asked her why the dog was there etc, She explained that the dog has a "Citizen's Award" for working with traumatised children and is "qualified" and approved to be with children. Her owner is one of the class teachers and although the dog has officially retired, the children love her coming in. Teacher has now offered to meet dh outside of the classroom so he doesn't have to go in on Tuesdays when the dog is there.

She was really apologetic and admitted that they never considered that parents may have allergies.

OP posts:
ChicPea · 24/03/2006 21:39

What about ringing the local health authority or whoever monitors it and ask them if it is allowed. Better still, ring them, say you are thinking of opening a nursery for 3 year olds but one of your teachers who you wish to employ can only work for you if she can bring her dog to work with her. Is that allowed??!!

cod · 24/03/2006 21:40

i htink youa re m,akign a mountin out fo a mole hill

galaxy · 24/03/2006 21:41

chicpea and cod (expecially cod) - read my post - it's all sorted.

OP posts:
ChicPea · 24/03/2006 21:44

I wasn't making fun of you galaxy, I think it is wrong to take a dog to nursery and inappropriate. Glad you feel its sorted now.

cod · 24/03/2006 21:44

i did

but iw oudl have said that anyway

WideWebWitch · 24/03/2006 21:45

Galaxy, I'm with all the stroppy ones on this. I don't like dogs, never have done, never will do and ds is, quite rightly imo, nervous of them so I'd be peed off with a labrador running aroudn a class full of 3yos, LOTS of whom WILL be scared of dogs. It's just not bloody on. This country pisses me off, we're more bloody concerned about animals than people half the time. To whit, the RSPCA receives more donations than the NSPCC. I made that up but I wonder if it's true?

galaxy · 24/03/2006 21:46

But Cod, would it have been a mountain of a molehill if this dog was not specially trained to tolerate children and had turned on one of them? I don't think it was unreasonable to question why she is there loose in the classroom.

Having asked the question and getting a reasonable response and a solution to stop dh having a massive asthma attack, I'm happy with the outcome.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 24/03/2006 21:47

Galaxy, that's not the point though, she can meet dh outside all she likes, it's still an aninmal running aroudn among 3yos, not appropriate imo.

WideWebWitch · 24/03/2006 21:48

I don't cod I think she's being too reasonable. I'd have had the dog removed. I am not joking either. It would REALLY scare either of my 2.

galaxy · 24/03/2006 21:51

Cod, I disagree and think it's a sweeping statment you're making without giving it any thought. But I'm not in the mood for an argument.

WWW, thanks for your comments and I'm not a dog-lover which is probably why I was more pissed off in the 1st place tbh. I just feel easier about it now that I know the dog's history. It seems that the other parents have all asked for the dog to be there regularly. She has taken on board the fact that I said they should tell prospective parents before they sign up to the nursery fees

OP posts:
Nbg · 24/03/2006 21:51

Do you think the nursery would have had a dog in that wasn't trained to be around children?

I'd genuinly love to know why some peoples children are scared of dogs?

galaxy · 24/03/2006 21:53

Nbg, I can't answer that....they didn't think to ask me if I minded so how do I know that? Nurseries aren't perfect just because they are regulated

OP posts:
TrouveeEnTraduction · 24/03/2006 21:54

At the risk of keeping this going, I'm with www. I dislike dogs intensely.
Nbg, a lot of people (children and adults) are scared of dogs because of bad experiencs with dogs poorly controlled by their owners.

galaxy · 24/03/2006 21:55

Oh and my dd isn't scared of dogs but she's not been around dogs so isn't used to them. She hasn't complained about it. And saying why are people scared of dogs is like asking why grown adults are scared of spiders!

A labrador to a 3 year old is huge expecially of it comes running towards you and jumps up at you.
I hate dogs jumping up at me and I grew up with them

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 24/03/2006 21:55

Galaxy, quite right. If the nursery my dd's at asked me 'would you mind if a dog was allowed to run around the 3yos not on a lead one day a week?' the answer would be YES I WOULD MIND! Sorry but dog lovers don't get it, a lot of us find them scary and dangerous (and they can be although I accept not all are) and don't want them around our kids when we are PAYING for them to be looked after. Fair e bloody nough I think.

galaxy · 24/03/2006 21:57

I agre with your comments TT )whoever you are in "normal" mumsnet!

My in-laws have a golden retriever who they think it's OK to let loose along the seafront and think nothing of it as it bounds up to people having a calm walk.

OP posts:
galaxy · 24/03/2006 21:59

www - I understand where you're coming from but no doubt someone will raise the argument of " children need to be exposed to pets to build up immunities" M ys issue is the hygiene factor - how many kids are going to ask their hands after a dogs licked at them , shortly after having licked it's own arse!!!!!!

I hate dd strokig dh's cats and then not washing her hands

OP posts:
Nbg · 24/03/2006 22:00

I totally agree that the nursery should have contacted you to ask about the dog being there.
Couldn't agree more.

The reason I'm scared of spiders is because my mum was. If she saw one she freaked out. I do too.

IME, dogs know when your scared and for whatever reason pick up on it and divert their attention to you.

TrouveeEnTraduction · 24/03/2006 22:06

it's foundintranslation :)
Agree with you re. hygiene too.

WideWebWitch · 24/03/2006 22:10

well, they're not following sensible rules re dogs and small children and I wouldn't like it and would stamp my feet! And the build it up argument ok IF dog on lead AND children wash hands etc. Bleurgh at idea of bottom licking dog licking dd's little hands which then put food in her mouth, ewww. And I'm no hygiene freak which you;d believe if you saw my house.

Rhubarb · 24/03/2006 22:33

My brother used to breed dogs, I used to work in a dog kennels (YTS). I've grown up with dogs. I was attacked by a guard dog when I was 10, bitten badly, I had a phobia of dogs for about 2 weeks.

I can understand why people, esp children are afraid of dogs. But it's a shame to tar all dogs with the same brush. Labradors are lovely dogs and you can train them, to work as guide dogs for example, or hearing dogs for the deaf, because they are very patient and gentle and people friendly. I've had far worse experiences with human beings than I've had with dogs. It pains me to see my dd cringe away from them. I hate irresponsible owners that let their dogs bark and jump all over kiddies whilst saying "oh he's completely harmless you know!" Keep the bloody thing on a lead!

If dd's school had a dog such as this I'd be really pleased that it might help her phobia and dispel the stigma that all dogs are nasty, barking, biting things. But I do think that they should have asked first, plenty of people have allergies and I'm surprised they didn't use a bit of common sense with this!


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