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So DD and I are going to see Miley

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UnquietDad · 24/10/2009 16:50

Got tickets for Miley Cyrus at the MEN Area in Dec, DD's Christmas surprise present.

Anyone seen her before and know what to expect? Very rocked-up show or more bland-sounding? Lots of exciting costume changes? Will the place basically be full of screaming girls aged 7-12 and their dads?...

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AllFallDown · 15/12/2009 16:32

I think "in it for the money" is an unfair criticism. First because it's her job: of course she's in it for the money. But more to the point, arena shows always cost a fortune, and these kind of kiddie pop shows often take the piss - they know the audience will only be there for a year, so they invest nothing in the show. With this one, you can see where a big chunk of the ticket price has gone: into the production values, presumably because her management are intending to build a career and don't want to scare anyone away with a shoddy show. I go to two or three gigs a week for professional reasons, and this was one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen all year.

Hulababy · 15/12/2009 17:34

Haven't heard about her coming to Sheffield either.

Kbear · 15/12/2009 20:31

by in it for the money ... I meant there was very little audience contact, no chat, just "thanks y'all for coming" about 20 times, plus a nice bit of plugging of her new film to a captive audience and lots of attention paid to the lucky few in the pit right by the stage.

I'm sure Miley the Millionaire can take a bit of criticism from me!

Agreed it was a great production, great costumes etc though.

I've been to loads of concerts so I have an opinion on what captivates an audience and includes them too.

Kbear · 15/12/2009 20:38

also DCs loved it so it's just the middle-aged housewife here wanting to be 10 again probably!

Docbunches · 16/12/2009 09:04

Although I wasn't there, I'd agree with Kbear (from what DD tells me).

It sounds as though Miley could take a few lessons from artists such as Jay-Z, who is fantastic with the audience and spends AGES interacting and thanking them..... in other words, showing some humility. My DD saw him and Girls Aloud supporting Coldplay and all of them were brilliant in this respect.

Wrt the production, no complaints there in terms of value for money.

JodieO · 16/12/2009 09:18

Isn't she 16 or so? Seems a bit, (I can't think of the word) for middle aged men to be perving over her.

UnquietDad · 16/12/2009 16:23

She's just turned 17.

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Curlylox · 23/12/2009 23:27

Saw Miley at the O2 on Sunday with DD and DH - it was great, much better than I expected. We didn't tell DD until we arrived and her face was a picture.

UnquietDad · 28/12/2009 23:21

It was a very loud, rocked-up show with lots of tight choreography. Best bit? When she flew over our heads on a motorbike while doing "I love Rock & Roll"!! I was thinking, gawd, I hope that harness holds, I wonder what that bike's made of, must be aluminium or something else very light... Lots of scream, scream, scream from the audience. Reminded me of the girls in that archive footage of the Beatles.

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