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Redscouse86 · 15/11/2017 15:05

Hi im a mum of 3 10yr old 3 yr old and 15mth old who has a serious heart condition and needs 24hr care as well as weekly checks and nurses coming out and were in the middle of moving house with only 2 wks left before we hand keys bk my problem is my husband is not interested in anything (last 2 weeks ) he has mild depression and a bad bk he is only happy it seems when he is on his phone playing games or outside on his own he isnt intrested with the kids me or helping out he just wants to sleep aswell i know its selfish of me to be mad but its not good for the kids to hear us arguing either i am at breaking point and dnt no what to do i try to keep things as normal as possible for my 10yr old and 3 yr old as there little sister is in and out of hospital at the minute with different illness due to the cold weather i have asked him to go to the drs but he wont hes taking his meds so i know its not that some advice would really be helpful sorry for the long post

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MoonlightandMusic · 15/11/2017 16:07

That sounds exhausting and it's not selfish of you to need support from your DH.
I can't advise in terms of practical help but, you may get some useful comments if you re-post in the Mental Health section.

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