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So DD and I are going to see Miley

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UnquietDad · 24/10/2009 16:50

Got tickets for Miley Cyrus at the MEN Area in Dec, DD's Christmas surprise present.

Anyone seen her before and know what to expect? Very rocked-up show or more bland-sounding? Lots of exciting costume changes? Will the place basically be full of screaming girls aged 7-12 and their dads?...

OP posts:
Geocentric · 24/10/2009 16:54

Aww, have fun! Here's to hoping she tours South America at some point, DD would love to see her (and I confess to singing along to DDs ipod quite happily ).

Ewe · 24/10/2009 17:05

I'm going to see her at the o2 with my little sisters, happy to admit that I am quite excited! No idea what to expect though and it'll definitely be full of young girls, expect it to be more Mums than Dads though.

UnquietDad · 24/10/2009 17:06

I've downloaded her a few songs and some of the rockier ones are actually quite good...

OP posts:
Duritzfan · 05/12/2009 12:06

We 're going too !! My DD's a HUGE fan .. I dont mind some of Mileys stuff at all.. And I think shes a great role model for dd who is ten .. No sex - a bit of angst - LOL - but generally a cool role model ..

babydalek · 05/12/2009 12:09

(thanks baby jesus that i don't have girls)

AllFallDown · 14/12/2009 00:14

That was great fun. Terrific production. She's got a handful of really, really good songs, too. Anyone who doesn't like Party in the USA is posturing or deaf.

Wags · 14/12/2009 12:52

Went and saw her last night. Audience was obviously full of girls, but quite a few were definately in their teens. We had a fantastic time, she did a great show and I thought had a better live singing voice than on some of her records. She was really entertaining, had some fab sets and effects. DD loved it but so did I

UnquietDad · 14/12/2009 12:58

We're going on the 27th.

OP posts:
Wags · 14/12/2009 13:16

Well enjoy! There was loads of Dads there as well including BGD (my DH) who really had rather a nice time

Kbear · 14/12/2009 13:21

Me and the DCs are going TONIGHT at the O2!!!! I am expecting a fantastic show for the price of the tickets!!!

Docbunches · 14/12/2009 13:31

I agree Kbear - my DD is going tonight and, for £50, it had better be good!

Wags · 14/12/2009 14:20

The merchanidise is the usual interesting price £12 for a programme or whatever its called, £20 or was it £22 for a childs T-shirt and £5 for a flashing light thing. Having said that we had fun with the flashing light thing and they did all look wonderful when the lights went down. Such a shame that to see anything like this in London these days you have to pay £££.

UnquietDad · 14/12/2009 14:21

I can't imagine why dads will have a good time

OP posts:
AllFallDown · 14/12/2009 14:24

The only tawdry thing is showing a 2-min trailer for her next film mid-set, which was wholly unncessary.

Wags · 14/12/2009 14:44

Oh yes, the trailer. She said about her fantastic summer and she wanted to share something very personal with us all..... then there is a bloody film trailer!! They don't miss a trick do they

Kbear · 14/12/2009 23:58

Kbear reporting....

Miley show was very rocked up - don't expect Hannah Montana - go and buy her new album quick and learn the words !! Loads of costume changes and a few surprises but...

I am an old cynic and I felt that she was just in it for the money (who wouldn't be, I know I know) it just lacked something..... not sure what. I mean, the girl can SING, but the songs (apart from The Climb and Party in the USA) were forgettable!

Plugging her new film half way through was crap I thought.

They sold out t-shirts and the programes were indeed a hefty £12 .

DD loved it though and that's the whole point! I am top Mum!

Took an hour to get out of the car park. Now my ears are ringing and I'm too hyped up to go to bed...Ovaltine anyone? LOL

Roll on June 2010 when Bon Jovi will show 'em how it's done!

Docbunches · 15/12/2009 11:24

Hi Kbear,

My DD really enjoyed Miley last night - but she agrees with you about it lacking something. She says that Miley didn't interact with the audience at ALL (apart from the VIP guests who paid over £1000 for the privilege .)

DD came home with a over-priced programme.... but she says the hoodies were £40!!!!!

Glad your DD enjoyed it.

Rant.... toilet facilities are appalling... DD and her friends queued for 40 mins at Starbucks and almost missed the start of the show .

Kbear · 15/12/2009 14:08

There are loads of toilets within the arena - there are only a few in the outer part where the restaurants are and the queues are a joke.

We still had to queue (the men's toilets were empty of course and they could switch the sign and make them ladies when most of their audience are girls IMO!) but only queued for 5 minutes before the start of the show. Info for next time...go through into the arena to get drinks and use loos!

Kbear · 15/12/2009 14:12

and Metro Station lead singer kept saying "We're from Hollywood, California" (about ten times) - like oooooh, we're impressed. . Been there, done that. Felt they were quite patronising.

Look mate you're in London, England .. no one cares where you're from... just make it good. LOL

and we all now where Hollywood is

Kbear · 15/12/2009 14:12

we all KNOW where Hollywood is.... is what I meant !!!

Hulababy · 15/12/2009 14:36

How fun unquietdad. My 7y DD would love to be going.

Not sure I dare read out the reports of the shows to her, she'd be so jealous!

Hulababy · 15/12/2009 14:36

How fun unquietdad. My 7y DD would love to be going.

Not sure I dare read out the reports of the shows to her, she'd be so jealous!

UnquietDad · 15/12/2009 15:08

Some of her friends are saying she is coming to Sheffield in 2010 but I don't know where they have got that from. I keep thinking I am going to let the cat out of the bag. Several times I have started saying "When we got to M-" and have stopped myself just in time!

OP posts:
Docbunches · 15/12/2009 15:30

Thanks for the info about the loos. The problem was that my DD and friends arrived too early to go in to the arena (and once inside, you can't come out), therefore had no choice but to queue outside, where she felt there were no-where near enough toilets.

Kbear · 15/12/2009 16:02

another tip if you're going - leave LOADS of time to eat - we joined a two hour queue outside Frankie and Benny's before going to the Slug and Lettuce which was a better bet and got a table in 40 minutes.

Also the Slug and Lettuce has toilets upstairs - don't queue at the ones by the cinema!

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